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iBook Author created iBooks

The power of book creation
Using iBooks Author, many teachers are creating textbook-like materials for their students to use. Visit the following link to see what teachers (and students) are developing.

  Free Books by Educators in iTunes: (will launch iTunes. Examples will load in iBooks.)



Comic-Style Projects on iPad

Harness your inner comic geek.
(or "Les bédés règnent!))
Here are two apps that let students create impressive comicbook-like projects. Great for supporting writing, storyboarding or representing learning.

Comic Maker HD (Free) some pop-up ads

"ComicBook!" iPhone app ($3.49)

The image pasted above was made with ComicBook, and I first pulled the images into to turn them into pencil drawings using the "Effects" submenu. (You can do this on your iOS device - very slick.) Note: there is an editor in the app, but it has fewer modification options.


The Top Ten Fairy Tales Fractured in 2014

Update your fairy tale unit!
Picture books, chapter books and YA titles are all featured.

"Fairy tales are as important to the literary world as bacon is to life — they're foundational, ensconced in our societal psyche. Modern stories still thrive on this foundation, including the ever popular "fractured fairy tales," which present the traditional tale with an unexpected twist. They make for an excellent unit in the classroom with a few example books; fairy tales are a great writing prompt for all grades. The following ten fairy tales have been the inspiration for several new books published last year...."



iBook Author Student Text: Butterflies

eBook: Butterflies of Nebraska
Thinking about having your students create ebooks? iBooks Author is a powerful tool for this. Read Mr. Hanson's blog to find out how he worked with his students to create a Science text.

"In class students learned about classification, anatomy of insects, life cycle, flowers and pollination, ecosystem, migration, and conservation. These topics became chapters in our books about Butterflies.   We used iBooks Author to create our ebook; this allowed us to add interaction to our [work]. Students uploaded projects they had created from each lesson we did: photo galleries, and videos we created in iMovie."

Download the Period 3 eBook as an iBook: Butterflies of Nebraska
Download the Period 3 eBook as a pdf: Butterflies of Nebraska
Download the Period 8 eBook as an iBook: Nebraska Butterfly

Download the Period 8 eBook as a pdf: Nebraska Butterfly