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"Content that might be of interest to Teacher-Librarians..."


Library Tour - using Goanimate

Jodi Gerken, Library Media Specialist at Haysville West Middle School used Goanimate to create a "virtual library tour" of her facility. Check it out.


Beyond Textbooks

 "Think Outside the Book" by Kevin Carney
Aug 2011 issue of Learning & Leading with Technology

"The Vail School District in Arizona improved student achievement by taking advantage of free, digital resources and relying less on textbooks.  Now the district is sharing its curriculum practices with 25 schools across the state."

Beyond Textbooks Project

Example: Biology Resources

Example: Physics Text (FHSST)


Code academy - Lessons and Activities

Learn to code by actually coding!

"Codecademy was created out of the frustrations Zach and Ryan felt with learning how to program. Tired with less effective text and video resources, Ryan and Zach teamed up to create Codecademy, a better, more interactive way to learn programming by actually coding. This is just the beginning. Join us as we make it easy for everyone to love and learn how to code."


Using Google Forms - archived webinar

Ideas for using Google Forms
Illuminate Session: Link

"Looking for some new ways to interact with your students and staff? Need information, but now sure how to frame it? Join Laurie and Lisa as they discuss using Google Forms in the library, classroom and school. Participants will gain access to ideas for collection development, library statistics, and daily tasks, as well as getting some advanced tips and tricks from Google-certified teacher Lisa Perez."

Great additional links on the site.

PBS LearningMedia - streaming video

PBS programming for education

You can view a sampling without signing up.

"PBS LearningMedia™ is your destination for easy, instant access to thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos and interactives perfect for the Interactive Whiteboard, plus audio and photos, and even in-depth lesson plans. You can search, save, and share with ease. Register today!"


Ten Turkeys in the Road - activities

If you have "Ten Turkeys in the Road", then you should visit the author's website for free downloadables!


Spark - Podcast - How much young people know about tech

The Myth of the Digital Native
[LINK] on linked page, scroll down to "Digital Native" segment

Some interesting findings on students' inability to search efficiently, or evaluate sources effectively. This underscores the important value of the work Teacher-Librarians do!

"It's easy to assume that anyone under the age of 25 is "tech savvy", but it turns out that's not entirely true. A new study of undergrads suggests that these so-called "digital natives" are not so digitally minded after all. Nora speaks with Andrew Asher, the lead anthropologist on the project, as well as Eszter Hargittai who has researched differentials in how much young people know about tech. (Runs: 12:28)"

Additional links:



Dictionnaire Français - Larousse - enligne

Consultation gratuite et illimitée - Dictionnaire français en ligne
(Avis: un peu de publicité sur le site)

Ce dictionnaire permet de consulter quelques uns des plus importants dictionnaires de Français des Éditions Larousse.
  • Un Dictionnaire de français : 135 000 définitions et 6 000 articles pour déjouer tous les pièges de la langue
  • Un Dictionnaire des synonymes et contraires : 92 000 synonymes et 29 000 contraires
  • Un Dictionnaire des expressions : 34 000 expressions
  • Un Dictionnaire des homonymes : 15 000 homonymes
  • Un Dictionnaire des citations : 9 000 citations
  • Toutes les conjugaisons : 9 600 verbes conjugués à tous les temps et tous les modes


Long Live the Book -

A Short Video praise of the book


Redefining reading and books - articles of interest

What is Transmedia? Two articles on the subject...
(Thanks Janet)

by Annette Lamb from Learning and Leading With Technology magazine Nov 2011 issue.
"Once upon a time, reading was as simple and straightforward as decoding words on a page.  No more.  Digital age technologies have made such an impact on the way we interact with content that the old definitions of reading and books no longer apply."


More than Just Gym - podcast

The Whole Child Podcast
More than Just Gym: Integrating Movement Across the School Day
November 3rd, 2011
Listen to Podcast

"A high-quality physical education program is indisputably important, and so is ensuring that students are active across the school day and not just in gym class for 45 minutes—or worse, 20 minutes every other day. Research shows that kids who are physically active are not only healthier, but are also likely to perform better academically, and short activity breaks during the school day can improve concentration, behavior, and enhance learning. In short, school-based physical activity is valuable exercise—it aids cognitive development, increases engagement and motivation, and is essential to a whole child approach to education."



Engaging Students In Mathematics - webcast

Learning through solving problems

"Using the structure of a three-part lesson in a classroom focused on accountable talk empowers and engages students to learn through solving problems collaboratively, creatively, and thoughtfully in a technologically rich environment."

Mathematics, Elementary, problem-solving,

Kindergarten Matters: Building Blocks for Learning - webcast

Step inside a Kindergarten classroom
View Video Now (It takes a moment to load) 58min

"In this webcast, you will step inside a Kindergarten classroom that is alive with authentic learning experiences that engage young children in thinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, creating, representing, and problem-solving in an integrated fashion.

You will meet a number of experienced Kindergarten teachers along with a group of other early years experts who will share their insights about classroom organization, assessment, and planning so as to create an organized environment that encourages independence, fosters oral language development, and stimulates maximum growth and achievement for all children."


Engaging Boys: Powerful Possibilities for All Learners - webcast

What about boys' literacy?

