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BCTLA "The ABCs of Teacher-Librarianship" Webinar Series

The BC Teacher-Librarians' Association
Winter-to-Spring Webinar Series: "The ABC's of Teacher-Librarianship"
4 sessions: January 14, February 4, March 4 and April 8
4:00-5:00 PM (PST)  Cost - $20.00 per person
Join us for this exciting online series covering the "ABC's" of teacher-librarianship!
Learn the latest in Advocacy ("A") with Ken Haycock, eBooks ("B") with Christina de Castell, collaboration and apps ("C") with Richard Byrne, and databases ("D") with Gordon Powell.  All four sessions will be available live for a cost of $20.00 per person.
For More Information and Online Registration:


My Teacher Librarian Gave To Me... ideas and apps

"On the First Day of Christmas..."
Follow this newsletter as each day the writer adds a new app or Web 2.0 tool to use in your library program with your kids.


Infographic - get kids to love reading

Want your children to read great books?
(You will need to signup to access all the features, but the infographic is freely available.)
From the UK based book site:
"Reading is fundamental to the development of children and countless research shows the links between good reading skills from an early age and future success in life. Lovereading4kids was created to be a recommendation site for Children's Book from toddlers to teens."


▶ Eric Sheninger: Leadership 2.0 - YouTube

Essential elements necessary for the transformation of school cultures
"Eric Sheninger is the Principal at New Milford High School located in Bergen County, NJ. He is passionate about establishing and fostering learning environments that are student-centered, collaborative, flexible, and prepare all learners to succeed in the 21st Century. As an educational administrator he firmly believes that effective communication, listening, support, shared decision making, and the integration of technology are essential elements necessary for the transformation of school cultures. Eric has emerged as an innovative leader in the use of social media and web 2.0 technology as tools to engage students, improve communications with stakeholders, and help educators grow professionally. Eric is a NASSP Digital Principal Award winner (2012)."


The British Library makes image bank available

A million first steps
From the BL blog:
"We have released over a million images onto Flickr Commons for anyone to use, remix and repurpose. These images were taken from the pages of 17th, 18th and 19th century books digitised by Microsoft ....The images themselves cover a startling mix of subjects: There are maps, geological diagrams, beautiful illustrations, comical satire, illuminated and decorative letters, colourful illustrations, landscapes, wall-paintings and so much more that even we are not aware of."



C'est Parti Mon Tipi |

Emission de télé ado-autochtone
A show in French on APTN for and about aboriginal youth and their communities.

"C'est une émission de télé qui en est à sa troisième année sur APTN et qui est animée par Charles Bender, un Huron-Wendat de Wendake. Mais encore plus qu'une émission de télé, c'est surtout une gang d'ados autochtones qui reçoivent une vedette qu'ils aiment dans leur communauté et qui trippent avec elle en faisant des sketches absurdes et des activités loufoques. En somme, c'est du fun, des niaiseries, des fous rires et des moments inoubliables passés avec une vedette."


Now You See It: Why the Future of Learning Demands a Paradigm Shift

Ways we can transform Higher Ed to prepare students for their future
The 3rd International Conference on Service-Learning in Teacher Education," June 21-23, 2012, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

"Most of the forms, rules, means of measuring productivity, and tests for intelligence and achievement were designed for the last information age and the industrial era's new technology of steam-powered printing and machine-made ink and paper. We are currently doing a good job training students for the 20th century. What institutional changes do we need to make to education to help students thrive in this age?"

Cathy Davidson proposes ways to transform higher education to prepare students for their future (not for our past).


How do I cite a tweet?

Credit for a tweeter
We want students to cite their sources. And more often than not, the source is not a typical print document (ie. book, magazine or newspaper.) What if it's a tweet? That's okay - the MLA official website has you covered.



Cites & Insights 14.1 (January 2014) E vs P Books?

Is it E and P, or E vs P?
January 2014 Cites & Insights is now available (31pp)
Great long form article by Walt Crawford on the place of e-books and p-books in the hearts and minds (and lives) of readers.

"I also believe that any simplistic formulation of when print or e makes more sense is almost certainly wrong...."


OLA Tutorial encourages parent engagement in school libraries

An interactive tutorial connecting school libraries with student success

"The Ontario Library Association (OLA), in partnership with Engage Literacy Inc., is launching a 15-minute online tutorial, entitled "21st Century School Libraries, Parent Engagement and Student Achievement", empowering parents to support school libraries in their child's school. It also has resources that can help to plan literacy-based events for children, including lunchtime book clubs and family literacy events.


