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Video for the 2012 Banned Books Week

How books inform, engage and inspire the light in each of us.

An independent bookstore in Arizona, (, created this clip for the 2012 Banned Books Week Virtual Read-Out. ( )

"During Bookmans' 36-year fight against censorship, the shattered light bulb emerged as a powerful symbol of the importance of free speech. In this video, combining passages from banned books read by customers and employees, Bookmans created a statement about how books inform, engage and inspire the light in each of us."



Useful overview of searching for an article in EBSCO

Searching in EBSCO

This short tutorial (from Mohawk College Library) reviews the steps to finding an article in EBSCO Host. Useful to share with high school students or teachers doing graduate work.


ShowMe - Create easy tutorials with the iPad

Screencasting made easy on iPad with ShowMe

ShowMe, (a free app) allows iPad users to easily create and share video tutorials on the iPad. Teachers can compose lessons, record their creations and share them with one click to various social media. The ShowMe web site offers many other resources.

A new feature allows the creation of student accounts, without the need for a student email.  (iTunes App store)


Block Posters - Create large wall posters from any image for free!

Turn any piece of art into wall-art

Turn any image into a large wall art installation. Use images of classic paintings, create your own movie poster or billboard ads, take original digital (or scanned) artwork and make it LARGE!

Is your Learning Commons looking for inexpensive and refreshable wallhangings? or maybe your Art teacher is looking for a new way to display student work?

Check out the gallery for more ideas.


American TESOL Institute - YouTube Channel

A series of 30 minute Pro-D sessions for ESL teachers

Pick a topic, watch a short video and then apply the lessons or use the resources in your ESL class (or second language class) right away.

(Featuring a range of presenters, some more engaging than others.)

Slides for many of the presentations are available here:
(Choose the webinar to see the Youtube clip along with downloadable slide shows.)


Ideas for Music Class

Links and games for teaching music

Mark Warner has assembled some great ideas for teaching music, or livening up a lesson. Learn about note values and intruments in fun ways.


34 Ideas for Inspiring Writing

Watch this Google Slide Show for great ideas and links

Sometimes you just need a few new ideas to freshen up your writing unit. Check out this slide show of links, clips and images that Mark Warner has assembled to jumpstart your program.



Five-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Digital Citizenship | Edutopia

Teaching digital citizenship - video tools

Nice selection of clips to discuss these issues with students.

"While there is much talk about the importance of teaching digital citizenship in this information society, not many are sure what that really looks like. What tools are out there for teaching it? And how in the world can teachers make time in an already overcrowded curriculum? This playlist is intended to offer tools to make the case that it's critical to teach this, and then launchpad videos to seed classroom discussions once you've carved out that precious time."


Patriotic Arts: Influencing Canadians at War

Patriotism, propaganda and music influence Canadians during war.

By Gina McMurchy-Barber, (2004 Governor-General's Award)

For: Grades 3 and up / Creative Writing, Drama, Geography, Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts

"It would be best to begin work on this subject as early in September as possible to culminate in a presentation for Remembrance Day in November. At the elementary level, this subject requires a period of five to seven weeks. This time frame allows the teacher to integrate the theme into the language arts, visual arts, music and choir and social studies. It also allows time to plan for guest speakers such as veterans, peacekeepers and grandparents, as well as taking a field trip to the local armory, cenotaph or museum."

Here is the corrected gramophone link:

Canada's History - ArtsAlive website

Website produced by the National Arts Centre in Ottawa

A great resource for drama & music programs. is an engaging educational website produced by the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and dedicated to teaching students all about the performing arts in Canada. It has great information on music, French/English theatre, and dance, and the performances held at the NAC since it opened its doors in 1969.



Twitter-style reviews of books

140-character book reviews including the hashtag!

Bill Ferriter talks about the top 10 Middle school titles, and mentions in passing a great hook for getting kids to write about their book: tweet-style. He hopes to start tweeting out the reviews soon.

"The challenge of fitting important ideas that might hook readers into 140-character sentences was harder than they originally thought. They were also way into trying to come up with hashtags that would make readers wonder and smile all at once."

Sample: "Have you been illegally hiding in your attic — looking at the world through a vent? Luke can relate! Read "Among the Hidden." #intense"


Author Writes & Edits A Book In Real-Time

Writer's Workshop - Really!
Ever wanted to look over an author's shoulder while she was writing a novel? Now you can.
Read the story so far and follow along to find out how it ends:

"Fantasy author Silvia Hartmann is reinventing the editorial process by letting her readers follow along as she drafts her new novel – The Dragon Lords – in a public Google document. Hartmann started writing last week, and has already drafted 20 chapters."



Career Resources for students

BC Sites for career planning and more (Virtual board game) (Videos - unavailable at the moment)


ERAC report - eBooks, eReaders and School Libraries

Explore devices, formats, and issues (Jan 2012)

Thinking about eBooks? Want to know what some of the issues are? Some of the specific devices and prices may already be slightly out of date (produced Jan 2012), however, this is a good primer for anyone interested in the topic.

"While there is much excitement, engagement and interest in exploring the implementation of E-Books as part of a school district's digital resources, there is also much confusion and frustration ... The hope is that by exploring these devices, formats, distribution methods, licensing issues and available content, there will be some suggested solutions and ideas on how to best capture these new technologies for implementation within our schools in the near future.

Download PDF report


Give struggling readers tools for success

Taming the Wild Text by Pam Allyn
EBSCO article - ID and password needed for home access.

Give struggling readers the tools to triumph over their fears. 10 great ideas for promoting reading success in your classroom.

"From my observations at the Children's Village and my decades of work with vulnerable readers, I have built a top-10 list for how teachers can create a classroom culture that ensures that all students fall in love with reading. From that love, students will build reading muscles for lifelong strength. Through these actions, we can help each struggling reader arm himself or herself for the joys of engaging with the wild thing of printed text -- and taming it."


Paris via Instagram

This is Paris now

Une façon intéressante de trouver des photos de Paris qui montrent la cité-lumière de moment à moment. (Avis: certaines photos ne sont pas appropriées pour la salle de classe.)

"Paris-now is a highly addictive real-time visualization tool displaying all the photos as they happen within Paris on Instagram."


Explore humour in FN art at Bill Reid Gallery

Carrying on "Irregardless": explores humour in FN art

A new exhibition (on now until March 17) at the Bill Reid Gallery explores the topic of humour in contemporary Aboriginal art. Group admission is $7 for adults and $3 for students.

"Works in "Irregardless" use humour, irony, parody and satire to challenge stereotypes and raise unexpected questions.

"The exhibition is co–curated by Peter Morin, in collaboration with the Gallery's Director of Content and Research, Dr. Martine J. Reid. Most of the 60 pieces in the exhibition were produced during the last 15 years and many have not previously been exhibited. They include a rich and provocative range of works—paintings, sculptures, drawings, masks, etchings, photographs, textiles, jewelry and video installations. Works in "Irregardless" were selected for their aesthetic qualities and their sense of fun and playfulness, the two main ingredients of humour.