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Thinking about Science Fair?

World Book Kids - Science Project Centre
  • Selecting and Researching a Topic
  • Getting Organized, The Experiment, Safety, Measurements
  • The Science Report
  • The Science Fair
Smarter Science (Youth Science Canada) [LINK]
A list of science resources, some Canadian

Canadian Astronomy Education [LINK]
Astronomy-based science fair ideas.

To see what Canadian kids have done, take a look at the
Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair [LINK]

Other sites to explore:

Science Bob [LINK]
A set of questions to prompt science fair projects. Includes some interesting videos and links to other sites.

Science Kids [LINK]
Gives easy to follow instructions on building various apparatus.
Kids will have to generate their own questions. [LINK]
Search by grade and "kind" of science.
Prompts questions that are answered by the project.

Steve Spangler Science [LINK]
A series of short videos with ideas to explore.

I also came across this Pinterest Board