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Aboriginal Peoples Collection - The Canadian Encyclopedia

Explore TCE's growing set of resources

This freely available online Canadian encyclopedia has a good collection of resources for student use.

"Complete with 363 articles, 3 Heritage Minutes, 2 study guides exploring Aboriginal Peoples, alongside interactive timelines and many images, this collection offers an accessible gateway to learning about the cultures and communities of the Aboriginal People of Canada."


30 Indigenous Leaders - The Canadian Encyclopedia

From activists to politicians to artists and more
"Many Aboriginal leaders have influenced Canadian history, both before and since Confederation. From activists to politicians to artists and more, Aboriginal peoples have protected and promoted their heritage, asserted Aboriginal rights and inspired change. [Here] is a list of 30 Indigenous leaders that the Encyclopedia has generated to help celebrate its 30th anniversary."


First Nations Diary: Documenting Daily Life - Gr 7&8

How First Nations influenced settlement & colonization of Canada
"When Europeans first colonized Canada they encountered various First Nations peoples. Students will review several of the major groupings of First Nations peoples and how these people meet their needs. As follow up later in the unit, students will learn how the First Nations influenced settlement and colonization of Canada." (PDF download of lessonplan)


All of Bach is Putting Bach’s Complete Works Online

Do you know a music teacher?

" All of Bach is a site intended to showcase live performances of all 1080 of Johann Sebastian Bach's works performed by the Netherlands Bach Society. The site also features extras such as interviews with musicians. You'll also find plenty of historical and musicological context for each piece. New performances are uploaded to the site every Friday. To keep up with All of Bach, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for email updates on their site. Or just visit their web site."


815 Free Art Books from World Class Museums

Do you know an art teacher? Make their day!
"Online libraries created by major museums ... have been digitized and can be read and downloaded for free. At the Guggenheim's website, you can browse through 108 free art books delving into all kinds of modern art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has 456 more books... covering every imaginable school, period, artist, and region, available to read, download, and/or search for free." The Getty museum has over 200 publications you can access immediately from their "free digital backlist archive."