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Library Advocacy Unshushed - YouTube Playlist

How can we strengthen libraries and librarians?
View this playlist of videos on the topic of advocacy. (They accompany an online course offered by UofT.)

Library Advocacy Unshushed: Values, evidence, action:
"Learn how to be a powerful advocate for the values and future of libraries and librarianship. Be informed, strategic, courageous, passionate, and unshushed! ... This course is based on what works. We'll take an inspired, strategic, evidence-based approach to advocacy for the future of strong communities – cities, villages, universities and colleges, research and development centres, businesses, and not-for-profits."


Monthly, quarterly, or yearly library reports? - some ideas

Hurray for flag waving!
Looking for ways to jazz up communications with your office? Your admin is better able to advocate for your role if they know how valuable you are to the staff and students. And while some of what happens in your library is visible (ie. book fair, DEAR week, or Love Your Library Day) some of the great every day work may slip under the radar.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Piktochart [Link]
Create an Infographic instead of a traditional text - very visual with a good messaging. It could even make a great poster! (See the example at link below.)
( is another tool: )

Slideshare (from Powerpoint)
Create a series of slides in Powerpoint and upload them to Slideshare - you can share the link with admin, PAC, staff, etc. Use a branded template, and add colourful graphics for lots of impact. It could even be embedded on a blog or webpage.

Issuu - from Word
Any multipaged Word document (complete with colour images and photos) can be saved as a PDF and then uploaded as a flippable e-mag using Issuu.

Some other tools you might look into.


MIT+K12 STEM videos

K12 science, technology, engineering, and math videos
"MIT+K12 arose from a simple question: What can MIT do -- right now -- to improve K12 science, technology, engineering, and math education in the U.S.? Our students want to change the world, they're really good at math and science, they're funny, they can tell stories, and they have access to some of the most sophisticated laboratory and experimental facilities in the world. Through MIT+K12, our students bring their distinctive styles and personalities to life on video, creating content that inspires as much as it educates."


English 8 - an iTunesU course on the Surrey Channel

Course outline for English 8 - resources and more
"The central aim of English 8 is to develop an enjoyment of reading and writing. Activities, both individual and collaborative, include reading and responding to a variety of texts, the development of oral language and reading skills and viewing associated digital media.  Each post on the course outline is connected to specific Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) from the BC Ministry of Education. A range of resources are included such as Apps, iBooks, YouTube video clips, blogs, podcasts as well as PowerPoints, assignments and activities.


Introduction to Lit Circles - iBook

Igniting a passion for reading at Secondary
Sarah Garr has created this downloadable resource for teachers.

"This book provides a comprehensive overview of a Literature Circles unit as a method of re-igniting a passion for reading and books in the secondary English classroom. Includes strategies, suggested novels, activities and rubrics."


What happens in an internet minute?

Infographic - One Internet Minute
So what happens in 1 minute online? This infographic is a great discussion starter.


2014 Best Fiction for Young Adults | Young Adult Library Services Association

Best Fiction for Young Adults list

"Each year, YALSA presents the Best Fiction for Young Adults list after ALA's Midwinter Meeting. This year's list of 98 books was drawn from 175 official nominations. The books, recommended for ages 12-18, meet the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens. The list comprises a wide range of genres and styles, including contemporary realistic fiction, fantasy, horror, science fiction and novels in verse. In addition to the full list, the Best Fiction for Young Adults committee also created a Top Ten list of titles from the final list, denoted by an asterisk.



Toolkit for for Teachers/Teacher-Librarians | ASLC

Resources, lessons,Web 2.0 tools
"Teacher-Librarians have a huge impact on student achievement, increasing literacy rates and 21st century skills. Use the tools in the digital toolkit links to the left to help you find resources, develop lessons, use inquiry learning and explore Web 2.0 tools with staff and students."



Time To Change How Students Cite Their Work?

Do we need to re-evaluate how bibliographies are presented?
This blog post argues for "bibs" to be presented in a different way - a google doc? QR codes? embedded links? These new modes might make bibliographies more useful and relevant.

"In the modern classroom, student research and creation has taken on a new look. Before, when students created a poster, and then separately handed in a bibliography page to the teacher, justice was done and fair credit was given for the ideas used. However, as widespread sharing of these projects becomes more common, and the internet allows students to reach an audience far beyond the school or classroom, we need to re-evaluate this procedure and address our responsibility to share these sources – not just with the teacher or school, but with all who might consume the project."


Instructional Tech Talk - Podcasts

Dedicated to providing info about instructional tech

"Instructional Tech Talk is a website dedicated to providing new and consistent information about instructional technology. Though geared towards educators, many others will find value from the information provided in both the articles and the podcasts. The content and podcast is produced by Jeff Herb, and educator and administrator in Illinois. (Instructional Tech Talk has been lucky enough to be featured on TeacherCast, ASCD, and linked to by many other great publications.)



MIT Tech TV: Physics Demos

Short physics demonstration videos
"This online collection provides a wide range of short physics demonstration videos. The videos are designed to help students visualize the physical principles of common physical systems and experiments. Topics include motion, waves, electricity and magnetism, collisions, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics.  The videos are 1-4 minutes in length with brief text information about the demonstration, equipment, and physical concepts illustrated. They may be viewed in a browser or downloaded.