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Giving Students Meaningful Work  : EL article

Buckets and Fires by Caitlin Moore

"Meaningful work both enlarges students' knowledge stores and sparks their desire to wield that knowledge."


Algebra Youtube Videos

"A California high-school math teacher is hoping to reach additional students by posting more than 500 of his videotaped classroom lessons on YouTube. Robb also gives his students the opportunity to preview his lessons on YouTube through computers or iPod Touch devices in the classroom."

Forward this link to Algebra and Calculus teachers in your school.


BCTLA conference info

2010 BCTLA Conference
October 21-22, 2010

The Central Okanagan Teacher Librarians' Association (COTLA) is proud to be sponsoring the 2010 British Columbia Teacher-Librarians' Association (BCTLA) conference, October 21-22.  The conference will be hosted at Kelowna Secondary School (1079 Raymer Avenue, Kelowna).  In addition to a comprehensive conference itinerary and social events, there will be three keynote addresses:

*   Dr. Jamie McKenzie will outline the exciting new roles of the 21st centure teacher-librarian and talk about the stance, attitude and strategies required to turn challenge into opportunity
*   Well known television personality, Dr. Art Hister, will talk about taking care of your health so that you can live with more energy, more happiness, and less stress, and
*   The "Disruptive Innovators" (Donna DesRoches and Carlene Walter) will discuss how social media has redefined the role or the teacher-librarian.

With 31 distinct sessions covering everything from 21st century libraries and technologies, to the art of writing and the culture of reading, the conference promises to be of interest to a wide range of teaching professionals. For more information on the conference, its sessions, and registration procedures, visit the conference site at .



Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope

CBC Archival Footage and Audio files of Terry Fox and his accomplishments.
12 television clips  8 radio clips

"The night before his right leg was amputated, Terry Fox read about an amputee who ran the New York City Marathon. The article inspired Terry's Marathon of Hope, an incredible cross-Canada run on an artificial leg to raise money for cancer research. Terry was forced to end his run when his cancer returned. He died on June 28, 1981, but his legacy lives on in the annual Terry Fox Run."


Ancient civilizations Links

Ancient Civilization Resources for your teachers and students to explore.

Eyewitness to History
First person accounts of roles and historical persons from antiquity to the present.
Text, (and for recent historical periods: Pictures, Voices, Film.)

Over 2000 files covering 3000 years of world history
Events and People are placed on a clickable timeline.

The Educational Communications Board
(ECB) is committed to ensuring that public radio and television programs and services are made available throughout Wisconsin. Many good links.

Explore Ancient Rome via GoogleEarth

Free Digital Maps of the Ancient world: Greece, Rome, Egypt
"A collection of free digital maps for educational use."

Collections of Links for China, Egypt, India. (Many ads on site)

Exploring Ancient World Cultures (advanced)
funded by grants from the University of Evansville.


21st Century Literacies (NoodleTools)

NoodleTools has a great collection of teacher resources to help students represent their learning in a variety of ways. (See list below. Links at the Noodletools site. )

Basic Language Literacy
Online Reading Strategies (A Think Aloud)
Online Reading Strategies (PowerPoint)
Phonetic and Pictorial Alphabets
New Meanings
Paragraph Art
Argument and Persuasion
Constructing an Argument
Resources for Young Writers
Literary Club
Bone From a Dry Sea (from a factual quiz to thinking activity)
Socratic Seminar Rubric (.pdf)

Visual Literacy
Reading Photographs: Handout
Visual Literacy Project: Plan | Brainstorming

Spatial Literacy
Three Information Literacy Questions to Ask About a Map: Handout

Historical Literacy
Primary Sources
Reading the Context: Martin Luther King
Turn of the Century Child (An American Memory Fellows Project)

Cultural Literacy
Ethnography Project

Information Literacy
Building Blocks of Research
Choose the Best Search Engine for Your Information Need
Choosing Invisible Web Databases
Teaching the Commons (Powerpoint)
The Ethical Researcher
Who knows what...and how do I know it?: Handout
Deconstructing a Web Site: Advocacy or Education?

Political Literacy and News Media Literacy
Reading Media Photographs
You are Shocked
Libraries and the First Amendment

Scientific Literacy
Genetics #1, #2
Global Warming: Science and Society

Mathematical Literacy
Job Search: Mathematician
Finding and Using Data
Students' Financial Literacy Eroding (San Francisco Chronicle)

Typical "Canadian" foods: in French

Radio and TV clips for your immersion or FSL classes.

Mets typiques du Canada (Période : 1967 - 2004)
"D'inspiration française, britannique, américaine ou amérindienne, la cuisine typique du Canada s'adapte aux saisons. Chaque région compte ses recettes uniques, concoctées avec des produits locaux. De la tourtière au pain banique, du sucre d'érable à la poutine, le folklore culinaire local charme bien des gourmands."



Creating an online listening corner

The OSU "Curriculum Materials" website is full of resources for teachers interested in creating an online listening corner. The first part of the page describes how to create a class webpage, and down below are many links to online audio resources.



2010 Veterans' Week Learning Resources

2010 Veterans' Week Learning Resources
Ages 5-11 and 12-18

The Canada Remembers Program of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) encourages youth to take an active part in remembrance learning, activities and events within their schools and communities. All VAC learning resources are free of charge, and available in both official languages.


A DVD to build fluency for elementary students

Fluency Rubric (DVD)
by Debbie Diller

"It may be a little tricky explaining what fluency is to a group of third-graders; but they can recognize it when they hear it. Working with teacher Lisa Gregory's students in their Houston, Texas, classroom, Debbie introduces the concept of fluency and gives them a rubric so they can self-assess and score their fluency on a four-step scale. To help students become conscious of what fluent and not-so fluent readers sound like, Debbie reads passages, modeling the four levels of fluency contained in the rubric."

See an exerpt from the DVD here:

Viewing Guide (PDF)

Digital Storytelling Book - Preview the entire book online

Make Me a Story
Teaching Writing Through Digital Storytelling
by Lisa Miller

"When teachers and students first learn about digital stories, they often focus on the bells and whistles: images, music, sound effects, and so on. To Lisa Miller, a good digital story -- like any good story--is all about the writing. In Make Me a Story, Lisa shows how to use digital stories to lead students through all phases of the writing process, from planning to revising and editing."

Preview the Book online

Review of Hunger Games Trilogy

A thoughtful review of "Mockingjay" and the rest of the Hunger Games series from the New York Times Sunday Book Review:


Pronouncing Dictionary of Author's Names

Ever come across an author's name you can't pronouce? Or have to give a booktalk and you're not sure how to say the author's last name? Gayle Hodur has assembled a list with phonetic spellings to solve your problem!

Here's an example:
Kjelgaard, Jim (author of Big Red)
Pronounced KYEL-gard (first syllable is like "yell" preceeded by a hard k; second is like the first part of "garden")