Claire and her Grandfather - FN resource

Storybook plus teaching resources
The story of "Claire and her Grandfather" is designed to enhance young people's awareness of some of the many contributions and inventions by Aboriginal people. Teachers can use the story to initiate a broader examination of the many historical and contemporary contributions of First Nations and Inuit to Canada and the world.

Table of Contents (downloadable PDF available)
  • Introduction
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Suggested Related Activities
  • Claire and her Grandfather [Audio file available]
  • Glossary

Aboriginal Children's games

Some FN games to try
"Games are an important part of Aboriginal society, passed down from generation to generation. Games teach cooperation, team work and social skills. Some games also teach other essential skills such as target practice, hand/eye coordination, agility, and dexterity. They were important for the emotional, physical, and mental development of the community members. Games also provide a good form of exercise and leisure activity for the young and the old. Many games were played in the winter- time."


Best Books of 2013 : NPR

NPR's Book Concierge
"NPR's Guide To 2013's Great Reads: Choose your own adventure! Use the categories below to search through more than 200 standout titles selected by NPR staff and critics. (You can also combine categories!) Then click on the books' covers to find out why we love them."

An interesting way to navigate Best Books without scrolling through yet another long list!

Winter 2014 YAACING magazine

Young Adult & Children's Services e-zine
Winter 2014 YAACING is now available! 
"We are introducing another new column by Kaitlyn Vardy called Kaitlyn's Programming Corner.  We are also storytime programs and a lovely felt for The Paperbag Princess.  Also exciting is an update on Summer Reading Club news."


Physics To Go: Explore Physics on your own

A mini-mag for Physics lovers
"Physics to Go is a collection of websites where you can learn physics on your own, through games, webcasts, and online articles, exhibits, and activities. To find the resources you want, you can browse the collection and search our database by content topic, resource type, and grade level. Alternately, you can browse the archives for back issues (you can reach the archives with the navigation button at the top left of the homepage)."


Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders

The line between Canada and the USA

A somewhat humourous take on the reasons for why the border looks like it does.


Think Before You Share: New resource from Facebook and MediaSmarts

A new guide for teens
Facebook and MediaSmarts have released a new guide for teens, "Think Before You Share", with tips about sharing and making decisions online.

"Our Young Canadians in a Wired World study, along with the best research available from around the world on how young people share and make decisions online, provided the basis for Think Before You Share, a new tip sheet for teens available on the Facebook Family Safety Center and on the MediaSmarts website."



12 days of Christmas - Book store sytle

Bookish Elves sing
It would be fun to do one entitled "My library lent to me."

"What happens when a bunch of kidlit authors, agents, editors, and artists get into the holiday spirit? This." Starring Sarah Brannen, Kristy Dempsey, Mike Jung, Arthur Levine, Emily Mitchell, Kim Norman, Anne Marie Pace, Yolanda Scott, and Deborah Underwood, also known as the Bookish Elves.



Canada's History - Kayak Magazine site

History for Kids
"The new issue of Kayak: Canada's History Magazine for Kids is now online at Check out features in the new issue including profiles of great Canadian explorers, the story behind the search for John Franklin and a comic about the life of arctic aviator Punch Dickins."



Good Books for Literature Circles?

Where to look for some titles that work?
"Looking for a few good books to get your literature circles off the ground?  Click on the links on this page for some suggestions from teachers around the country."


Thinking about Science Fair?

World Book Kids - Science Project Centre
  • Selecting and Researching a Topic
  • Getting Organized, The Experiment, Safety, Measurements
  • The Science Report
  • The Science Fair
Smarter Science (Youth Science Canada) [LINK]
A list of science resources, some Canadian

Canadian Astronomy Education [LINK]
Astronomy-based science fair ideas.

To see what Canadian kids have done, take a look at the
Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair [LINK]

Other sites to explore:

Science Bob [LINK]
A set of questions to prompt science fair projects. Includes some interesting videos and links to other sites.

Science Kids [LINK]
Gives easy to follow instructions on building various apparatus.
Kids will have to generate their own questions. [LINK]
Search by grade and "kind" of science.
Prompts questions that are answered by the project.

Steve Spangler Science [LINK]
A series of short videos with ideas to explore.

I also came across this Pinterest Board



StoryToolz : Resources for Authors

A website with authorcentric tools
Some of the tools you'll find here: Story Idea Generator, Word counters, Readability checker, Title generator, Random conflict creator, Cliché Buster. Try them yourself, or with your students!

In December 2007, Chuck Heintzelman created a website that contained authorcentric tools. Initially, it was a members only site. In June 2012, Chuck revived StoryToolz, made it 100% free, cleaned up the design to be more iPad friendly, and started added utilities.



Think you know Canada? Play the game!

Challenge your knowledge of Canadian history and politics
Put your knowledge to the test with CPAC Quiz Canada, a free mobile app that pits you against your friends in an all-Canadian trivia challenge.

