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News Sites for Kids

Three news sites for younger readers

1) Here, There and Everywhere - News

2) Teaching Kids News

3) News and Features (Scholastic)


How to Get to Mars.

Animated and real-time clips combined

Watch this short clip (6m) taken from the IMAX movie "Roving Mars" from 2006 . (This is an edited shortened version.) Gives a good overview of the steps needed for humans to explore Mars. Very engaging.



Italian Canadians as Enemy Aliens: Memories of World War II

A comprehensive resource on the Italian Canadian WWII internment

Useful for teachers when planning lessons on Canadian History and for students in their research and homework.  This resource features over 800 photos, documents, and objects plus 86 video interviews with individuals directly affected by the internment period. 


Browse Interactives on

Lesson Plans and Interactives

"You can now browse over 400 interactives and search our lesson plan finder for over 100 lesson ideas on the site. You can also view discipline specific pages with video previews." 


OPB American History Interactive: Analyzing Artifacts - Introduction

Analyzing Artifacts

"While teachers may be familiar with analyzing historical documents, this interactive introduces them to the process of analyzing historical artifacts. Many of the same criteria are considered, and this interactive provides a framework from which to begin this work. (This interactive should take 20-30 minutes to complete.)"


Welcome to Amusement Park Physics

Amusement park ride design

How do physics laws affect amusement park ride design? In this exhibit, you'll have a chance to find out by designing your own roller coaster. Plan it carefully--it has to pass a safety inspection.You can also experiment with bumper car collisions.

Check the physics glossary to find out more about the terms used in this exhibit. Just click on the glossary icon wherever you see it.


BC Agriculture in the classroom

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

BC AITC provides lesson plans for Primary teachers. The following examples are from the yearly  "Summer Institute" .Ranging in length, these unit plans are full of lesson ideas for your class.

  • Farm Animals - A Kindergarten Unit (30 pages) PDF
  • Apples- For Grade One (37 pages) PDF .
  • Come to the Farm - A dairy unit for Grade One (17 pages)PDF
  • From Eggs to Chicks - An integrated Primary Unit (7 pages)PDF.
  • Plants, Seeds and Soil - integrated study for Gr 2 (44 pages)PDF.
  • Wonderful Worms - Integrated for Grades 2-3 (19 pages) PDF.
  • Integrating Dance and Agriculture -Yool kit for K - 7 movement concepts (23 pages) PDF
  • Snack Pack -Fruit and Vegetable-related resources (7 pages) PDF.
  • Vegetables, Farmers and You - For Grade One (44 pages) PDF



Nelson - Math Focus 7 - online quizzes and activities

Using Nelson Math Focus 7 ?

Resources for teachers and students,  including some online quizzes ("Try it Out") that could be used in a lab, at home or on a smartboard.

Professional Resources
Links to Web sites about integrating technology into the classroom, professional development Web sites, mathematics organizations' Web sites, and more.

Surf for More Math
The World Wide Web has lots of fun math activities and games. Check them out!

Try It Out
Self-assessment student quizzes! Your students can assess themselves with these online quizzes.

Web Quests
Have your students complete this additional chapter task using the Word Wide Web.


Sustainability and social justice - Lesson plan ideas

Children's rights and global social justice issues

Free The Children provides lesson plans, resource guides and handbooks for both elementary and secondary educators.  Topics include sustainability, children's rights and other global social justice issues.  

We Day Vancouver will be held on Oct 18, 2012.  Classes can watch the webcast during the live event even if they can't attend in person.  (The Webcast Guide provides suggested activities for before and after the event.)


Food Safety Education for K-7

Want to address Food safety with your students?

The Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education provides online resources and games for grades K-7 educators, students and families.



Salmonids - Salmonidés

Salmonids in the Classroom - Primary

English (large PDF file) 170pp


"Units [are] organized according to the salmon life cycle. Each unit has an introductory activity (use this for prior knowledge assessment) and at least one science-based activity. The wrap-up sections in each unit give teachers ideas for assessment, and activities students can do at home. Utilizing the seasonal activities and IRP tables, a teacher can plan a unit that makes sense for their timetable and that relates to the resources available in their area."


Don't forget DEAR! Oct 22nd

DEAR is coming! What will you be doing?

Visit the URL above to find out about T-Shirts and downloadable posters.

"The event this year is scheduled for Monday, October 22 from 11:00-11:30 AM, and it will involve the participation of over 55 000 students, teachers, and volunteers from around BC. DEAR is supported by the BC Library Association (representing near 90 public libraries) to help us to celebrate the important role that school libraries and teacher-librarians play in the development of a life-long love of reading among young people. Recent research has shown that a school library, when properly staffed by a trained teacher-librarian, DOES have an impact on reading and literacy scores."


A Journey into Time Immemorial

An artistic and cultural representation

Mouse around in this representation of Xá:ytem Longhouse and environs.
(Loads slowly - Flash)

'A Journey into Time Immemorial' is based on the story of Xá:ytem Longhouse in Mission BC in the Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver BC. The University worked closely with the staff at Xá:ytem to produce this award winning website. It is an artistic and cultural interpretation and is not meant to convey precisely accurate archaeological information.


First Peoples Content in the K-3 Classroom

In Our Own Words:
Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom

The first section (FAQ) in particular provides a very good overview of what aboriginal perspectives are, and why teachers will want to incorporate them into their classes.

This teacher resource guide, "In Our Own Words: Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom" (2012), has been developed to offer teachers information and guidance about how to incorporate authentic First Peoples materials into their instruction and assessment practices. Inside, you will find lesson plans, curriculum connections, assessment resources and suggested texts. 168 pages (PDF File)


Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee!

Diamond Jubilee Education Guide

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Education Guide contains 12 pages of unique information about the monarchy in Canada with related discussion questions and activities to help bring this important celebration to life for your students.


Producing Kids' Books - iPad style

Free iPad Book Creators

Students will enjoy creating their own picture books with these apps. DemiBooks has many options, and allows embedding of multimedia (and may be for more sophisticated users.)

StoryKit can create basic pages (but no balloons)

Some preset pics. (Others you can buy) Import pics from camera.

DemiBooks is a more full-featured book creator
Very many options!

Creative Book Builder


Creating comics on the iPad

Want to create some comic fun on the iPad? While there aren't many "free" apps for this purpose (you do get what you pay for) there are some very well-designed apps that will help you (or your students) create professional looking products, for a reasonable price!

ComicLife has an iPad app ($4.99)

Strip Designer is also good - ($2.99)

PhotoComic ($0.99)
Not as many options as the others - more for individual pics

Comic Store ($1.99)