"Our interest in boy's literacy stems from the fact that we deeply value the success of all students. Therefore, when test results show a particular group is not doing well, we must redouble our efforts to succeed. When numeracy and literacy skills are challenged this can have a profound effect on performance in other subjects. It is an issue of equity.... In this webcast you will see classroom environments, teaching strategies and authentic learning opportunities that genuinely engage and support students in their quest for improved achievement."


Book Care Lesson

Penelope Popper - Book Doctor - Teaching ideas to go with the book
(Powerpoint of "pitiful books" to download.)

Book Care Lesson Plan [LINK]
Script [LINK]
Book Trailer [LINK]

"Poor Penelope. She desperately wants to be a doctor. She has everything she needs—a lab coat, a medical bag and even an identification badge! But Penelope's friends are growing weary of her constant ministration, and one afternoon a discouraged Penelope finds herself without a patient in sight."


Science Teaching Tips - Podcasts

Learn by Listening - Science Teacher Podcasts

"Teacher Institute Teaching Tips is a bite-sized podcast series of almost 70 episodes for science teachers, by science teachers. In each five-minute episode, we give you pedagogy tips, science history, hands-on activities, or other ideas for your science classroom."

Sample: "That's a Good Question"


Fantastic Four Card game for Math

A fun way to practice math skills with students.

"Playing Fantastic Four is sure to sharpen skills in basic math and in forming equations. Players must use four randomly selected numbers to create an equation that equals a fifth number. This game gives people a chance to practice different mathematical operations—and to practice writing equations correctly."

Play it on the computer:



Ontario "Learning Commons" video

Imagine Our Library Together for Learning

An invitation to educators to imagine the potential of school libraries for advancing learning in the 21st century: a Learning Commons.

Read the document referred to in the video:

"A Learning Commons is a flexible and responsive approach to helping schools focus on learning collaboratively. It expands the learning experience, taking students and educators into virtual spaces beyond the walls of a school....Within a Learning Commons, new relationships are formed between learners, new technologies are realized and utilized, and both students and educators prepare for the future as they learn new ways to learn... And best of all, as a space traditionally and naturally designed to facilitate people working together, a school's library provides the natural dynamics for developing a Learning Commons."


No Child Left Thinking - video seminar

Democracy at Risk in Canadian Schools - Dr. Joel Westheimer
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" Dr. Joel Westheimer from the University of Ottawa delivers a public lecture to the university and broader community on the topic of social justice, citizenship, and democracy. His talk is provocatively entitled: "No Child Left Thinking: Democracy at Risk in Canadian Schools" . Westheimer teaches and writes on democracy, social justice, youth activism, service learning, and community. He is author of the 1998 book Among Schoolteachers (Teachers College Press). A former musician, Westheimer grew up and spent most of his life in New York City where he was also a public school teacher. He lectures nationally and internationally on democracy and education, service learning, and academic freedom and addresses radio and television audiences."


How the "Outsiders" Movie came to be.

"Circulate This" - Stories from the School Library

Can one person make a difference? In 1980, Jo Ellen Misiakian (former librarian at Lone Star Secondary) and her students sent a copy of the Outsiders to Francis Ford Coppola along with the suggestion that the book would be an excellent movie, because she noticed that her boy readers loved it. As it turned out, the producer quite enjoyed the story and the project went ahead. Listen to her talk about the experience on the "circulate this" site.


How Will We Read? Role of the School Library

The issues facing 21st century school libraries
An interview with Carl Harvey, AASL President
by C. M. Rubin - Nov 3, 2011

"Libraries are not a quiet place anymore. There are lots of activities and classes going on, including instruction, checking out materials, bringing in special speakers, bringing in the community, letting the kids perform, and setting up a café or a special place like that. Libraries are always looking at services they can provide to their patrons. I think the other thing that is the big draw is that when you come to that library you also have that librarian. You have someone you can quickly go to for help in terms of facilitating your project. If a kid is off somewhere by himself, he may not have that support or service..."

iPad in Education Wiki - Palm Beach District

Planning to use iPads in the classroom?
While the "Volume Purchasing Sign-up" section is only currently applicable in the US, there are many other links that all iPad users will find very helpful - lists of apps, lesson plan ideas (more to come), training video podcasts and other district links.

Video Podcast direct link
Watch short videos in iTunes that walk you through uses for iPod/iPhone/iPad devices.


Wikipedia gaining respect in places of higher learning

Rehabilitating Wikipedia's image

An interesting article that examines how post-secondary institutions are rethinking ways Wikipedia can be a force for good! The writer discusses how professors are getting more mileage out of typical student papers by turning them into assignments to update/correct/expand Wikipedia entries on topics they are covering in class.


NoveList Updates Now Available

EBSCO has released an updated version of NoveList. Go to this link for details (including screen shots).
  • Goodreads Now Available: All of the NoveList databases now include reader ratings and book reviews from Goodreads - the largest social network for readers.
  • Easier to Find Read-alike Content: Added links to Title, Author, and Series Read-alikes at each record in the search results.
  • Easy to find Author Information: Author information is located in one easily accessible location. Just enter the author name in the search box and go to the Author Detail page to find author read-alikes, author descriptions, a list of all of the books by that author, and a list of all the series by that author (if applicable). See the Help pages for additional information about author read-alikes in NoveList.
For more information about getting the most out of NoveList, visit the NoveList Support Center.