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NoveList - Appeal terms explained

Appeals: Making Good Recommendations
"Many people are very certain about what genres they want to read while others are more open to new areas, provided that it's a "good book."  So how do we make that connection for readers? Continue Reading

The Secret Language of Books: A Guide to Appeal
(The digital version of the EBSCO booklet on Appeals available here.)

Youtube Tutorial: Finding Books Using Appeal
"Looking for a book that's bleak and haunting with a lush, lyrical prose style? Using appeal terms in NoveList makes it easy to find just what you're looking for. This short video tutorial will show you how. Watch Now


Common Sense Media's Digital Literacy & Citizenship Curriculum iBooks

Participate "safely, responsibly, and respectfully" in today's digital world
"Common Sense Media, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families and educators harness the power of technology responsibly, has released its K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum as a set of 8 free interactive, multimedia iBooks Textbooks, available on iBooks. These iBooks Textbooks are the latest and most dynamic way to deliver an educator-approved curriculum that teaches how to participate safely, responsibly, and respectfully in today's digital world."



Chineasy - language learning made simple

How Clever Design Can Help You Learn Chinese
"Learning to speak Chinese is a daunting task. There are tens of thousands of characters that take years to master. But Taipei-born, London-based entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsueh wanted to find an easier way to help teach 200 characters required for basic reading comprehension to her own English-speaking children."

Article in Slate magazine.


"Just Weed It!" - FRESH

"We are not archivists.  We are educators. "

Jennifer LaGarde writes a great blog about being a TL. Here's her take on weeding and why we do it! She also developed a great poster based on the FRESH acronym.

"We are not archivists.  We are educators.  We are not curators of book museums.  We are conduits of information.  Our job is to connect our patrons (be they students or teachers or other members of our school community) with the BEST resources available. ... I'm not advocating that we toss out all of our print resources for digital ones, but I am saying that it's time we start thinking of our collections as blended spaces - made up of print, digital, physical and human resources.  If we do that, making the choice between a good resource and a bad one becomes a little bit easier."


QR codes for research websites on the iPad

Navigate quickly to student friendly sites.
At our last RTLA meeting, Michelle Hikida showed off a ring of QR codes she gives to her students as they use the iPads for research. Thanks to Michelle for bringing the idea to our attention and for Amanda Olsen at Homma for sharing her version with us!