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Curriculum Maps - K-9

Subject and Grade-level one-pagers
Maureen Postnikoff, a Learning Coordinator from SD20 (Trail) has reviewed the new K-9 curricula and prepared curriculum maps to help teachers get a better "at-a-glance" grasp of the changes. She has been kind enough to share them with my district and other interested TLs. (There will be some changes to Math 6-9 coming, so she will send updates when that happens, and she is currently working on PE and Health and Applied Skills.)

Share these with your staff. They could make for good discussion/planning starting points.

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A read-aloud story for Valentine's Day

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
Written by: Eileen Spinelli | Read by: Hector Elizondo  Published by: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers Running Time: 11.5 minutes

(Thanks PH for the link)

"21 Things 4 Teachers"

Helping educators improve their technology proficiency

Learn the lingo and try out the online tools discussed as you work through these 21 lessons.

"The  21 Things for Teachers site has been developed to help educators improve their technology proficiency and use best practices to integrate technology into their teaching and learning environments.  Tutorials and hands-on practice activities make use of free web resources."


Pixar in a Box @ Khan Academy

A free animation course

Learn how animation works in this collaboration between Pixar and Khan Academy. The lessons are free, and you can view them in any order. This would be fun for a club, or a unit in a Computer Science class, or individual edification! Start here.