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NJASL School Libraries Advocacy Video

The value of TLs in schools
Published on 27 Sep 2012, this video was produced by the New Jersey Association of School Librarians with funding provided by its advocacy partnership with LibraryLinkNJ. A offers a good mix of graphics and stats to promote the value of TLs in schools. I especially like the mention of the Pro-D profile of teacher-librarians. (Sources for the research are listed at the end of the video.)



November 2013 Remembrance Day Resources

Some Remembrance Day Resources:

Vimy Ridge Remembered

Aboriginal War Veteran Monument

"A Pittance of Time"
Terry Kelly has written a song for Remembrance Day called "A Pittance of Time" based on an incident that he observed in a Dartmouth drugstore. The video and song are at There is also a version available in French.

The Canadian War Museum created the Remembrance Kit as part of its mission to promote public understanding of Canada's military history in its personal, national and international dimensions.

The "Friends of Veterans Canada"
 Our charity has the mandate of video taping every living Canadian veteran that is willing to tell their story. We are building a library of veteran's stories to pass on to future generations. Our motto is "Video-A-Veteran Today for the Youth of Tomorrow" 



Online Marketing to Kids | MediaSmarts

Be Savvy about online marketing
Level: Grades 6 to 9
"This lesson introduces students to the online marketing techniques used by marketers to target children on the Internet. It begins with a guided discussion about the similarities and differences between traditional marketing methods and online advertising and why the Internet is such a desirable medium for advertisers to reach young people. Student activities include a survey of the marketing techniques used on several commercial websites for children; the creation of a commercial Web site for kids that incorporates common marketing strategies; and an analysis of case studies about online marketing to young people."


Engaging Boy Readers: Beginning with Teacher Behaviors

What can the teacher do to help not hinder?

Tony Keefer offers some strategies to engage boy readers in "reading culture." 1) walk the talk, 2) respect different kinds of readers, 3) boys will talk when they're ready, 4) be honest about dropping a book.

"Most of us still wonder about how to nudge boys toward the path of a reading life.  [Here] are the behaviors I have discovered that help me guide boys like Jackson in my classroom...."


TweenTribune | News for Kids

A daily news site for tweens and teens

Versions for K-4, 4-8, 9-12 and Spanish. (Some pop-up video ads on some articles.)

"TweenTribune is a daily news site for tweens and teens – where you'll find relevant and interesting news for kids in K-12 and their teachers. Stories are selected by professional journalists working closely with teens, tweens and teachers. We're encouraging kids, teens and tweens to seek out news on a daily basis because our democracy depends upon a well-informed public, so we believe it is important to foster a daily news-reading habit as soon as kids begin to read."