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Igniting a Passion for Reading - preview entire book online

Help build a school culture that values the will to read.. In Igniting a Passion for Reading award-winning children's book author Steven Layne provides classroom-based solutions interest inventories, book chats, teacher modeling, reading lounges, and author visits to engage kids in all grades. Preview the entire book online!

Zoom into Maps - LOC

The Library of Congress Geography and Map Division's 4.5 million treasures have been digitized and are available online  (1500 - 2003)
A great selection of interesting documents. There's a teacher's guide and a "primary source Analysis tool" to look at.

Gotta Keep Reading- video

Hello all,
Here's a great 5 minute "Gotta Keep Reading" video from Ocoee Middle School
Talk about promoting your program!!

On This Day: Beyond the Headlines

On This Day: Beyond the Headlines

This site features (among other things) one historical event each day; includes what happened, what led up to it, what has happened since; and places the event in today's context including links to the best research on the subject. A great supplement to a current events "spot" in a socials course. The backgound info allows the teacher to "read up on it" before introducing the event to the class.


Classic stories in comic format -preview online

Here are a number of classic stories, excerpted in comic/graphic novel format.
(Romeo and Juliet, and Frankenstein)
It could make a great jumping off activity for students to create their own versions, or a way to introduce a play or novel.


"Library and Archives Canada" collection

Study Guides on a variety of topics using the "Library and Archives Canada" collection

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NB: This material is also available in French

(As they are in the process of re-organizing, some of the "collections" listed in search results may not be linked as yet. )

Sheet Music from Canada's past (includes audio files)