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Vocabulist - Quick and Easy Definitions

Partner with Quizlet!
Input a set of words (ie. paste text, upload, or type vocab) to the site and it will find definitions for each item. (Select the appropriate meaning from a drop down menu.) You will need an account for this service, which allows you to save your lists for later use. Saved lists can be exported as a pdf or connected to your Quizlet account. (thanks CL)


Winter 2016 YAACING magazine

The Winter 2016 issue of YAACING is now available. Click on the first link to read it on issuu, or the second to download the PDF.
"Highlights include a new Junior Jive programming column by Alise Nelson, the screen time debate, using ukulele in storytime, and an introduction to Raspberry Pi."



"Must Know" Camera Features for iPad & iPhone Photography

Point-and-shoot easy
"The best camera, is the one you have with you." Chase Jarvis

We're taking more photos of student work and actvities these days. And while the iPhone or iPad camera is point-and-shoot easy, there are some tricks that might make your pics even easier to shoot and nicer to view; read the article for six "features" built into the iPhone and iPad camera that all teachers and students should know.



New BC Curriculum - chart of Socials Studies 7-11 changes

Shifting content in the new and draft curriculum
"These 11x17 pdf documents provide some ideas for 2016-17 Social Studies courses that reflect the new role for "competencies" and the shifting content in the new and draft curriculum posted at The topics are moving between grades because the historic start and end dates for Social studies have changed (in addition to other changes to the curriculum by the Ministry of Education). These charts are intended to help teachers figure out where (and if) they wish to repurpose existing lesson material and learning resources."


Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 1197

Video, images and a 360 panorama
"The 16-foot-high sand dune that NASA's Curiosity rover has been skirting around on Mars looks even more imposing in a 360-degree panoramic view you can explore on the Internet."


New To Inquiry -> mini-inquiry explained

A great place to get started with inquiry
"If you are new to teaching inquiry, mini-inquiry projects are a great place to get started. They involve "short-term small-group research that lets students search for and find information relatively quickly [and gives] kids a wonderful opportunity to ask questions, find some answers, and satisfy their curiosity" (Harvey & Daniels, 2009, p. 143)."


Accessibility features on iPads (SET-BC)

Speak text selection, zoom the screen, and more!
Your iPad offers many tools to assist students with particular needs. In the spirit of UDL, many of these tools are great for typical users as well. Zooming in by three-finger tapping, or getting Siri to read a text aloud to you are tricks everyone can use. Each of the sections on the website offer videos corresponding to the topics and subtopics (click through to see all the videos - for example there is a clip that explains "Speech", another to explain "Larger Text", and yet another to explain "Zoom".)