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Literature is back!

Using the Best Books for Teaching Readers and Writers Across Genres
"Organized by genre (picture books, traditional literature, modern fantasy, historical fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, and nonfiction), this book places quality children's literature at the heart of literacy teaching. The authors define each genre and its values for use with students; identify exemplary texts; and provide practical, engaging research-based lessons that teach specific literacy strategies and skills to both primary and intermediate grade students."

Check out their book Literature Is Back!

Listen to the authors, Carol Fuhler and Maria Walther, discuss the importance of using quality literature in the classroom in the following video clips.


Zine Making 101

Transform your classroom into a genuine publishing house

"If you're looking to liven up your students' writing, introduce them to zines and, in the process, transform your classroom into a genuine publishing house. It is very easy to publish zines in the classroom because, in their most basic form, they require only paper, scissors, and a photocopier. Since these materials are readily available in most schools, you may already have everything you need to start making zines today."



KéZaKo et Physique à main levée- vidéos sciences en ligne

Les réponses à vos questions de sciences
Deux séries qui tentent de répondre aux questions de science que tout le monde se pose. La série "Physique à main levée" est un recueil de plus de 300 expériences commentées et validées pour l'enseignement, les loisirs et l'amusement.  



Recognizing An Historic Injustice 1914-1920

Canada's First World War Internment Operation
"The objective of this publication is to raise critical awareness among secondary school students about the largely unknown story of Canada's first national internment operations between 1914 and 1920. During this period the federal government interned thousands people, ...  most [of whom] were civilians. While it is impossible to teach all stories and events in our nation's history, the omission until very recently of this incident, has left a gap in our understanding of Canada's history."

More resources are available at:

Bringing Metis Literature to Life

Métis history and culture
"The Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) has produced over 130 educational resources which preserve and promote Métis history and culture while supporting the work of Métis Elders, authors, historians, poets, performing artists, visual artists, cultural experts, and educators. These print, audio-visual, and multi-media resources contribute to the ongoing legacy of our rich heritage, vibrant traditions, and contemporary cultural expressions."


Using Aboriginal Poetry

Aboriginal Poetry Lesson - Gr7 (Ontario)
Students examine a poem written by an Aboriginal poet and prepare and deliver an oral presentation of the poem.

Some FNMI poets - list taken from
Native Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology
Some poems are accessible via this GoogleBook. Even though there are pages "missing", you can view a poem or two from each of the poets listed below.

Chief Dan George,  Rita Joe,  Peter Blue Cloud Arionwenrate,  Duke Redbird,  Beth Brant,  Marie Annharte Baker , Sarain Stump,  Wayne Keon,  Gordon Williams,  Jeannette C Armstrong,  Beth Cuthand,  Lenore KeeshigTobias,  Emma LaRocque,  Rasunah Marsden, Skyros Bruce Mahara Allbrett,  Lee Maracle , George Kenny,  Duncan Mercredi,  Daniel David Moses,  Joan Crate,  Louise Halfe,  Marilyn Dumont,  Armand Garnet Ruffo,  Joanne Arnott,  Connie Fife,  Joseph Dandurand,  Kateri AkiwenzieDamm,  Gregory Scofield,  Randy Lundy

The Elder project
Poems by Aboriginal students from School District #22, Vernon and "nkmaplqs i snmamayatn kl sqilxwtet" Cultural Immersion School, Okanagan Indian Band

From FNESC - Poetry Unit for Grade 12
(More to give your teachers some ideas)
This unit is meant to entice students into the experiences and experimentations of First Peoples poets, to discover the impulse of their own creative powers, and to have students compose their own poetry.

Aboriginal Literatures in Canada - A Teacher's Resource Guide

Tea and Bannock Stories
Tea and Bannock Stories is a grass-roots, multi-generational, multi-national gathering of poets and artists. A compilation of poems and images presented in a community event on Mother Earth Day, April 21, 2007.


The Teacher’s Toolkit - Aboriginal perspectives - Ontario

Bring Aboriginal perspectives into the classroom
"The Teacher's Toolkit is a new collection of electronic resources from the Ministry of Education to help elementary and secondary teachers bring Aboriginal perspectives into their classrooms. These resources were developed by educators from across Ontario who have expertise in bringing Aboriginal themes and perspectives into the classroom to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students."

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Expressions: Canadian Aboriginal Artists.

An overview of the breadth and range of Aboriginal art
"The Canada Council for the Arts is pleased to present Expressions: Canadian Aboriginal Artists. This publication aims to honour the work of First Nations, Métis and Inuit artists in each region of the country. The success of these artists speaks to their creativity, innovation and strength as Aboriginal peoples: authors, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, actors and visual artists."



How to link to a YouTube video in full screen mode.

Get the "big screen" experience
Don't you hate the busy screen you see when you show a clip to your class? Wouldn't it be great to be able to get a link to just the video itself?  

There are two ways to do this.
1) Copy the URL of the video from your browser address bar, and replace watch?v=  with v/ . This will force the video to load in full browser page mode.
or 2) find the Youtube video you want to share, click on the "embed" tab to see the html code, copy the link from the https up to the ?rel= . (see below)
In both cases, the resulting link will load the video, completely filling your browser window without related videos or other distractions.Try it with a clip you want to share!