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Literacy in Learning Exchange - Video Clip - Content Literacy Instruction

On Teaching Content: Building a Schoolwide Culture
Nancy Frey and Doug Fisher

How can we make sure that reading, writing, speaking, and listening are part of the instructional routines in every subject area?

"Watch an 18 minute clip in which teachers across subject areas discuss the ways in which literacy instructional routines develop students' understanding about the content. They share successful approaches for engaging students with vocabulary, writing, and building background such that learning occurs. The video clip closes with a student sharing his perspective on how his attitude and experience of school have improved as a result of these approaches."

Interested in learning more, view the full 60 minute presentation:


Georgia Library Association Webinar series

 Bi-Monthly Carterette Webinar Series

"The Carterette Series is a bi-monthly educational webinar series highlighting trends, innovation, and best practices in libraries. The free sessions are open to interested parties from all geographic (and astral) locations. Topics are chosen to be of interest to students and employees from all library types, and each session is approved for one Georgia Continuing Education (CE) contact hour. The sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing."

While the content is more focused on public libraries, some of the topics will be of interest to teacher-librarians

Some of the topics covered in the series:

  • QR Connections: QR Codes in Libraries
  • WordPress for Library Websites
  • Content Creation for Teens (Begins at 1:15)
  • Ebooks, Discovery and the Library
  • Branding and Influence: Establishing your Digital Identity and Reputation (Begins at 1:13)
  • Strategy for Blogging and Social Networking
  • Building Library Websites with Weebly
  • How e-Books, File Types, and DRM Affect Your Library (Begins at 1:11)