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Choice Chapter Book Read-Alouds for a New School Year

​Read to them - they'll love these titles​

​School Library Journal offers some compelling read-aloud novels to begin the school year. You'll find short annotations and grade level recommendations for each of these titles.


The Reading Rules We Would Never Follow as Adult Readers

et us choose the books we want to read

Great blog post on choice in reading:
The number one thing all the students I have polled through the years want the most when it comes to reading.  No matter how I phrase the question, this answer in all of its versions is always at the top.  Sometimes pleading, sometimes demanding, sometimes just stated as a matter of fact; please let us choose the books we want to read.



The 7 Elements of Art - ebook

​Get ​
creative in your classroom

 KQED Art School's e-book offers opportunities to get creative in your classroom and help students build digital art and media portfolios
​. This site is good for art teachers or senior art students wanting some pointers. 


YA titles for fans of "Peculiar Children"

​Printable PDF poster​

​Promote associated titles with this poster. You could even make your own!