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The Guggenheim Puts Online 1600 Great Works of Modern Art from 575 Artists

Give yourself a thorough education in modern art
"If you can't make it to New York, then head over to the Guggenheim's online collection, where the museum has digitized "nearly 1600 artworks by more than 575 artists." This is the most sweeping move toward greater accessibility since the private collection went public in 1937. You'll find early representational Kandinskys, Miró, Mondrian and more."



Classic 1950s Sci-Fi Radio from Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury

Introduce students to Sci-Fi
Some of the best-known science fiction writers have received the "radio play" treatment. This could be a great way of introducing students to the sci-fi genre. (Students could be challenged to create their own versions using Garageband.)



"Charting New Paths" - BCTLA conference

BCTLA Annual Conference
"Charting New Paths"
  • Friday, October 23
  • Fraser Heights Secondary, Surrey
  • Featuring 2 keynotes, 42 workshops, authors, take-away vendor displays, great conversation, good books!
  • Register @
Conference Program:


The Critical Thinking Consortium -> Thoughtful Books

Helping young readers to read critically
Downloadable lessons, templates and materials:

"The Thoughtful Books series makes use of exemplary children's literature to help young readers learn to read critically and to thoughtfully consider ethical matters. Each resource in this series features specific tools supporting literacy development and encouraging the deliberation of ethical considerations. Teachers and parents are encouraged to use the suggested activities to introduce the tools and then to encourage their young children to apply them in a variety of situations over time, until the tools are used independently, selectively, and naturally."


Stellar Book Award Nominees for 2015/16

Read, rank, review, and discuss!

"From November to April, teens throughout B.C. read, rank, review, and discuss favourite nominees. In order to have your say, you must read at least five of these nominated books, then you can cast a VOTE from April 18-22 by emailing: "


Five-Minute Film Festival: 9 Videos on News Literacy

Sorting fact from fiction in journalism
What can you do to help your students become more critical consumers of news media? [This] video playlist should provide a good entry point to the discussion, and then you'll find some resources for digging deeper.


Nonfiction Graffiti Walls

How to incorporate more nonfiction
Follow the link to read how Katie Doherty makes good use of non-fiction!

"...The issue was how to incorporate a lot of nonfiction in a way that allows my students to not only enjoy it, but also share the experience and connect it to something they all may care about. The answer came to me as I was reading The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate over the summer. I wanted to connect our read-aloud novels to nonfiction topics of interest...."