  • Two difficulty levels: Novice and Advanced
  • Fast-paced interface and interactive game play
  • Answer quickly to earn more points
  • Play three lightning rounds of five questions each
  • Post high scores and challenge friends over email or Facebook


Arctic Adventure for Students + teacher resources

The 100th anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition this year.
The Royal Canadian Mint has created a website to mark the occasion.
(older browsers may need to be updated.)

There is also a teacher area for educational materials and activities.


Pinterest Boards for Elementary Science

Lots of curated resources!
Search Pinterest for your subject and grade. The resources are amazing. What makes Pinterest so valuable is that it is a curated collection of sites chosen by a person rather than a search engine. (Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire. Subscribers "pin" interesting sites they've found and organize them on "boards". If you don't have an account, this is something you might want to look into.)


Diary of Math Teacher in Finland: the education model to know

Teaching in Finland?

"So, if you want to peek inside Finland's world class education model, there are 3 videos on this BBC Wales site that will give you what you want. This Diary of a math teacher in Finland gives you a peek. There's also two other great videos "Let teachers teach, say Finns" and "Finland Classroom Success Secrets." You can embed these that I can find, so you'll need to share the links and watch them on the site."


Author and Illustrator Peter Brown On His Process

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild
"Brown, recipient of a Caldecott Honor, in this Vimeo clip describes his creative process and the artistic influences that shaped his picture book, Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, which is among School Library Journal's best picture books of 2013. (Follow this link for other winners )"



Giant Collection of Book Lists for Kids

Great books for kids
Erica writes about the joys and tribulations of being a stay-at-home mom. She also has put together some great lists of suggested readings for a range of ages.

"I love to help my fellow moms and dads find great books for kids and every Monday I share a list of our favorite reads.  If you are looking for picture books to read aloud, chapter books to enjoy together or books for your emerging reader, I have a book list that will help you."


The Teacher's Cheat Sheet For Edmodo

A secure social network just for your classroom

Jeff Dunn posted recently on Edudemic about Edmodo:

"There is a social network designed just for your classroom and it's called Edmodo. You may have heard of it during a conference or perhaps in the hallways. However, like any new technology it can be challenging to find the time to explore and adequately integrate it into your classroom."

His post features a one page "cheat sheet" for getting started on Edmodo.


GrammarSongs by Melissa Corbett

Lessons set to music

Sometimes a song can make an idea stick!

"Corbett, a Grade 5 teacher uses songs to help her students learn and retain complicated grammar rules with ease. To date, she has written about 50 songs designed to help children remember everything from nouns to idioms to subordinating conjunctions. Corbett and her husband launched a website and a YouTube channel to share the lessons with others."


Academy of Achievement

Interviews with people of influence
One-on-one video interviews of more than 200 individuals are featured on the website alongside multi-media curriculum modules. The site also hosts a collection of biographies and historic photographs. (In 2011, the Academy of Achievement published a library of more than 500 exclusive audio and video symposium presentations from their annual Summits -- spanning 30 years from 1981 to 2011 -- on iTunes U. The collection is available to the public free of charge, under the Creative Commons License.)


Make Magazine

Join the "maker" movement
"Make is a magazine for those who love to make things - technological and otherwise. While the site doesn't replace the magazine, there are lots of great ideas to explore online and interesting projects to share with students. Browse their extensive collection of how-to and project videos.


Gooru | A Free Search Engine for Learning

Quickly find topic-relevant resources
"Gooru is an attempt to bring education content, experts and community together to provide personalized learning experiences for students. This free "search engine for learning" aims to help teachers find topic-relevant, standards-aligned resources and organizes them into teachable and sharable "collections" — all in one place.


Bugscope: use an electron microscope over the web

Explore the microscopic world of insects
"The Bugscope project provides free interactive access to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) so that students anywhere in the world can explore the microscopic world of insects. This educational outreach program from the Beckman Institute's Imaging Technology Group at the University of Illinois supports K-16 classrooms worldwide.

"Bugscope allows teachers everywhere to provide students with the opportunity to become microscopists themselves—the kids propose experiments, explore insect specimens at high-magnification, and discuss what they see with our scientists—all from a regular web browser over a standard broadband internet connection.

Previous sessions are archived so visitors to the site can search the archives for images and chat records matching their interests.


THE INSTRUMENTALS - video clips about intruments

Collective Cadenza's intrument series
A video series that tells stories about instruments, featuring virtuoso soloists.
The guitar, the drums, the accordion and the bass.



Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre - Educational Materials

SLCC Cultural Centre
A link to the SLCC website - resources for teachers:

The Cultural Journey audio tour:




K-12 School Library Printables

Customizable posters, fliers and bookmarks
Check out this ProQuest offer. See below for a series of posters (Middle School, High School) as well as templates for fliers and bookmarks that can be customized with your school name and URL. Open the PDF of your choice, type into the customizable fields and print (or print to the desktop). If you have a colour printer, you can easily dress up your library! A trip to Kinko's with the files saved on a memory stick will let you print in a variety of sizes and paper types.

  • Bookmarks

  • Poster & Fliers
  • Middle School
  • High School

Videos About iPads In The Classroom

From tutorials to recommended apps
Jeff Dunn has sifted through Youtube and lined up a batch of helpful videos for teacher iPad users. Each video has a short description so you can decide which ones to watch first!

From tutorials to recommending apps, there are a bunch of videos designed to help teachers, students, and admins alike. What follows below are the actual videos along with a brief description. Hopefully they'll help you successfully integrate iPads into education or perhaps just learn a bit more about what Steve Jobs dubbed the "magical" device. Enjoy!


Teacher Librarians on the PBL team

The school librarian ia a key player!
Suzie Boss blogs about the need to include the Teacher-Librarian in project-based learning teams:

"Visit schools where project-based learning (PBL) is taking hold and you are almost certain to see teachers collaborating. .... A key player to invite into these collaborative conversations is the school librarian or library media specialist. Their understanding of information literacy and digital citizenship can make a difference across the arc of projects. What's more, librarians may know about students' out-of-class interests through their reading choices or online interests. Take advantage of their insights to plan more engaging projects.

More PBL posts here:



Engineering is Elementary | Developed by the Museum of Science, Boston

Engaging engineering challenges
"Engineering is Elementary increases students' interest in and confidence about engineering. EiE's 20 units present fun, engaging engineering challenges that allow students to apply science knowledge. We put the "E" in STEM education."


Tumble Videos

Looking for non-fiction video?

Search your Tumblebook collection to find selected video clips on a range of non-fiction topics. You can get the URL by choosing "Show Toolbar" once the movie loads. Most clips are quite short, but would make a nice intro to a topic in class.

The iPad version of the picture books are also short videos. When you first visit the TB site, choose "Mobile" from the upper right and hit go. Then you'll get all the iPad-ready (movies) books that you could project and "play".


Awful Library Books - A look at weeding

"Hoarding is not collection development"
Daily posts feature questionable titles found in actual (public) libraries. Good for a head shake and a sometimes horrified chuckle.

"Librarians, bibliophiles, and lovers of nostalgia are all welcome here. Your librarians for this site are Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner. We are public librarians in Michigan. We have both been holding court at various reference desks for over ten years and love talking about library collections and library service. We also regularly present and consult on various library topics."



Six-Word Memoirs - SMITH Magazine

It's all about word choice

Look at some examples of this writing form.

"Writing in Six Words is a simple, creative way to get to the essence of anything—from the breaking news of the day to your own life and the way you live it. ...More than 700,000 short stories have been shared on Six-Word Memoirs and its younger cousin, SMITH Teens. In classrooms and boardrooms, churches and synagogues, veterans' groups and across the dinner table, Six-Word Memoirs have become a powerful tool to catalyze conversation, spark imagination or break the ice.

Main site:

Take the Ed Tech Challenge

A technology integration course for educators
"This a self-paced, scaffolded technology integration course for educators. This course was the collaborative effort of school districts all over the nation- and the content for this course was created by technology integrators, classroom teachers, Google Apps Certified Trainers and Teachers, and ISTE award winners. All of the suggestions we give are grounded in practice- they are techniques we actually use and we know work! We've flipped this course so that you can learn when you have time, and we've created templates, videos, and resources so that you can start using those tools right away."


Katzie Learning Commons: Building Fun!

Maker Spaces in your library?
Lynne (my wife) shared this activity on her library blog after reading "Building Our House" with the Gr 3s. She had bought a number of base plates, doors, windows and regular blocks of "Briktek " (which works with Lego) from Scholar's Choice and hopes to incorporate regular building sessions when she can.



Media Literacy 101 | MediaSmarts

Media & Digital Literacy Fundamentals
MediaSmarts explore digital literacy and media literacy and the underlying aspects and principles for each of these skill sets.  To help teachers introduce key concepts of media literacy to elementary students, MediaSmarts has partnered with Concerned Children's Advertisers to develop a suite of videos on each of the key concepts. Each video is accompanied by a lesson plan that reiterates the main ideas from the videos and helps students expand and apply what they've learned.


Numberphile - Videos about Numbers and Stuff

Love numbers?
Brady Harren posts videos that explain a range of number concepts and math ideas!