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Kid Friendly Search Sites

Looking for kid friendly search sites?

Take a look at this Google Custom search page:
(Especially good for Intermediate and above)

A new, exciting site to explore:


Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift: Stratemeyer legacy

I was listening to CBC last evening and "stumbled" across an Ideas episode on what they call the Stratemeyer legacy. If you ever read Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys or Tom Swift as a kid, or know folks who still love these characters, this show is for you. It's not "up" as a podcast yet, but you can listen to the streaming audio at the following link:



Animal Camera - Peregrine Falcon & Gos Hawk

Flying with the fastest birds on the planet:
Peregrine Falcon & Gos Hawk - Animal Camera - BBC

"The BBC show, called Animal Camera, makes use of innovative camera, sound, tracking and surveillance technology. Series highlights include footage from tiny miniature cameras strapped to birds and a sequence that solves the mystery of what baboons do at night. The series has been made by the BBC's Natural History Unit in Bristol."

See a clip from the show that shows birds flying, from the birds' perspective!



"Teaching Tolerance" Magazine

Teaching Tolerance: A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Here are links for the "Teaching Tolerance" Magazine (PDF downloadable) as well as a number of lesson plans and teaching ideas that could be adapted for your individual class or school.


Tales of Animals in War

From Veterans' Affairs: (

"Veterans’ Week is observed each year from November 5-11. We are again offering our free educational newspapers Tales of Animals in War (ages 5-11) and the Canada Remembers Times (ages 12-18) to help engage young people in Remembrance. ‘Postcards for Peace’ and an on-line teacher’s guide are also available."
Order today at:

La Semaine des anciens combattants se déroule chaque année du 5 au 11 novembre. Cette année encore, nous vous offrons nos journaux éducatifs gratuits Histoires d’animaux à la guerre (pour les élèves de 5 à 11 ans) et Le Canada se souvient (pour les élèves de 12 à 18 ans). Ces journaux aident à promouvoir le Souvenir chez les jeunes lecteurs. Les Cartes postales pour la paix, ainsi que le guide de l’enseignant en ligne vous sont également offerts. Vous pouvez commander vos exemplaires à :

Le déclenchement de la guerre de Corée a eu lieu il y a 60 ans. Pour
permettre à vos élèves d’en apprendre plus à propos de ce conflit,
visitez notre nouvelle rubrique web interactive, Le pays du matin calme
- Les Canadiens en Corée 1950 - 1953 à :

Savez-vous que nous offrons maintenant notre populaire trousse
d’apprentissage Le Canada et la Grande Guerre 1914 - 1918 :
Naissance d’une nation en format électronique ? Commandez votre copie
gratuite ou d’autres ressources à travers notre système de commandes
en ligne à :

Si vous désirez ne plus faire partie de notre liste de courriel,
veuillez nous répondre en inscrivant 'Désabonner' dans le titre de votre

Bonne année scolaire et à bientôt !

L'équipe Web et Apprentissage d'Anciens Combattants Canada

Socials Resources - Veteran's Affairs

Many great resources are available to teach students about Canada's involvement in various world conflicts. Most of these are free, and can either be ordered, or downloaded from the following URL:

These materials are available in both French and English. Please forward this to your Socials teachers.



Book care video on Teacher Tube

Are you looking for a short video to remind your students how to take care of their books? Follow this young student as she brings home a Clifford book, but makes every mistake possible! (Note: You can also download the video or embed it on your webpage.)

Warning: May be disturbing to some teacher-librarians!

Link to Video:


The Rights of the Reader - illustrated poster

"In its preface, the book by Daniel Pennac called "Comme un roman" (Paris: Editions Gallimard/Folio, 1992), begs its reader not to use the book as an "instrument de torture pedagogique."

Pennac also enumerates 10 Inalienable Rights of the Reader:

  1. The right to not read,
  2. The right to skip pages,
  3. The right to not finish a book,
  4. The right to reread,
  5. The right to read anything,
  6. The right to "Bovary-ism," a textually-transmitted disease,
  7. The right to read anywhere,
  8. The right to sample and steal ("grappiller")
  9. The right to read out-loud, and,
 10. The right to be silent.

The illustrated poster (by Quentin Blake) based on these rights is available online:

Small version (jpeg)

Larger version (PDF)

Own Your Space - Teen Internet Safety eBook

This free eBook is a good resource for teachers and parents. Each chapter would make a good eSafety lesson for teens and pre-teens.

"Linda McCarthy, the former Senior Director of Internet Safety at Symantec, wrote the first edition of "Own Your Space." With 20+ years experience in the industry, Linda has been hired to test security on corporate networks around the world. For the 2010 edition, Linda’s expertise is backed up by a full team to provide the best security experience possible for teens and families online." Using support form Microsoft, McCarthy has released this book as a free eBook download."

Here are a few of the topics covered in the book:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Hackers and crackers
  • Social networking
  • Phishing
  • Spam
"When asked why she decided to partner with Microsoft to post her book online for free, author and OwnYourSpace founder says, "It is increasingly more important that schools and families have access to free security information to protect themselves on the internet."

Complete PDF download:

Individual Chapters in various formats:


"Signing" for Classroom Management

"Third-grade teacher and award-winning, Rick Morris is a recognized specialist in the field of classroom management and student motivation. Mr. Morris is the creator of New Management, a refreshingly new way to manage your students and involve them in the learning process."