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Searching LM-NET archives

Find what other TLs are saying.

LM-Net is a listserv for teacher-librarians across the US, and includes members from Canada, Australia and many other countries. You can search the archives on any topic to see what has been suggested/ recommended over the years. (Members call it "the great brain"!)

Go to Google, and use this formula   followed by the search term(s) you are looking for. (or use the Google Custom Search link above.)


NoveList (EBSCO) Archived Webinars

Learn more about Novelist K-8 and Novelist Plus

Want to know more about how to use the Novelist database? Look for the icon behind the Visual Tab in your sd38 Destiny catalog. (It is an EBSCO product.) You will need to sign in with a name and email in order to view the following webinars.

NoveList K-8 Overview
This 45-minute course highlights the features in NoveList K-8 designed to make searching more intuitive and reading recommendations easier to obtain.

NoveList: Author Read-alikes (US)
This 30-minute recording will show you how to use NoveList to find more authors like your patrons' favorites, using Author Read-alikes and much more!

NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus for Canadian Libraries (Canada)
This course highlights the features in NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus designed to make searching more intuitive and reading recommendations easier to obtain. This session focuses on Canadian content.

NoveList: Author Read-alikes (Canada)
This 30-minute recording will show you how to use NoveList to find more Canadian authors like your patrons' favorites, using Author Read-alikes and much more!

NoveList: All About Series (Canada)
This 15-minute recording discusses series in NoveList with an emphasis on Canadian titles. The session will explain what types of series information is available as well as how to search for series books.



Exemplar texts for American Schools

Common Core state standards for English Language Arts & Literacy

This document gives some insight into the Common Core texts that are being suggested as exemplars for fiction, poetry, drama and informational texts at the different grade levels. (Note: they aren't a reading list per se.)

"The text samples listed primarily serve to exemplify the level of complexity and quality that the Standards require all students in a given grade band to engage with. Additionally, they are suggestive of the breadth of texts that students should encounter in the text types required by the Standards. The choices should serve as useful guideposts in helping educators select texts of similar complexity, quality, and range for their own classrooms. They expressly do not represent a partial or complete reading list."


Canadian K-6 online teaching resources in Eng & French

Teaching Resources developed for elementary teachers (Ontario)

"Visit the online resource developed for elementary (K-6) teachers by the Ontario Ministry of Education and TFO. It includes modules on Literacy and Numeracy with videos of teachers in action, activity sheets, lesson plans, free access to over 40 e-learning modules and more. You'll also find modules on Daily Physical Activity (DPA) from the government's Healthy Schools program."

Lit Circles: [LINK]

Site disponible également en français:


Pulp Fiction "Diorama Photos" Using Book Cover Art

Book Cover Illustrations make great Dioramas

Artist Thomas Allen creates cool vintage scenes by taking pulp fiction book covers and using "découpage" techniques, turns them into dioramas. (He also uses depth of field and lighting to add an extra dimension to the scenes when he photographs them.) I could see something like this being used to create dioramas to present books to a class or for displays in a library. Library Helpers could be enlisted to scan covers onto cardstock and have some creative fun!



Terminologie informatique en francais

What do you call that "electronic thing" in French?

The vocabulary used in French for computer related fields is very "uneven". In France there is a tendancy to use Frenchified terms stolen from English; in Quebec/Canada, we tend to make up new terms that respect the spirit of the French language.

pourriel = spam,
courriel = email,
logiciel = software,
plugiciel = plugin,
télécharger = download, sauvegarder = save,
the web = la toile/ l'ouèbe/ internet,  
un lien = a link,
languette/onglet = tab,
favori/signet = bookmark,
afficher = to post,
coller = to paste

In some cases, many competing words co-exist:
for example, a scanner is called "un scanneur" in France, but "un numérisateur" or "un numériseur" in Canada, from the word "numérique" meaning "digital".

Here are some links that might help:

Glossary of terms

A lookup dictionary

Much longer list

Detailed list


Infinite Thinking Machine - YouTube

Inspire creativity and innovation

The Infinite Thinking Machine is an engaging Internet TV show for educators to inspire creativity and innovation. (Produced by Computer-Using Educators.) View two seasons worth of shows on their Youtube Channel.

"The Infinite Thinking Machine (ITM) is designed to help teachers and students thrive in the 21st century. Through an active blog, an Internet TV show, and other media resources, the ITM shares a "bazillion practical ideas" for turning the infinite universe of information into knowledge. We showcase examples of innovative instructional methods, talk with leading experts, and share real stories from the classroom to improve how we think, learn, teach, and live. And we try to have a little fun along the way."



