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"Content that might be of interest to Teacher-Librarians..."


Wonderopolis "Are All Letters Created Equal?"


Musings, educational activities and a great little video featuring letters of the alphabet.


Re-Imagine Your Library with iPads

iPads make a difference
[PDF version] for mobile devices

In many classrooms around the world, students have begun using iPads to research, collaborate, and create. But could iPads make a difference in how students learn in their school libraries as well? Chicago Public Schools' (CPS) librarians embarked on a yearlong experiment with the mobile devices that inspired them to completely reinvent the way they teach.


Ipad Today - podcast

Tools, coolest tricks, and essential news

"Tech geeks Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane love their iPads so much, they've created "iPad Today," the TWiT network's first show highlighting the best apps, most helpful tools, coolest tricks, and essential news surrounding the iPad revolution."


"Litographs" - Books on T-shirts and Posters

Book text as Art

"Litographs" are prints that are created from the text of classic books. For most titles, they will print the entire book on a single 24x36" poster. (Designs are available in both color and black & white, and in two sizes.) In all cases, the text is sharp and fully legible. Make a T-shirt too. (This idea could be adapted for a class art project.)


Vancouver Public Schools on the Changing Role of Teacher Librarians

Learning Coaches and more

2m30 video revisiting the role of teacher-librarians. Nothing new for those of us in the field, but a nice refresher for parents, teachers and the general public!


67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids:

Books for all kids (Not just Geeks!)

Back in March, GeekDad posted a list of favorite books to read aloud to our kids before the age of ten. The post turned out to be a bit of a crowd-pleaser. Many educators and parents asked us to put together a printed version of "67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10."


Audiolingua -authentic mp3 audio resources in 10 languages

Authentic audio resources for language learning

"Audiolingua is a collaborative bank of authentic audio resources, recorded by native speakers, for pedagogical or personal use. Its aim is to train oral comprehension for anyone who would like to improve this language skill and to provide language teachers with authentic resources.

"The mp3 files are classified according to the reference levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Audiolingua contains recordings in 10 languages.


Reading Fiction Whole -

Build stamina, confidence, critical thinking

Ariel Sacks is a 7th grade English teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y. She writes about her experience of using "Whole Novel Study" rather than chopping books into bite-sized pieces...

"Leading a whole-novel study is like throwing a boomerang. If the boomerang is carved well, and I aim it properly, it will take a journey and come back to me. If the literary work is artfully written and meaningful to students, and I support the class well, they will arrive at all the learning objectives I am responsible for teaching and then some. What's more is that they build stamina, confidence, critical thinking, and the habit of reading whole books by themselves.


iPads in the Primary Classroom - iTunes U course

Integrate iPad apps into the Primary Classroom

"iPads in the Primary Classroom: This course is intended to introduce primary teachers to a range of free iPad apps and to suggest ways these apps can be integrated into instruction."

Just a handful of lessons at the moment, but subscribe and watch it grow.

George Couros Feb.16 2013 Keynote -LearnNow DL conference

2013 Digital Learning Spring Conference - Closing Keynote

George Couros - Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning, Parkland School Division Stony Plain, Alberta  - Audio is somewhat compressed (screencast of Collaborate session.)

"With teaching and learning we often focus on what is best for "teaching" as opposed to "learning", yet as we continue to move forward in our world we hear that organizations are looking for different qualities from our students.  As schools continue to progress how do we give students opportunities to create meaningful content, become innovative in their work, empower them to have a voice in our world and provide opportunities to become leaders in both our communities and within the world? "



8 Beautiful Bookstores in Residential Spaces

Beautiful, quirky bookstores in people's homes

This morning, we discovered the way we'd like to spend our golden years — turning our home into a neighborhood bookstore and café, and bringing the culture to us. Inspired by the Japanese couple that did just that, we've collected a few beautiful, quirky bookstores built in people's homes. Some of these are still functioning as domiciles, the owners sleeping above (or among!) the books; some are tiny hotels; and others are simply repurposed residences, but all of them are places we'd like to visit. ...browse through a few beautiful bookstores built in residential spaces...