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SMART resources

Technology: SMART classrooms, Smarter Kids - Jen Larva
At the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Conference (June 28, 2011), Jen Larva shared a set of websites that she recommends for use with a SMARTboard:



Revision is more than a classroom exercise - preview online

Real Revision - Authors' Strategies to Share with Student Writers
by Kate Messner

"How do you show students that revision is more than a classroom exercise to please the teacher? Take them into the real world of writing for publication. In Real Revision, award-winning author and teacher Kate Messner demystifies the revision process for teachers and students alike and provides tried-and-true revision strategies, field tested by students' favorite authors."

Learning to Love Reading in 30 Minutes a Day

Students make tremendous reading gains.

[LINK to read article]

"To make the most of our 30 minutes a day, I decided to design a program that incorporated Allington's four approaches within a readers' workshop model.  We would not only teach comprehension strategies, but also give students plenty of time to read and fall in love with books at just right levels. I hoped that as students became avid, engaged readers, their reading fluency would naturally increase."

BCTLA Bookmark newsletter ... just out

The Summer 2011 Edition Vol 51 Issue 1,  of BCTLA's professional journal  the Bookmark is just out!  (You can also check out the NING.)


Meet The Stars: Books & Web 2.0

An online "course" for TLs in 8 sections
Meet The Stars: Books & Web 2.0

"The vicarious star-studded glamour of the Hollywood era provides a backdrop for a professional development opportunity available to Saskatchewan teacher-librarians. Designed to engender a passion for reading and exploit the potential of a range of emerging technologies, Meet The Stars: Books & Web 2.0 explores all facets of the school library program - information literacy and the reading and literature programs. Meet The Stars is poised to become an overnight sensation in Saskatchewan libraries."

Advanced operators for Google searching

Be a Google Power-User!

Try some of these operators to improve your search results:


New Math Resource from Stenhouse - "Object Lessons"

Object Lessons - Teaching Math Through the Visual Arts, K-5
by Caren Holtzman and Lynn Susholtz

"When Caren Holtzman and Lynn Susholtz look around a classroom, they see "a veritable goldmine of mathematical investigations" involving number, measurement, size, shape, symmetry, ratio, and proportion. They also think of the ways great artists have employed these concepts in their depictions of objects and space -- In each chapter, the authors use everyday objects to create rigorous, hands-on activities that address key mathematics standards and concepts."



5 minute Arts - video library

Learn techniques and ideas to share with your students

This repository of video clips can help you learn a technique before teaching it to your students. Some of the segments are even fine to show to a class. (Preview first!) Note: each clip starts with an ad, and there are some popups as well.

Categories include: Design, Digital Art, Drawing & Painting, Filmmaking, Jewelry, Origami, Photography, and Sculpture, among others.


2 good drawing tools online

In-browser drawing programs



Many other drawing tools to explore

iPad as a Whiteboard substitute

Turn Your iPad 1 or 2 into an Interactive Whiteboard

"Everyone is so excited about tethering the iPad 2 to a projector, admittedly very cool, that we have missed something else at least as good if not even better! Go all the way: make the iPad 1 or 2 into a complete interactive whiteboard solution!"

Inference - definitions and activities

Assorted Inference Websites

How Language works

Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

3 scenarios with suggested answers

Inference Lesson and practice

Being a Critical Reader (inference)

Graphic organizer

The June Issue of The Question Mark

Key factors that determine whether or not a student will do well in school.

"Complex challenges — like improving schools — demand solutions that address all of the various inputs and factors that influence success. There is rarely a challenge involving people and organizations that can be handled by emphasizing a single factor or input.

It takes considerable skill to understand and address the many inputs that contribute to school success or failure. The decision-makers must have a taste for nuance and subtlety."

"What do TLs Teach" - poster

Skills for Success
Joyce Valenza has created a striking poster (in many sizes) based on AASL's Information Power competencies. TLs can embrace the points as a "personal challenge", or even use them as a "transmedia manifesto!"

See the poster here:

Flickr page with other sizes:

This would make a great poster for a class, library or school display. The medium size could be used as a "postcard" handout to teachers in September!