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Get to know iOS 7: Macworld tips

Get to know iOS 7: Notification Center

What's new in Notification Center? Senior contributor Lex Friedman is more than happy to tell you.
Get to know iOS 7: Mail
Senior editor Dan Frakes goes over Mail's new look and features in iOS 7.
Change the size of text in iOS 7 with one simple slider
With Dynamic Type, you can adjust the font size of some apps, making them easier to read.
Get to know iOS 7: Camera and Photos
What's new with the Camera and Photos apps in iOS 7? Associate editor Serenity Caldwell has everything you need to know.
Get to know iOS 7: AirDrop
Senior editor Dan Frakes goes hands on with AirDrop in iOS 7.



Parliament of Canada - New web resource for students

Teaching Government? Some links to explore




ABC Bookworld - site and newsletter - AB authors issue

Spread awareness of the literary activity in British Columbia
"This site provides extensive reference information for books and authors pertaining to British Columbia, including an on-line archive of BC BookWorld, Canada's largest-circulation independent publication about books. This is a public service project to help spread awareness of the literary activity in British Columbia, Canada's province with the highest per capita book reading rate in the country. "

Volume 27/2 from Autumn 2013 focusses on Aboriginal authors

Archive to previous newsletters


Dodecahedron Template and ideas

Fun and games with a Platonic Solid

In geometry, a dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve flat faces - one of the Platonic solids. This is fun shape can be made using a paper template, and fastened with the flaps facing outward, or glued with the flaps tucked in for a nice "soccer ball" look. So what is is good for? The 12 sides make a handy place to marshal 12 aspects of any theme or idea. Twelve sections to a book report, twelve months, pictures from each 12 years, 12 famous people, 12 sites to visit near the school, 12 things I like about myself, etc. There are even some good math activities using 10 numbers (with 2 "freebies") - see links and ideas below.
Platonic Solid Origami (Beautiful images)

Make all the solids


Day One and Beyond - online preview

Practical Matters for New Middle-Level Teachers
Preview chapter one of this title online:

"For new teachers it is often the practical details rather than the weighty issues of instructional theory that can make day-to-day survival a challenge. For those just entering the middle school environment, Meet Me in the Middle author Rick Wormeli provides an invaluable collection of tips along with humorous insights into the nature of middle-level schools and students that will help you walk in the door prepared to teach..."


One School, One Book Program

A shared reading experience

"One School, One Book is a program designed to create a shared reading experience within a single elementary school community.... Activities at school coordinate, promote and enrich the shared reading experience.

Other links to explore:

Book of the Month and more

Novels in translation

50 Works of Fiction in Translation that Everyone Should Read

"If you're looking to get your literary passport stamped, here are 50 destinations to start you off — but, by all means, don't let these be the only translated books you read. There are plenty of other titles that could have gone on this list, whose main purpose is to help get you excited for literature originally written in different languages..."



Jeffrey Wilhelm Resources

Inquiry, Engagement and More...
Jeff Wilhelm is coming to Richmond to speak at one of our Focus days. We have 8 print titles in our ISL collection at DRC. Here are some additional links to explore. (EBSCO, Scholastic site, Youtube clips, webinars, podcasts etc.)
Articles by Wilhelm in EBSCO (See your TL for ID and password for home access)

Title: The Age for Drama, Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Source: Ed Leadership article]
Title:  Asking the Right Questions: Literate Lives of Boys. Wilhelm, Smith
Source: Reading Teacher. May2005, Vol. 58 Issue 8, p788-789. 2p.        
Title:  Essential Questions. , Wilhelm, Jeffrey D
Source: Instructor. Holiday2012, Vol. 122 Issue 3, p24-27. 4p.
Title:  Getting Boys to Read . Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Source: Instructor. Oct2002, Vol. 112 Issue 3
Title:  "I just like being good at it": The importance of competence in the literate lives of young men. Smith, Michael, Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Source: Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy. Mar2004, Vol. 47
Title:  Think-Alouds. , Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.
Source: Instructor. Nov/Dec2001, Vol. 111 Issue 4, p26. 3p.     
  • Research and Advisors: 5 part Webinar Series - Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm
  • 4 minute podcast with Wilhelm
  • Inquiring Minds- Learn to Read by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm (PDF paper)
  • Let's Get Boys Reading and Writing (clip)

Tom Schimmer Resources

Links for Tom Schimmer

Tom Schimmer is coming to Richmond to speak at one of our Focus days. If you are interested in learning more about his thinking, here are some links to explore. (We also have his book on order for our print collection at DRC.)
Professional Book Talk Webinar With Assessment Expert Tom Schimmer (50min)

The Power of Assessment Webinar Series (Modules 1-12)
(Scroll down to view individual modules)

Slideshare - Schimmer



Residential school resources

Strong Nations Publishing book suggestions
Check out this list of FN books on the Residential school system. A good way to build your collection.


Lego Man in Space - the book - the Youtube clip

The true story of two boys who launched a Lego Man into space!
Written & Illustrated by Mara Shaughnessy.
"With over 3 million views on YouTube and covered by almost every major news outlet in the world, the story of how two boys launched a Lego man 80,000 feet into space using a weather balloon, a homemade parachute, and a video camera is truly an inspirational story for all ages. Now you can follow along with the plucky little "Legonaut" as he explains just how he became the very first Lego Man in Space."

Includes a resource guide for teachers & fun activities for kids!




Best Sellers - The New York Times

Stay up to date on popular titles

Bookmark this URL and check back weekly to see the top 5 in each of the many categories. While this is an American list, it does help TLs track "must see" titles. Towards the bottom of the page are categories for Picture Books, Middle Grades, Young Adult, Children's Series, Grahic Novels, and Manga.


A Survey of Shakespeare's Plays (Free Course)

Brandeis University - a course on Shakespeare's career

"This is a course on Shakespeare's career, given at Brandeis University in the spring of 2010, by William Flesch.  It covers several representative plays from all four genres: comedy, tragedy, history, and romance. We consider both the similarities and differences among those genres, and how his more and more radical experimentations in genre reflect his developing thought, about theater, about time, about life, over the course of his career."

These are podcast recordings of university lectures. Content would be good for senior students wanting to fill in some more background about the author's life and work, but be aware there are frank discussions of themes. (There is also a link to a public domain collection of Shakespeare's work.)


Getting the year started - some ideas

Some Learnist Boards to explore (PInterest for teachers)

"Getting the school year started with the proper level of excitement, good, solid routines, and positive energy helps set up success for the next 180 days. This week's Learnist feature is dedicated to getting your year started on the right foot."

Ideas include:
  • First Days of School
  • How To Remember Students' Names
  • Ice Breakers
  • Classroom Management Tools For Novice Teachers
  • 6 Fun Back-To-School Products
  • Fidgety Boys