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"Content that might be of interest to Teacher-Librarians..."


Myth #1 - Libraries are ONLY about Books

Librarian Mythbusters

Cindy Rogers and Ann Vega ask the question: "What you are doing to help bust the myth that libraries are only a place to check out books?" They surveyed teachers and TLs, students and others and shared their findings.

"110,000 books, 500 teachers, 20 schools, 11 libraries, and only 2 librarians...  Try as we might, we can't be everywhere.   Want to connect more kids with books through technology? Want to incorporate 21st century tools into your lessons? Need to advocate for your library? Follow our blog and we will teach you on the fly."



Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports - video links

Video clips to support PBIS

"The overall goals of the Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) are to:
  • Identify and enhance knowledge about, and practical demonstration of, school-wide PBS practices, systems and outcomes along the three-tiered continuum (primary, secondary, tertiary); and
  • Develop, conduct and evaluate technical assistance and dissemination efforts that allow evidence-based practices to be implemented on a large scale with high durability and effectiveness."

Microsoft Office imagery - Clip Art, Photos & Animations

Jazz up those newsletters and worksheets?

Check out the microsoft office clip art site. You can browse by topic or type (image, drawing, animation.) There are also some useful templates on the site as well.


Nearpod Teacher for iPad

Share multimedia presentations across multiple devices
Vimeo quickstart:

Use the Nearpod Dashboard to bring content to life. Teachers choose/create a multimedia presentation to share with the class. The teacher's Dashboard app allows teachers to control the activity on all of the students' devices and obtain real time data on the progress of each student and on the class as a whole. Take quizzes, invite polling, share text responses, etc.


60second Recap - video clips

60 second pointers and definitions

The 60second Recap was officially launched on September 14, 2009 –  Jenny not only gives 60 second recaps of classic novels, she has a book pick of the week, and gives tips for writing papers, defining terms and making your own 60 second recaps - all using 60 second clips. (Note: each clip begins and ends with a short video advertisement that can be skipped after 5 seconds.)


Organize your iPad or iPhone - YouTube clip

New to the iPad? Organize your apps.

Steve Dotto offers up a quick tutorial for new users on how to organise your iPad or iPhone screen. Very basic, very simple!


Resources on dealing with grief

Childhood bereavement resources

The New York Life Foundation has created a childhood bereavement resource area for educators and families. Hosted on the Scholastic site, it offers strategies and resources to assist caregivers and teachers in helping children who might otherwise feel alone and lost as they navigate though their grief. These resources are not meant to replace the work of trained counselling staff, but can help to give teachers some perpective into this difficult time.



Jean Craighead George - "My side of the Mountain" author - RIP

Author Jean Craighead George passes away.

Jean Craighead George, author of the Newberry Award winning book, My Side of the Mountain passed away yesterday.

"Watch this video interview with Jean as she looks back at the book that has touched so many. She reflects on the story's conception, and how the book took shape. She may answer some of the questions you have always been curious about."


Meet Pentametron, A Bot That Only Tweets In Iambic Pentameter

Retweeting couplets in iambic pentameter

While the results can be amusing, charming, touching, and sometimes rude, this new project shows just how common iambic pentameter is to the English speaker. Teachers of Literature can find some interesting samples here. It could even be a challenge to students - try tweeting like Shakespeare would!

"Meet Pentametron, a robot that is a literature nerd's dream. It uses an algorithm to find and retweet rhyming couplets in iambic pentameter. Through a Twitter account, Pentametron retweets sequential tweets that fit into the ten-syllable alternating-stress meter commonly used in Shakespeare's plays and sonnets, complete with rhyming couplets. It also posts them on in 14 line sonnets."

Note: some tweets may not be appropriate for all audiences!


Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers - podcasts

Podcasts to support FSL programs

Access a range of podcasts produced from 2007 to 2010. Hear researchers present aspects of their work that support the teaching of French as a second/additional language.


Supporting Beginning Teachers:The Do's and Don'ts of Teaching

"10 mistakes a rookie should avoid."

In this blog entry, Gary Rubinstein offers advice for new teachers.

"I made all the mistakes I describe here in my first year of teaching. As nobody clearly warned me about these mistakes, I had to learn for myself through trial and error. Unfortunately, by the time I realized that I'd made these blunders, I'd already lost my students' respect. It was too late to convince them that I knew what I was doing."



Genetics Preview | Backpack TV

Paul Andersen's genetics unit

Paul Andersen previews the information in the genetics unit. He defines the central dogma of biology and explains how DNA creates an RNA transcript that is used to translate proteins. He differentiates between mitosis and meiosis. He also explains how Mendelian genetics differs from the current understanding of genetics. He ends with a brief description of gene regulation.

Links are provided to a number of short videos on all of the topics he mentions.



Dropbox file sharing - How to

Want to share that document from your DropBox?

Steve Dotto gives the "quick and easy" way to share documents that you have uploaded to your Dropbox account.