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Re-using a VHS video case

Repurposing discarded VHS video cases:

I was out visiting a school recently, and in the course of the conversation remarked that maybe we need a way of pointing kids to our e-resources as they browse the physical shelves. And then I thought of the VHS tapes & cases that are being discarded in many of our libraries...
So...I played around with making Video case covers as stand-ins for books. Below are links to a template that can be formatted to go around an empty VHS case. You can put the case on the shelf or work it into a display.
(PDF link to see what it looks like, docx link to download and modify - it looks wonky, but downloads fine.)

I used to create the shortened URLs and the QR codes. I hunted around on Google Image search to find a sharp enough cover image. Students can scan the QR and go, or make a note of the "goo" and use it with laptop etc. (These are cap-sensitive!)

You can also use this idea to create "stand-ins" for really popular titles - print the cover up and put it on the video case to use in displays so you can still circulate the real thing! (and, here are some other ideas to explore.)



Supporting Writing (Reading) Skills

Some resources for parents to consult.

Reading Aloud to Your Children (brochure)

Trelease Brochures on Reading
(He also gives instructions on how to obtain print permissions if you are using a commercial printing company.)

What Is Family Literacy? Getting Involved in Your Child's Literacy Learning (3p)

Handout: Put it to Paper: Tips for Parents to Improve a Child's Writing Skills

Reading and Writing with Your Child, Kindergarten to Grade 6  (21p PDF)

Strategies For Improving Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Skills (8p PDF)

Building Your Child's Listening, Talking, Reading and Writing Skills (ASHA)

Bookworm Reading Log Bookmark

Word Strategy Bookmark


First Nations Studies - Teaching Tools

Use these resources to enhance BC First Nations Studies
B.C. First Nations Studies
Digital version of the course textbook jointly published by the Ministry of Education and Pacific Educational Press.

  • Teacher's Guide (including blackline masters and other extras)


Survive Math 5 - OpenSchool Resources

Open School BC is a part of the Business, Technology and Online Services Division within the Ministry of Education, and provides a number of resources to assist teachers, parents and students.

Survive Math 5
10 different packages on a variety of subjects.
Click on the link below to open the section that you want. You can view it from here, save it to your computer, copy it onto your tablet or print it off.

Web Crush: Genrify

Celebrate great literary mash-ups

The BookListReader features Genrify:
"Genrify is a useful blog that celebrates great literary mash-ups that may have tricky genre labels, and helps readers and librarians find more of the same. [...] one of the best things about this blog is a tool called "The Blender." Their website explains: "The Blender is a tool meant to help readers find books that include more than one genre. [...] simply pick two or three genres you are interested in and click the "BLEND" button. Your results will include any title from the database that has the genres you selected.


Mars for Educators - NASA

Explore Mars, plan missions, be a robot...and more

If you are curious about Mars exploration, this website can help your students learn more about Mars and how we explore worlds beyond our own. You'll find project-based lessons, and other links of interest to Marsophiles!


BC TLs on TL News Night - Monday, Jan. 19

TL News Night hosts the BCTLA

The BCTLA is the "school library association guest" on "TL News Night" on Monday, January 19 from 5-6 p.m. PST. 

Watch the live broadcast at
(You can also watch previous episodes here: )

Here's a note from the BCTLA prez:
The hashtag to ask questions, comment, etc. will be #tlchat.  Please encourage any BCTLA members/subscribers who are on Twitter to help us out on #tlchat!
Thanks, -Heather