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MDS - like DDC

A quick, clickable classification

I came across this LibraryThing shortcut to generating an approximate DDC-like number for specific titles.


You simply click on the boxes that correspond to category of the book in front of you and it builds a DDC-like number. (They use "Melvil" because "Dewey" is copyrighted.)

Then it generates a list of titles in LibraryThing that have that number, and some categories at the bottom of the page that probably overlap ("Far friends"). You can also see a bit of a word cloud/tag cloud to the right that gives you a sense of what topics the real DDC number would likely address. (If you have a LT account, you can even see which of your own books fit the category.)

 Not as accurate as some other tools, but rather a "quick and dirty" guide.


(It's also fun to click through and see what titles come up.)







John Green keynote | SLJ Summit 2017

The importance of caring adults in the lives of students.

Author John Green opens the 2017 SLJ Summit in Nashville, TN, and speaks about many things, including the role of TLs as the last best defence against the false information, and the importance of teachers who extend caring to students with struggles.


Author Shaun David Hutchinson keynote | SLJ Summit 2016

Diverse books are bridges.

Shaun David Hutchinson, author of 'We Are the Ants' and 'The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley' delivers a moving keynote at School Library Journal's 2016 Leadership Summit on October 16, 2016 in Washington, DC. He speaks passionately about the bridges that diverse books can be in the lives of teens, and how teacher-librarians are the caretakers of those bridges.


Forest Teen Committee Summer Reading List

Check out what teens should be reading!

"Pump up your summer reading with our Forest Teen Committee Summer Reading List. Check out what teens should be reading - as chosen by the readers themselves!:"


How do we teach students to identify fake news?

Fact and fiction can be difficult to distinguish

TLs have a particular interest in teaching both students and staff the tools to be more critical consumers of news and media in general. This article (plus the downloadable "factsheet" from EdCan will help!

In a "post-truth" era where people are increasingly influenced by their emotions and beliefs over factual information, fact and fiction can be difficult to distinguish, and fake news can spread rapidly through mainstream media sources and social networks. Moreover, fake news is often meant to do harm, by tricking us into believing a lie or unfairly discrediting a person or political movement.



YA Smackdown – Pro-D for Secondary TLs

Networking with other TLs

Teen Services Underground has this great idea for TLs who work with teens. The "Smackdown" is a fun truth-or-dare type activity that prompts participants to share ideas, give opinions and tell stories about their work with teens. It might be fun as an icebreaker or opening session on a Pro-D day for secondary TLs.

"YA Smackdown is a grassroots meet-up and idea generation tool for anyone providing library services to teens. Participants pass a cup or hat or receptacle of some sort, and pull out different challenges related to teen services.It is fun, informal, and a clear ripoff not at all reminiscent of the fantastic Guerrilla Storytime."



Boston Children’s Museum Lunch & Learn, Dr. Robert Brooks

On being resilient

Listen to Dr Robert Brooks as he talks about the key ingredients students need in order to be resilient:
1. Connection. The need to belong,feel welcome & connected
2. Control. The need for self-determination & autonomy
3. Contribution. Making a difference in the lives of others 
4. Competence. Areas of strength

We can do so much in our work in libraries to give students opportunities to find these four Cs. Think about your library page program, or how we encourage kids to pick books, or setting up buddy reading, or the many other options we provide.


Speech bubbles for your books

Jazz up your displays

This PDF file is courtesy of the book wrangler. You can print the speech bubbles on colourful card stock (laminated is better!) and tape/glue them to Starbucks stir sticks. There is one for each one of the Dewey classifications, so you can pull and feature books from all over your collection. Go crazy!



Try Green Screen in Miniature

Doing it "tiny" : Green Screen on a small scale 

Video explanation and demo, screen shots and parts lists, ideas and apps, a movie set in a pizza box:

"Traditional Green Screen MovieMaking can be overwhelming involving setup, equipment and even software. Thanks to the iPad, we can bring this editing process down to a manageable size for use in the classroom. The smaller scale also provides for quick and easy setup/breakdown of equipment and supplies when you have multiple classes or limited space in your classroom."

Note: Conni Mulligan's original post was on wikispaces, which unfortunately is no longer active. Here's the version (but some images are not archived) with some suggestions and links-> 

Another video to explore with some additional ideas:



Best Practices for Creating a User-Friendly SLLC Website

Newsflash! Students Find Library Websites Difficult To Use.

