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Teacher-Librarians and Curriculum Redesign

The BC Ministry of Education is working on a redesign of curriculum in in the province. Much of the new language touches on areas that are "near and dear" to teacher-librarians. I've quoted below an excerpt that I think is particularly relevant.

Take a look at the links below for a quick overview of what has been discussed so far, and what is still to come. (The overview for parents is a quick read that gives the main points. The second doc focusses on what needs to be done in various subject areas.) Be a part of the conversation!

"Educators say the current curriculum has too many objectives to cover and with so many objectives it can in some ways restrict student learning. Moreover, its highly prescriptive nature puts it at odds with the vision of a more personalized learning experience set out in BC's Education Plan."  

"Similarly, it tends to focus on teaching children factual content rather than concepts and processes – emphasizing what they learn over how they learn, which is exactly the opposite of what modern education should strive to do. In today's technology-enabled world, students have virtually instant access to a limitless amount of information. The greater value of education for every student is not in learning the information but in learning the skills they need to successfully find, consume, think about and apply it in their lives."

Exploring Curriculum Design - Overview for parents

Exploring Curriculum Design - Transforming Curriculum and Assessment