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Digital Learning and Technology - webinar

Lessons Learned: How Schools Are Transforming Education Using Digital Learning and Technology
(Presentated by the Alliance for Excellent Education)

"A look at schools that are successfully implementing digital learning and what can be learned from them. From schools located in rural areas where the closest Walmart is more than 120 miles away, to those located in the heart of the city, some schools are ahead of the curve and successfully utilizing digital learning and the effective use of technology to improve student outcomes. This webinar highlights some best practices and examples from these profiled schools and provides a model for other schools interested in transforming student learning."


Engaging the Digital Generation - Webinar

"Engaging the Digital Generation: Insights from Kids, Teachers, and Parents"
(June 2009 - Two years old, but still very useful.)

"Today's students use digital media in ways hardly imaginable just a few years ago, revolutionizing how kids create, collaborate, and teach one another. Join us for a stimulating discussion with innovative educators, parents, and students from the Digital Generation Project as they share practical tools and strategies for engaging the digital learner."


A Fresh Look at Teaching The Diary of Anne Frank - Webinar

Curriculum Connection: Language Arts and Social Studies
A Fresh Look at Teaching The Diary of Anne Frank
PBS producers and curriculum experts  (April 7, 2010)
Access Recordings: Full version | Audio recording | Chat log

"Webinar participants will get a sneak peek at the all-new adaptation airing on Masterpiece and review educator materials created for middle school and high school. These materials include a teacher's guide created in collaboration with the Holocaust education organization Facing History & Ourselves and special Resources for Youth, which offer concrete ways to take action against issues of intolerance as well as encourage self-expression through digital journaling options."

Film in the Classroom

Teacher Guide

Other resources

Tattoos and Permanent Makeup: Marketplace and Chemistry - webinar

Tattoos, Tattoo ink, and Permanent makeup
December 16, 2009

Presenting was Dr. Bhakti Petigara of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In this Seminar, Dr. Petigara talked about tattoos, tattoo ink, and permanent makeup, safety, effects and the role of FDA in the overview and regulation of these products.


The Science of Solar Power (for Middle and High School Students) webinar

The Chemistry of Solar Energy
September 13, 2011

Michael Tinnesand, former Associate Director of the ACS Education Division, focuses his presentation on both the chemistry of solar energy and resources for teaching about solar energy. Mr. Tinnesand talks about the different kinds of solar cells and gives a diagram of their chemical composition and explains the mechanism by which they operate. He also talks about a number of online resources for teachers.


ALA Toolkits - TL advocacy

Advocacy for Teacher-Librarians - by the American Library Assocoation

ALA Toolkits to help TLs advocate on a variety of issues:
  • Building Level Toolkit: NEW!
  • Crisis Toolkit
  • Instructional Classification Toolkit
  • Parent Outreach Toolkit
  • School Librarian's Role in Reading Toolkit  
  • School Library Program Health and Wellness Toolkit
  • @ your library Toolkit for School Library Programs
Each toolkit contains Powerpoints, Handouts, Strategies, Annotated Bibliography, Scenarios, Elevator Speeches, Self-Assessments and other materials.


Fond memories of local libraries... CBC North by Northwest

Are libraries important to you?
"Poet, translator and Zen Buddhist teacher Peter Levitt, who lives on B.C.'s Salt Spring Island, believes passionately in the importance of libraries. He recently submitted a letter to North by Northwest explaining how libraries have changed his life." Aired on North by Northwest - CBC
Scroll down to listen to the audio link.

You can also read the many comments left by listeners.


Best of the Reader

A series of e-books for ESL learners

""Best of The Reader", is a series of e-books for adult literacy and English as a second language learners. This site has 13 e-books, a teachers' guide, and a 2011 calendar of special days and holidays.
Each of the e-books has six to eight stories, and each story has exercises and activities to go with it. There is also an answer key in each e-book. Most of the stories, recipes, puzzles, and other material are from past issues of The Westcoast Reader (1982-2009), a newspaper for adults who are improving their English reading skills."

You have permission to download, print, and distribute all the material on this site. To view and print the e-books, you may need to download and install the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Here is a link to current "extras" that go with the latest issues of WCR:


"the top science fiction and fantasy books of all time" - NPR list

Science Fiction/Fantasy flowchart
A Guide to Navigating NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books.

"Over the summer, NPR solicited the input of its listeners to rank the top science fiction and fantasy books of all time. Over 60,000 people voted for the top picks which were then compiled into a list by their panel of experts. We at SF Signal have, once again, come to the rescue. This flowchart is designed to help you follow your tastes, provide context, and fulfill (indeed exceed!) any need for pithy commentary you might harbor."

Flowchart Poster

A printable list

An interactive version


Spanish Magazine - El Gancho

Online and PDF magazine for Spanish Learners

Articles, videos, games, all in Spanish. While the target is hispanophone youth, it could be used with Spanish learners.

" es el único periódico online infantil actualizado semanalmente y en el que se establece una comunicación directa con el público infantil mediante:- Encuestas mensuales.- Concursos promocionales. - Newsletters mensuales."

Archive of previous issues (Viewable in Flash - pages can be printed)

Sample of PDF download


Keynote frrom the "Internet Librarian conference" 2011

Libraries and learning communities (video & slides) by Lee Rainie
Oct 18, 2011 at the Internet Librarian conference

While this presentation is focussed more on the role of public libraries, there are some "take aways" for school library settings. (Keynote is prefaced with an ad.)

"Director Lee Rainie gives the keynote address at the Internet Librarian conference that examines the potential role librarians can play in "learning communities" – both physical and virtual. He looks at five questions that libraries face as they consider their role in communities:"
1) What is the future of knowledge?
2) What is the future of reference expertise?
3) What is the future of public technology?
4) What is the future of learning spaces?
5) What is the future of community anchor institutions?



