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TumbleBook of the Day

A new title every day 

You can put the link (see above) on your library page, and if you have a place to insert html, here's the snippet of code that you can pasted in - see below. (If you use Destiny/Follett as your circ system, go to the homepage edit window and insert the bit of html below.) It pulls in a graphic from the TB site, and then makes that graphic clickable so the student is redirected to the BoTD. The BoTB is a short video of the book being read and and flipped through. Great for weak readers, ELL and really young kids! (Note: I can't post the html or Blogger tries to read it as code, so I've simply inserted a screen shot - you'll have to type it out by hand - sorry!)



How to make your collection last

​Book" arranging made simple

​Here's a little metaphor to help you explain to others why you weed your collection: (or watch the video and think "book" every time she says "flower"!)

"If my arrangement is starting to look a little old and tired, I pull out the faded flowers, re-arrange the hardier blooms in the extra space, and then add one or two selected fresh flowers for a ​whole new look."


"If my collection is starting to look a little old and tired, I pull out the outdated resources, re-arrange the titles that still have appeal and relevance in the new space available, and add a dozen or two selected brand new titles for a whole new look."