Check out this article to get some tips to make your library site more accessible:
"According to a 2015 EBSCO survey on undergraduates' research workflow, 40 percent of students rate their library websites moderate to very challenging and 15 percent never use them. A challenging library website is a research roadblock to an already time-constrained student."



Reality Check by MediaSmarts

Videos, tip sheets and activities

"To help Canadians develop the search, authentication and critical thinking skills that are needed in the digital age, MediaSmarts and Facebook Canada have partnered together to develop the Reality Check! program. Over the course of this two-year public awareness and education initiative, we will be developing a series of videos, tip sheets and activities that will give Canadians of all ages the tools they need to verify different kinds of online information and to help them understand why it's important to double-check before they share information online. Come back often to see what new resources have been added."



Transforming Student Learning Through Virtual Reality

ERAC session at 2018 IT4K12

Learn more about virtual reality in your classroom. This presentation "Beyond Engagement: Transforming Student Learning Through Virtual Reality" by Isabella MacQuarrie gives you a good overview, and a number of ideas to try.



DIY Book Trading Cards — @TLT16 Teen Librarian Toolbox

Trading cards to promote reading, programs and libraries

Karen Jensen test-drives some apps and techniques for creating "bookish" trading cards:

"So the other day I tweeted and said, what if we made book trading cards? I liked the idea so much that I then started obsessively figuring out ways to make trading cards and exploring the best tools, as I have a tendency to do. Here's a look at 5 tools I used, the trading cards I created using them, and then at the end of this post I have a few ideas for ways that we can use the idea of trading cards to promote reading, programs and libraries in school and public libraries."



How To Start A No-Stress Book Club At School

"it requires almost no planning on my part!"

Leigh gives some suggestions for a no stress book club:

"Do you have a book club in your library? You probably do, and if you don't, maybe this post will inspire you to start one. I've done many book clubs over the years, for students and for teachers and sometimes for both together. This post is about problems I've encountered with running book clubs and how I've resolved those issues with the No-Stress Book Club. In my mind, the "No-Stress" part really means no-stress for me, but don't tell the students that! It's no-stress for them as well. Win-win!"



Getting Graphic with the Past - Canada's History

Explore the structure of the Graphic History Collective
"With a focus on historical comics, the Graphic History Collective contributes to this growing field through collaborations with academics, activists, educators, and artists. This webinar explores the structure of the Graphic History Collective, lessons learned through our work together, and tips for those looking to create their own projects or bring comics to the classroom."


2018 Picture Book Readalouds

Books for the "small fry"

Elizabeth Bird writes:

"Some of these are books that I find readaloud worthy, and some of these are from the librarians in my location that assure me that these books are the tippy top of the pops with the small fry. Feel free to add some additional suggestions in the comments of books that we might have missed."



Literacy "Place" signs

"Oh the places you'll go!"

Dress up your library space by creating a signpost that features iconic places in kid/tween/teen lit. For added fun, you can switch out the place names over the course of the year to see which students notice. This Pinterest board has lots of ideas and styles to pick from.



Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools - A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland

 A blueprint for future development and vision for school libraries

Take a look at this comprehensive 5 year plan for school libraries in Scotland...

"My school library helps me at all levels of my education. I can take part in lots of activities at the library. The librarian helps me with literacy and numeracy at school, and can access books and resources for me that are relevant to my interests. I can read, create, relax and socialise in my library. It is inspected with the rest of the school, which means I can give feedback about my experience of the library. My school library also gives me access to WiFi so that I can try out digital learning and STEM activities, developing my digital and information literacy and my employability skills. My librarian arranges visits from organisations and authors to the school and to other libraries. My library is a trusted space in the school where I feel safe and welcome."



Blank T-Shirt - Imgflip

Memes and more
Use the meme generator at imgflip to create fun graphics for your library wall, website or to post aroung your Learning Commons.



Science Says This Is the Simplest Way to Remember More of What You Read

"...when you give yourself a few minutes to rest and think about what you just ingested from the page, you're allowing your brain to better connect the new information to what you've already done or understand. And because the brain is wired to respond to emotions quickly and efficiently, connecting them to memory formation and the interpretation of facts and rational thought, if you can allow yourself to really acknowledge and respond to what you feel during your reading reflections, you stand a better chance of the new memories being more powerful and easier to retrieve."