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The Raven’s Call (animation) | The Unfinished Story

Haida - Manga animation

"The Raven's Call" is a short story written by artist Bill Reid in 1996. He deliberately left the story open-ended. In 2008, Haida artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas adapted the story to animation in his signature style of "Haida manga." He, too, left the story unfinished."

Also available in French:


Rio: A "Tilt-Shift" Carnival Film (miniature faking)

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

"Film director and musician Jarbas Agnelli, in partnership with photographer and filmmaker, Keith Loutit, set out to capture this amazing event on camera in a way it has never been seen before. In the five days of carnival, the pair shot 167,978 photos, then with masterful editing and a soundtrack composed by Agnelli himself, they composed a tilt-shift style video from their stills titled The City of Samba. The final product is nothing less than amazing. ... Watching the video, you forget that they are still shots and the effect of the tilt-shift makes everything look like claymation. "

[App on iTunes to simulate this effect with photos]

[Tutorial on how to create this effect]


Science of NHL Hockey

Hockey Science: Mass, Volume and Density

"NHL fans might be surprised to learn that the ice surface at a hockey rink is only about one inch thick. Scientists and ice technicians explain the science and math that goes into building and maintaining this surface through the long NHL season. "Science of NHL Hockey" is a 10-part video series produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation and the National Hockey League."

See also:
Force, Impulse & Collisions -- Science of NHL Hockey

Kinematics -- Science of NHL Hockey

See all 10 clips (along with transcripts) here.


Comics and Novel Study

An introductory textbook for comics art studies courses
(Preview parts online) The Power of Comics: History, Form & Culture is an introductory textbook for comics art studies courses. It provides students with a coherent and comprehensive explanation of comic books and graphic novels, including coverage of their history, their communication techniques, research into their meanings and effects, and the industry practices and the fan culture.

Some How-to comic creation sites

Teaching with Comics Resource pages

Some Graphic Novel titles to preview

Beowulf (graphic novel) with some screenshots



World History sources: UNPACKING EVIDENCE

Primary sources as part of world history

Each of these guides could be the basis of a short unit on "Unpacking Evidence."

"Guides to analyzing particular types of primary sources as part of world history. Each guide includes an introductory essay, a list of questions to ask when working with a particular type of evidence, interactive quizzes called "You be the Historian!", a sample analysis of one source, an annotated bibliography, and an annotated list of relevant websites."


Dismantling the Myth of Learning to Read and Reading to Learn

Learning to Read and Reading to Learn -  a Lifelong Endeavor

"Assigning to early primary teachers the responsibility of teaching children to read resulted in a lack of reading instruction from grade 4 on and an intensive focus on narrow skill development. Teachers after 3rd grade viewed the statement as permission to abandon reading instruction in all content areas, believing that it was the primary teachers' job to teach reading. This outlook greatly diminishes the reading potential of our nation's children."


Australian Animals

Easy to read articles on Australian Fauna

"Our Animals" looks at Australian animals, their physical features, food, homes and environment and social groups. (A text archive of articles related to an ABC Schools TV series for lower to middle primary school students.)


Kidtopia - a Google custom safe search engine & web directory for elementary

Compendium of information sites for kids

From the folks who give you Infotopia:

" , a compendium of information sites for kids, that may be of interest to you. Kidtopia is one of the largest online encyclopedic databases.  It only includes sites previously recommended by library colleagues."  

(some ads on the site to keep it free.)


Slinky for Physics

Slinky Science
How does a slinky fall when extended by its own weight and then released?
The answer (below) may surprise you: (3 videos)


War of 1812 - Historica Resources

War of 1812 Education Guide

"With the arrival of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, Canada commemorates a conflict that set it on the slow path toward nationhood, and that represents its last direct invasion by a foreign military. To bring this essential era in pre-Confederation history alive for students, The Historica-Dominion Institute has created a War of 1812 Education Guide which includes a print Guide, online resource and an interactive quiz competition. We invite your students to examine defining moments in Canadian history, international relations and Aboriginal and multicultural history in historical and contemporary contexts through themes of perspective, identity, legacy, historical significance and personalities."


Free Pro D Content from ASCD - Now Available on the New iTunes U

Multimedia content for educators

"ASCD is offering free multimedia content to educators through the new iTunes U," said ASCD Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Gene R. Carter.  "We look forward to releasing new content on iTunes U in the future."

Through the ASCD iTunes U channel, educators can stay up-to-date with audio and video professional development content, including

  • ASCD webinars
  • Archived conference presentations
  • Interviews with ASCD authors
  • Video profiles of educators

Canvastic - quick Flash based drawing site

Draw - print - save

Don't have a drawing program installed? Want something simple to use? Canvastic loads in your browser window and allows you to "paint", add text and then save (jpg) or print your work. You can also "play" your artwork as a mini movie. (It may take a minute or two to fully load the site.)


Full Screen Virtual Tours - FullScreen360

Panoramas of iconic destinations

"FullScreen360 features 360-degree panoramas of iconic destinations around the world and gives you the feeling of standing at Chichen Itza, Yosemite, or any of the other destinations we feature. The beautifully detailed, full screen images give travelers a perspective unlike any other form of photograph."

Each 360 is accompanied by more detailed text information, pictures and a google map of the location.

Note: one of the featured sites is Amsterdam's red light district. While not much is visible, it may raise some questions that teachers may not feel comfortable answering.



Dr Seuss Quotes

Some great quotes (in poster format):

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”  “There is no one alive who is you-er than you.”  “Oh the places you’ll go!”  

Who doesn’t remember a Dr. Seuss line from one of his many delightful children’s books? See the complete article and infographic here.