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Try Green Screen in Miniature

Doing it "tiny" : Green Screen on a small scale
Video explanation and demo, screen shots and parts lists, ideas and apps, a movie set in a pizza box:

"Traditional Green Screen MovieMaking can be overwhelming involving setup, equipment and even software. Thanks to the iPad, we can bring this editing process down to a manageable size for use in the classroom. The smaller scale also provides for quick and easy setup/breakdown of equipment and supplies when you have multiple classes or limited space in your classroom."


Generate surprisingly insightful poems

Uncover your inner poet!
This is a webarchive of a K12 site with lots of poetry-building ideas. You can use the interactive forms, fill in the blanks and generate surprisingly insightful poems, or share the format and have kids use pen and paper. Either way, there are lots to choose from!

Some forms include:
  • Emotional Animal
  • Love That Poem
  • Spine Poem
  • Life Lessons
  • I am an Animal
(And the list goes on....)

"Le français, votre atout"

The "footprint" of French language learning in the world
Le français, quoi faire? -> On peut.... a) apprendre le français ou en français, b) l'utiliser dans un contexte professionnel et c) s'enrichir des cultures françaises et francophones.

Here are 3 info-graphic posters from "Le fil du bilingue" that explain the "footprint" of French language learning in the world.

- version française (formats png et pdf)
- version anglaise (formats png et pdf)
- version espagnole (formats png et pdf)



APTNDigitalNations - YouTube Channel

Short clips on FNMI customs and practices

Learn more about First Nations, Métis and Inuit customs and practices via these short video clips from APTN Digital Nations.


Resources to Promote Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

Cybersafety Sites to explore
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