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Strong Readers All: What Would It Take ... ? (EL magazine)

Creating Stronger Readers

What would it take to make all the children we serve strong readers?

It's a bold question to ponder as you prepare for the coming school year. ASCD's Educational Leadership (EL) summer issue, "Strong Readers All," shares stories of how to successfully help all learners improve their reading skills—by using nontraditional approaches at every grade level. These articles describe research, strategies, and revamped school structures. Other articles profile schoolwide strategies that made a serious difference during the earliest reading years.

EL also offers two classic articles from past issues—from two trusted voices in reading instruction: Richard L. Allington and Cris Tovani.



2012 Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards

See the Finalists for the 2012 Book Centre Awards

"This year's finalists include fantastic stories introducing readers to a 16-year-old Sherlock Holmes; a clever continuation of one pussycat's journey following his visit with the queen; an incredibly moving collection of photos of Afghanistan; a young soldier's harrowing experiences during World War I; and a haven for faeries hidden deep underneath New York City. "



Writing Stories - Stenhouse Publishers

"Writing Stories" (Preview this book online)
Ideas, Exercises, and Encouragement for Teachers and Writers of All Ages

"Award-winning author Carolyn Coman has made a career out of writing stories for children and young adults as well as teaching writing to people of all ages. She believes that the essence of good writing, no matter the genre, is the ability to craft a solid story."


"Building Up Your Book Muscle"

The Book Whisperer - Be a Better Reader

Donalyn Miller is a 6th grade language arts teacher in Texas. Whether you are new to a classroom or library, changing grade levels, or want to ramp up your knowledge, her suggestions will provide you a starting point. Pick one or two suggestions and see how many books and authors you discover. Donalyn includes a number of links to sites and blogs for more information about titles and authors.


TED-Ed | Use, Adapt or Create

TED-Ed Videos for Education

Use engaging videos from TED to create customized lessons. You can use, tweak, or completely redo any lesson featured on TED-Ed, (ie. use your own title, change the initial writeup, ask questions, etc.)  or create lessons from scratch based on any video from YouTube. (Upload your own creations and add guiding questions and additional resources.)


Doug Wilhelm - Reading Matters

 "My father, the reader"

A writer/publisher's take on the changing book world, the fight for libraries and local bookstores, writing for young readers, independent publishing, and more.

His tribute to his father:
"This year's Father's Day is my first without my dad, Peter Wilhelm, who passed away in Florida almost a year ago. He was 85. When I visit schools these days, and young people ask me how I got started writing, I tell them first how I got started reading — and that was because my dad was the best reader I ever knew. "



How to use criteria for making a decision

"Using Criteria"

"The Critical Thinking Consortium" This lively 2-minute video from the Take 2 collection uses the example of buying a cell phone to introduce, or reinforce, the importance of using criteria when making decisions both in and out of school.


DYI kindle, kobo, Sony eReader cases

How to make a Kindle case out of a vintage hardcover book
Finding an old hard cover can let you show off your eReader in retro style.

"If you have access to an old hardcover of the right size, you can remove the pages and turn it into a simple ereader case in 60-90 minutes, using some cardboard, fabric, elastic bands, thread and glue."

Make a Kobo Cover that is a work of art.

If you have some time and a bit of talent or technique, you can create truly unique covers for yourself, or to gift to any eReader owners you may know. This would make a great Art project for students.