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The English Language in Canada - CBC podcast

CBC "Babel"

Babel is a weekly show about the glorious and uniquely Canadian mash-up that results when old ideas about English collide with our new Canada, where one in five people speak neither French nor English as a first language.

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Elementary Librarian - Library lesson plans & ideas for the elementary librarian

Elementary library lesson plans and more!

Jocelyn is an Elementary Librarian (Library Media Specialist) and Educational Technology advocate.  She started this website because her state switched to the Common Core standards, and she wanted her elementary library lesson plans to be aligned to those standards. You can find some good ideas here for your program.

Her July 27 post suggests some titles to use to "kick off the year"!



Weaving Effective Instruction - Dr Allan Luke

Effective Instruction - for new and experienced teachers
Dr. Allan Luke is an educator, author, activist, and international researcher and policy change agent in all Australian states as well as New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. His work has influenced educators globally, including in Canada and the United States.

Length: 10 minutes
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Literacy in Elementary

Literacy for All (with David Booth)

Wednesday, October 5, 2005: David Booth, literacy expert from O.I.S.E., speaks to prospective teachers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, followed by a question and answer period with a group of teachers from the Rainbow School district in Sudbury, Ontario.


Critical Thinking poster

Hierarchy of thinking skills -  graphic

This poster offers keywords and framing questions than can be used to help encourage critical thinking.