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Museum of Online Museums

Hello all,

this is a fun place to poke around in for a while. Also, your Art teachers, or classroom teachers might find a good site or idea here. Not all the links are necessarily good for the classroom, but there are certainly a great many discussion starters listed. Take a look.

"Welcome to the Coudal Partners Museum of Online Museums. Here, you will find links from our archives to online collections and exhibits covering a vast array of interests and obsessions: Start with a review of classic art and architecture, and graduate to the study of mundane (and sometimes bizarre) objects elevated to art by their numbers, juxtaposition, or passion of the collector. "


"This project also attempted to provide teachers and teacher-librarians with a successful example of how to take the power of social networking and make it work to achieve the traditional literacy/library goals. Combining images, music, video, and student input through interactive tools in a secure online environment, the hope was that students would have opportunities to develop and share their reading interests in ways that reflect their intrinsic interest in the multimedia environments of social networks. In addition, the project also yielded information on what works best online and how educators can use similar strategies in their school library programs."