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"Content that might be of interest to Teacher-Librarians..."


Audio and Video Links from Candlewick Press

Candlewick Press has a great many resources for readers, teachers and librarians.

"The resources section is filled with downloadable extras, links to information, fun things to do, and more! Use the drop down list to see a filtered list of resources specific to your area of interest."

View/Listen to author interviews, and stories being read.

What-the-Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy. (an excerpt.)

A directory of links to author/ illustrator pages.


Fairy tale research links

Doing a Fairy Tale unit? You might find some useful links below.

Fairy Tales Resource Page
Try: list of resources, lesson plans, and units

Audio readings of Fairy Tales

Powerpoint or PDF versions of many Folk Tales

Narrated Fairy Tales
Read and hear interactive, narrated, animated versions of fairy tales.
(Flash and Html versions)
Also available are games, ecards, other "fun stuff".
Some elements of the site are available in French.

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy tales Directory
Includes information on Hans Christian Andersen, a chronological listing of his 168 fairy tales, links to the majority of his tales, plus links to further information

SurLaLune Fairy Tales  features 49 annotated fairy tales, including their histories, similar tales across cultures, modern interpretations and over 1,500 illustration.

Bibliography of "rewritten" fairy tales (novels and picture books.)

DRC Material
DRC has many video/DVD resources that you can request as well as the following ISL title:
"Happily ever after :
sharing folk literature with elementary and middle school students / Terrell A. Young"

Clips and audio on environmental themes in French

Matériel tiré des archives de Radio Canada

Sujet: Environnement
  • Catastrophes naturelles
  • Écologie
  • Pollution
  • Protection de l'environnement
  23 dossiers,     157 clips radio,     261 clips télé

Soldats canadiens en Corée (High School Immersion)

(For High School Socials - French Immersion)

Soldats canadiens en Corée
"La guerre de Corée, qui se déroule de 1950 à 1953, est la première véritable séquelle de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Elle illustre bien les menaces qui pèsent sur le monde en pleine Guerre froide. Aux côtés de 15 pays, le Canada défend les intérêts des pays regroupés sous le drapeau des Nations unies contre la menace communiste chinoise et soviétique."
8 clips télé, 13 clips radio


French video content on iTunes - video podcasts

J'ai vu que sur "iTunes", il y a quelques émissions en baladodiffusion (podcasting) qui offrent des extraits vidéo tirés de Radio-Canada et TV5, entre autres. (voir ci-bas) Les clips peuvent être téléchargés d'avance et montrés quand ça convient.

"60 Secondes"
(Le Monde)

7 Jours sur la planète
(podcast vidéo)

"Archives à La Carte"
Vieilles épisodes télé

"Ça s'branche où?"
(Radio Canada)

Voyage Canada

VIvre au Canada

"Science Actualités"
(podcast vidéo)

"Place-Royale d'aujourd'hui à hier,"

"Néopodia Histoire"
Certaines épisodes sont un peu "lourdes"
(Le savoir à emporter)

"Neopodia Sciences"

Terroirs Québec

"Jeux Vidéo Tests"
Certaines épisodes sont violentes.

"L'actualité musicale selon bande à part"
Emission radio avec images (genre "diaporama")

Téléchargez des clips en français avec Clipnabber

(Downloading French news clips using

Souvent, on veut utiliser un clip vidéo pour déclencher la discussion ou présenter un thème quelconque. Quelquefois, le clip ne veut pas se laisser voir en direct et la seule solution est de le télécharger et de le visionner avec QuickTime, ou un autre logiciel. Plusieurs sites, tels Youtube, Daily Motion et Vimeo, sont utilisés par Radio-Canada et d'autres pour distribuer du contenu vidéo.

Voici quelques sites médiatiques:
Daily Motion



Pour télécharger, il suffit de copier l'adresse internet du clip video en question (choisissez un clip sur un des sites ci-dessus), et ouvrir ClipNabber (voir ci-bas) , coller l'adresse, et télécharger le clip. Malheureusement, ClipNabber ne marche pas avec tous les sites de nouvelles.

"Download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MegaVideo, and lots of other video sharing websites. Downloading videos is what we do best!"

Booktrailer Glogs

Jennifer Bednorz’s has created several Glogs* of Book Trailers - see below.  
( *Glogster provides an online poster creator, which enables video and audio to be added to the poster. There is a gallery of graphics available, but users can upload their own images and media. Users can record video and audio directly at the site.)

Jennifer's glogs are grouped by book list or genre. Could be an interesting way to present book trailers in your library. Create a glog that has trailers for books available in your library. The kids could click the trailers they want to watch on the computer from the interactive poster.

*Here are the links: *


SqoolTools - a collection of streaming videos

SqoolTools is a collection of videos to use in your classroom. While the quality is sometimes uneven, and the material has a wide target audience, there are some gems (Shel Silverstein, Robert Munsch, etc) Preview the clips first because some are just trailers, or short intros. Videos can be viewed in full screen, but not downloaded or embedded.



SLJ - Best Books 2010: Picture Books

"In the picture-book selections, the art ranges from glorious, ingenious, breath-taking, and innovative to downright hilarious. These imaginative titles span a variety of ages and interests, from preschoolers to middle-grade audiences."  Thinking of picking up some new titles? Here is a great place to start.


Science in Everyday life

Some Videos and Interactives that explore science in Everyday life.

"Is there chemistry in the kitchen? Is there physics at the park? Fun, family activities will help students discover the real-world science around them and make connections to what they are learning in school. There is something for everyone!"

Some examples:


French online Bookstore

I have used the Renaud Bray site in the past, both for ordering, and for "researching" titles that I've then requested via ULS. It's a good place to find out what's popular for certain ages ranges in a North American market (ie Québec.) BTW, they have free shipping if it's over $39.


" Writing to Explore" - preview online

"Tired of reading boring student research reports? Writing to Explore gives you all of the structures and tools you'll need to carry out an exciting adventure writing project in grades 3-8. Includes numerous examples of student writing and a section on using technology. Preview the entire book online!"



The Encyclopedia of Earth:

"The Encyclopedia of Earth [is] an electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The Encyclopedia is a free, fully searchable collection of content contributed  by scholars, professionals, educators, practitioners and other experts who collaborate and review each other's work. The content is presented in a style intended to be useful to students, educators, scholars, professionals, as well as to the general public."


The Little Book Club - 3 ebooks

Great initiative to encourage and support reading by younger students. The main site has many reading resources, and links to a few ebooks that can be read online (See below)
("The Big Book Club Inc. is a not for profit arts organisation committed to the promotion of reading, literature and Australian authors and illustrators.")