Education Reform and the SKILLs Act - TL advocacy

Twenty-First Century School Librarians and Their Impact on Career and College Readiness

It is interesting to see what our American colleagues are up to! See videos of these presentations.
"On October 17, 2011 AASL held a congressional briefing, "Education Reform and the SKILLs Act: An Analysis of Twenty-First Century School Librarians and Their Impact on Career and College Readiness."  Presented in conjunction with Representative Rush Holt (N.J.) and Senator Jack Reed (R.I.) the panel included:

  • Carl Harvey, school librarian, North Elementary School (Ind.), AASL president
  • Donna L. Haye, assistant superintendent, Atlantic City Public Schools (N.J.), an AASL Distinguished School Administrator
  • William A. Mayer, university librarian, American University (D.C.), international speaker and leader on the changing face of services in libraries
  • Kathy Mortimer, parent from Henrico County Public Schools (Va.) an AASL National School Library Program of the Year
  • Connie Williams, National Board Certified Teacher Librarian, Petaluma High School (Calif.), AASL legislative committee chair

Learning Commons video

Re-Framing Libraries
The Ministry of Education Libraries & Literacy branch has posted a video on the "learning commons", featuring UBC, and John Oliver and Gladstone Secondary, and David Livingstone Elementary. The description of what a "Learning Commons" is, at the secondary and elementary levels, aligns very nicely with what Teacher-Librarians are doing in our district.  


NCTE Position Statement on Reading

American National Council of Teachers of English - on reading

"Reading is the complex act of constructing meaning from print. We read in order to better understand ourselves, others, and the world around us; we use the knowledge we gain from reading to change the world in which we live....(see link for complete statement)"

Nicely worded statement about the value of reading, how we learn to read, and support for reading initiatives. Other policy statements about reading-related issues can be found here: 


"Discover Your Next Great Book" - monthly book review


"BookPage is a monthly book review publication distributed to more than 450,000 avid readers through subscribing bookstores and public libraries. Founded in 1988 and located in Nashville, TN, BookPage serves as a broad-based selection guide to the best new books published every month. The tone is upbeat and literate, focusing on bestsellers as well as new discoveries. All of the content from the print edition is posted on each month."

Digital Version of the magazine


"Readers Advice" website

An Index of Books by Genre

This site is administered by Janet Kerns, a retired Librarian based in Oklahoma, on behalf of a "small but devoted team of current and former Librarians in various parts of the United States." I spent some time trolling around the "genre" list and found some authors that I will definitely be reading. A good place to expand your author repertoire.

The main page gives you the opportunity to input an author and then browse the categories that are connected to him/her.


Monologue Resources - HS Drama

Online Monologue Resources For Drama Students.
(Thanks for compiling these Jessica)
Most are more suitable for High School.

Texts online:

Google Books (Preview or Full-text samples)

Magazine online:
Plays - The Drama Magazine for Young People [LINK]
Login ID and Password needed for home access


Bathroom guerilla - Panorama Field Trips

Take Your Kids on a Field Trip - Virtually

Nancy S. writes:
"Here's the first of my (Season 2) promotional posters for the staff bathroom mirrors.  I used ComicLife 2 to create it, taking info about some Panorama websites and 'jazzing' it up a bit with some ideas for classroom use."


DreamRider Theatre

Drama with Environmental Awareness

"DreamRider Theatre's mission is to build generations of ecologically-responsible young citizens. Through the excitement of live theatre and multi-media, DreamRider introduces the fundamentals of environmental awareness to school age children. DreamRider inspires children to take positive action, and to pass that inspiration on to their families and communities."



See inspiring teachers in action

Teaching Channel - Remarkable Teachers

"At Teaching Channel we believe what makes teachers inspiring is how they became experts -- the hours and years they've dedicated to improving their craft to benefit their students. Our mission is to capture their technique on video so that all teachers -- new or seasoned -- have a place to find inspiration."

These videos ( from 1 to 15 min long) are searchable by content and level, are a great source for Pro-D!  Use the choices on the left side of the page to view videos by subject, grade, or topic.

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New Teacher Survival Guide: Planning - video

The Teaching Channel
Watch a new High School teacher go step by step through planning a day's lesson
Length - 13 min

Questions to Consider
  • Even if you don't have a coach writing your lessons with you, what questions can you ask yourself as you plan to cover all the bases?
  • What routine do you use to reflect on each lesson?
  • What advice would you give Ms. Rubinetti to improve her pacing?

Close the achievement gap in reading comprehension

Have you seen

Lots of great lessons, videos to teach the teacher etc.  I sent it to Dan.


ReadWorks - The Solution to Reading Comprehension
Have you seen

"ReadWorks is presented by educators and the not-for-profit organization Urban Education Exchange (a 501c3). Our sole mission is to close the achievement gap in reading comprehension throughout the United States. We improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement by providing K‐6 educators with a proven online reading comprehension curriculum and methodology."

(Free registration required.)

Mineral Resources Education Program

MREPBC Newsletter
"You can now download (PDF) Teachers' Fall 2011 Update. This is a special issue as MREPBC is celebrating 20 years of supporting and encouraging geoscience, mineral resources and mining education in BC schools!

In this issue, you will find a list of upcoming Pro-D opportunities - our most popular in-service workshops, one-of-a-kind field trips, plus great teacher and student days at Industry Conferences. Don't miss the news segment on the re-opening of Copper Mountain Mine or the suggested field trip/workshop section!"