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Updated "Pad"agogy Wheel

What's New In The Padagogy Wheel Version 3.0

A good graphic organizer that arranges a number of iPad apps by the SAMR model, linked to Bloom's taxonomy, with action words and associated activities.
(This article references a TED talk by Dan Pink.)

"How do we motivate students, teachers, parents, and everyone else to get excited about learning? How do you stay motivated? What works and what doesn't? Allan boiled down the answer(s) to these questions into a few clickable answers. The PDF version (available here) lets you click on individual words and app icons to learn more so check it out!"


The "iPad Test Kitchen"

Inspiring ideas, people and fun

Visit Chris Walton's site, a space dedicated to the promotion of intentional play with iPads in the classroom, for a great many ideas on using this device to educate. He offers tutorials, app reviews, inquiry project samples and some musings on the effective use of iPads with students.

See also his video clip: "Convert Your Overhead Projector Into an iPad Stand"
Note: the projector is turned into a stand - you will still need a digital projector and either AppleTV (or a wired connection).



Matt Phelan on Visual Storytelling in Graphic Novels

Hints on Graphic Novel Design by author Matt Phelan

"In this clip recorded at School Library Journal's Day of Dialog, Phelan described his process for creating a graphic novel in a session on visual storytelling. The May 29 event was held at Columbia University in conjunction with BookExpo America.


Using iPads in your library

Some resources to checkout if you are using iPads in the SLRC

Here are two archived ASCD webinars that might be useful
(Scroll down the ASCD page to see them.)

Another webinar on iPads
(Scroll down for the link)'s-room-everything-you-need-know-launch-ipad-program-your-library

A Prezi - 25 ways to use iPads in the library

An article - Re-Imagine Your Library with iPads (Learning and Leading with Tech)



Classroom Instruction That Works Webinar Series

A new instructional framework, which helps teachers

Webinars are presented by the authors of "Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition."

Classroom Instruction That Works: 4 webinars
  • Creating the Environment for Learning
  • Helping Students Extend and Apply Knowledge
  • Helping Students Develop Understanding
  • Intentional Lesson Planning


National Science Digital Library on iTunes U

Videos, podcasts, educators' guides, and other resources

NSDL provides access to audio, video, and other multimedia resources for science and math education through Apple's iTunes Store. (There is no cost to use or download materials from NSDL ) Content is added on a regular basis, so subscribe and get the latest.

=============== - First Scientists Videos

Explore the links between traditional knowledge and western science

"First Scientists is a series of four vignettes based on a documentary of the same title. The vignettes explore the links between traditional knowledge of Native Canadians and western science. First Scientists was written and directed by Mark Sandiford. It was produced by Exploration Production Inc. with the support of five federal government departments working in the area of natural resources. The vignettes and the documentary aired on the Discovery Channel in 2003.


Five Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning

What practices make up the most effective SEL programs?

"Studies show that sustained and well-integrated social and emotional learning (SEL) engages students and improves achievement. Explore classroom practices that make up the most effective SEL programs.


Questions about "Fair Dealing" for Canadian classrooms?

Fair Dealing Guidelines
"These guidelines apply to fair dealing in non-profit K–12 schools and postsecondary educational institutions and provide reasonable safeguards for the owners of copyright-protected works in accordance with the Copyright Act and the Supreme Court decisions

(For a copy of "Copyright Matters!", click below
"We hope that teachers will continue to find this edition of Copyright Matters! a valuable tool in acquainting themselves with basic copyright rules. This booklet is a starting point for increasing the awareness of your rights and obligations, as a teacher, in selecting and using copyright-protected materials at your educational institution.