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Entice your teen readers

"Stay away" from the books!!

Here's a great promotional idea from Amanda Arneill using Canva:

"I was fiddling around with some "warning signs" for books and then I was inspired to come up with a whole bunch that we could use to make a window display or put up around areas of our libraries. I have attached the four that I made for my small display and I would love it if you could send me the warnings that you would want to put up to entice teen readers to "stay away" from the books. I will put all of these into a warning sign series and send them out to everyone for you to use if you would like."  (see gdrive link above for some more samples)



Five Reflective End-of-Year Activities

How to wrap up the school year

Lily Jones: "The last days of the school year are ticking by. As more and more milestones get crossed off your list, you may be left wondering how to wrap up the school year. Last year I wrote about how teachers can reflect on their "shining moments" at the end of the school year. This year I've asked several teachers to share their favorite end-of-year activities in hopes that you'll find one that feels just right to use in your classroom."


Wonderful Wordless Picture Books

French or English? It doesn't matter
Link to titles

Here  is a list of some of the books Richmond has been using to support diverse learners. While the list was originally compiled for ELL learners (thank you Diane T), they are also a great fit for FI classrooms. The wordless nature of these books means that teachers can engage students at a range of language levels, from K up to 12.


"Book Page" Flowers

Text inspired Art

Use old books that are about to be discarded to bring some "Spring" to your library displays, or even add them to a book-themed gift basket for the bibliophile you know.


Canada's History - Aboriginal History

Intriguing and informative books on FNMI peoples and issues

A selection of  titles, many of which have been reviewed in Canada's History magazine.
"Among the Culture and Society titles, you'll find books on art and literature, the histories of particular peoples, and the challenges faced by Native peoples and cultures across the continent. Biographies tell of well-known historical figures such as Big Bear and Louis Riel, but also the stories of key personalities such as Frank Calder and the unique lives of people such as Marie Rose Delorme Smith. Other books examine how First Peoples have been impacted by and, sometimes, have in turn helped to shape political decisions, legal processes, and the education system."


Coding: Resources To Get You Started

Introduce the fundamentals of computational thinking

"Resources for learning about coding and how to teach it are plentiful, including a number that can be found the Internet. For a sampling of recently published books that teach the basics for K–Grade 12, see the recommended list of titles below. Some of the titles introduce the fundamentals of computational thinking that students will need to possess in order to code efficiently, while others teach a specific programming language."

(Read article for more info)


May 2016 Infotopia Newsletter

Links to explore

The Infotopia/Kidtopia May 2016 newsletter is now online as a PDF.  This month's articles include creative story writing programs for students; vocabulary practice for the SAT or ACT, as well as your own vocabulary words; links to May events;  free certificate and award maker programs; and arithmetic skill practice for grades K-4.

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