A Brief, Wondrous Tour of Earth (From Outer Space)

Time-lapse views of Earth from the International Space Station

"We have seen several time-lapse views of Earth from the International Space Station, but this may well be the best. Recorded from August to October, 2011, this HD footage has been smoothed, retimed, denoised, deflickered, cut, etc, and then coupled with music by Jan Jelinek. It gives you a pretty splendid view of the aurora borealis from orbit."


Dinobase: University of Bristol's Online Dinosaur Database

All Dinosaurs, all the time!

Dinobase is maintained by the Earth Sciences Department at the University of Bristol. Here, you will find the Latest Dinosaur News, as well as information on recent dinosaur discoveries. Read about controversies, view the galleries and research your favourite creature.


edshelf - apps etc for educators

A directory of websites, mobile apps, and desktop software

Apps and sites are grouped and reviewed by educators. Sign up and you can submit your favourite tools and rate others.

"Our mission is to make a positive impact in the world by making education more efficient and effective. We strive to enable educators to do what they do best, teach and inspire. Edshelf is a directory of websites, mobile apps, and desktop software that are rated & reviewed by educators, for educators."


Balanced Literacy Essentials - Preview book online

Weaving Theory into Practice for Successful Instruction in Reading, Writing, and Talk
(Michelann Parr and Terry Campbell)

"Balanced Literacy Essentials shows teachers how to create a literacy program that balances the components of language arts with the power of meaningful interaction with students. Based on the latest learning theories, this timely resource is full of simple ways teachers can nurture meaningful reading, writing, and talk in today's classroom. "

Preview Book online.


Fostering Relationships in the Classroom | Edutopia

6 activities to build relationships in your ELL (or any) class

"Students and teacher need to develop positive and trusting relationships in an effective classroom. It is also critical that all students, especially English language learners, develop trusting and enriching relationships with each other. There are many activities which can be used for both introductory purposes and throughout the year to build and maintain positive relationships in the classroom. Some activities which work well to introduce students to each other and to the teacher can be used again at later points in the year as students' interests change and as they gain new life experiences...."


French resource lists on Destiny (DRC)

If you work with French language teachers - - either in Immersion or Core French (FSL), here are some resource lists that might be useful. (Taken from our DRC Media Manager)


Teachers are Heroes [US INFOGRAPHIC]

A "poster" that celebrates teachers

We are excited to launch an infographic to support teachers around the world for everything they do each and every day, but especially to honor them today! To thank teachers, our graphic, "Teachers are Heroes," shares information and statistics about who teachers are, what they do and how they inspire us.


Interactive Mind Map for Librarians and Teachers

Resources for TLs (using iMindMap)

"I wanted to create an interactive tool using a visual that I created on iMindMap. I had newbie librarians and teachers in mind - those who might be technology challenged or need an introduction to some great tools to use in the library or classroom."


Classics for Kids - Music in the Classroom

Lesson plans and teaching resources that use classical music

"The Classics for Kids® lesson plans and teaching resources give teachers practical, effective plans and activities that use classical music to help children learn. and meet national and state standards. They are based on National Standards for the Arts and state Academic Content Standards for Music, as well as on Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The materials also incorporate various philosophies, including those of Orff, Dalcrose, and Kodaly."

Current show page:

Podcast downloads:

Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie - contest

National, bilingual poetry recitation contest - For High School

"Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie" is a national, bilingual poetry recitation contest for high-school students in Canada. The contest site has many resources for teaching poetry as well as running a poetry contest.

The goal of this competition is to promote the art of poetry in both the classroom and the community. Poetry In Voice provides an entry point for students to develop a personal relationship with poetry by learning their favourite poems by heart.

Deadline for secondary schools across Canada to sign up for the Poetry In Voice 2013 Recitation Contest is December 31, 2012.

Videos of past winners

Teacher Resources



The Blog Guest Blogger: J. Patrick Lewis

Children's Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis

Each month, TeachingBooks ask one distinguished author or illustrator to write an original post that reveals insights about their process and craft. is delighted to welcome award-winning author and Children's Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis as our featured guest blogger.

"Wordplay" By J. Patrick Lewis - "First: If anyone tells you that writing is easy, you have my permission to remind him or her that if writing were that easy, everyone would be doing it..."