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Charts and graphs : Haiku Deck

Easy as "Pie"
Haiku Deck now adds easy graphs and charts - because sometimes you need more than just a picture! Easy to create, with a clear "zen" design, these visuals aids will add rather than detract from your presentation.


ATN-reading-lists - Read Alouds

Part of your reading program
Looking for good books to use as part of your reading program? Read-alouds provide a way to expose all of your students to a range of authors and genres even if their personal reading level is low, or their English skills are weak.

Some topic organizers include:
  • Christmas Read Alouds
  • End of the year
  • ESL (elementary)
  • First Day of School
  • House/home read alouds
  • Principals' Read Alouds (Grades K-6)
  • Quick Read Alouds

The Edge of the World: BC's Early Years | Knowledge Network

The events that shaped BC's early history

Watch this online at the Knowledge Network site. (50min)
"Vancouver filmmaker Erik Paulsson chronicles the events, people and places that shaped British Columbia's early history from its beginnings until the turn of the 20th century."


Scavenger Hunts anyone?

Explore your databases the fun way.
If you want some tools to help your students get more familiar with the e-reosurces we have in the district, take a look at these scavenger hunts to use or adapt based on World Book and EBSCO "Kids Search".
WB Scavenger hunts - Kids, Student and Advanced
WB "Student" Scavenger Hunts
EBSCO "Kids Search" Scavenger Hunt
World Book and EBSCO