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"Content that might be of interest to Teacher-Librarians..."


Neo Kids K-12 - resources for teaching

A collection of educational videos, lessons and quizzes

This site offers a freely accessible collection of educational videos, lessons, quizzes and puzzles for students from K - 12. They are divided into categories such as Science, Social Studies, Math, and English. The site also allows students to create slideshows from a set of images, and then "play" or embed the show.


World Book Kids - features explained

General reference for young students

World Book Kids is the premier general reference Web site developed especially for young students. The site features simple navigation, easy-to-read articles, thousands of illustrations, videos, comparison tools, and a wealth of engaging games and activities.

World Book Kids features:

• A variety of simple search and browse navigation options
• Thousands of easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia
• Engaging images, illustrations, and videos• A tool for exploring and comparing animals
• An Important People feature to help students search and browse through several thousand biographies• A collection of age-appropriate science fair projects• Atlas, interactive maps, and outline maps and flags• A tool for exploring and comparing places• Over 200 educational games and activities
• Teacher resources



3D Stereographs from NYPL

Create GIFs and 3D anaglyphs

Create and share animated GIFs and 3D anaglyphs using more than 40,000 stereographs from The New York Public Library. NYPL Labs is proud to bring you the Stereogranimator, a tool for transforming historical stereographs from The New York Public Library's vast collections into shareable 3D web formats. This site is all about your participation, so have fun with it, experiment with it, and let us know how we can improve it.

Ask students to bring in red/blue 3D glasses have at home - or make their own!


Writing for Reluctant Male Readers

Eric Walters and the Reluctant Reader

"Eric Walters has mastered the art of reaching reluctant male readers. In this video from the 2010 Ontario Library Association (OLA) conference, Walters discusses writing for boys and reluctant readers. Filmed at the Ontario Library Association Conference, February 2010."


How Encyclopedias have changed (webinar)

Encyclopedia Evolution

An hour-long webinar that provides an up-close look at how encyclopedias have changed and their latest adaptations. Sponsored by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Grolier, and World Book.


Reaching Reluctant Readers - webinar

High-interest topics and accessible writing - Hi-Lo materials

"Engaging the diverse group of children and teens labeled "reluctant readers" is an effort as challenging as it is common. In this free, hour-long webinar moderated by Books for Youth senior editor Ian Chipman, representatives from five publishers—ABDO, Abrams, Lorimer, Orca, and Saddleback—will present books that provide a combination of high-interest topics and accessible writing."


Google Custom search for ipad apps

Get iTunes Search results for iPad apps

Use this custom search to find iPad apps on topics that interest you. (Results may also include music, podcasts and other resources available via the iTunes store.)


National Flag Day - Feb 15

Celebrate our flag and what it stands for

"February 15 was declared National Flag of Canada Day in 1996. It marks the day in 1965 when our red and white maple leaf flag was first raised over Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Red and white were designated as Canada's official colours in 1921 by His Majesty King George V."

Downloadable teacher resources in French and English. Links include: Birth of the National Flag of Canada, Elements of the National Flag of Canada, Historical Flags, Did You Know...?, Flag Do's and Don'ts, Participate!, Teachers' Corner, and Print Material.


Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education

Strong and Equitable learning outcomes

"A video series profiling policies and practices of education systems that feature strong performance in the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment....The best systems deliver strong and equitable learning outcomes across widely varying cultural and economic contexts. By showing what they achieve, the PISA tests provide a mirror to all countries and demonstrate what is possible."


Canadian Advertising Museum

Advertising in Canada over the years

A work in progress. Ads are organized by decades. While some sections are sparse at the moment, there is a lot of potential for educators to explore how values and trends have changed over time.

"Learn how Canadians looked at life over the years. Click on the different decades in The Work to see how Canadian advertising changed as we changed. As we build the Canadian Advertising Museum, you'll read about the people behind the campaigns. See how we partied, the cars we drove, the clothes we wore and how we thought."


Toon Book Reader - in 5 languages

Fun Graphic Novels - online -

A selection of Flash graphic novels that you, your student or your whole class can read. The "toons" can also be set to automatic, and they will read to you. Versions are available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Good for ESL, FSL and Spanish learners too!

"PGF offers fun, engaging and transforming educational content for school children between kindergarten and 8th grade. The educational content is upgraded continuously and presented in a popular culture entertainment format. All of the content has been reviewed by educational experts and tested in classroom settings."



ESL / EFL Basic Vocabulary Word Lists

Vocab Activities (Works for Smartboard too!)

"This site has  a large collection of English vocabulary word lists with many online games that use these word lists. You can choose a category then select which game to play or you can first choose a game, then select which set of words you want to use. You can also jump from one game to another using the same word list."


Web-based Activities for Smartboards

Teachers Love Smartboards

Games, websites, tutorials, Flash Games, Notebook downloads: you can even subscribe to the site to get regular email updates.


"Le Chat Noir" - brain teaser game for Smartboard

Catch the Cat!

Place black dots to keep the cat from running off the screen. Helps develop some strategy and pattern skills. Works well on a Smartboard.

SmartBoard Google Custom Search

Find Notebook Lessons for SmartBoard

Looking for a place to find Smartboard lessons in Notebook format? Give this Google Custom Search a try. (from Rockingham County Public School District.)


A trailer for "Miss Peregrine"

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

"Half of the Miss Peregrine trailer was shot in my house. The other half was shot many thousands of miles away, in Belgium and Luxembourg, where I tried to find the locations I'd dreamed up for my book in real life. Along the way I met up with a Dutch urban explorer, got yelled at by Flemish farmers, and discovered some truly creepy abandoned houses."



Newsy Lesson Plans

Bringing current events to life

Newsy lesson plans... written by classroom teachers... bringing current events to life. Each segment has a video and a downloadable PDF lesson plan with pre- and post activities. Also included, a list of relevant websites. Stories are based on current news items.


SnagFilms - documentaries on line

Broad collection of great independent movies offers the broadest collection of great independent movies you can watch right now, on demand, for free, and share with others – films that entertain and inform, engage and inspire, satisfy every taste, encourage discovery and create community. (Note: Always preview before using with students! Some may not be appropriate for classroom viewing.)


Clips and Trailers of Movies, past and present

Movie Clips:

Great place to find a conversation starter, or to illustrate a point in a lesson.

"We at are movie fans - no, we are movie freaks! We love movies. We love to see movies. We love to talk about movies. We love to discover, rediscover and relive movies. For this reason, we have created – to bottle that insane, enthusiastic energy and share it with the world. With over 12,000 movie clips, you can search, find, view, discuss and share scenes from your favorite movies."


Stained Glass in Wales

Window Art from 1500's to present day

Beautiful stained glass artwork from a variety of sites in Wales. Great for art history courses, or a "stained glass" unit for students.

"This catalogue draws together hundreds of examples of the art in Wales from the fourteenth century up to the present day. These examples are searchable by date, artist, subject and location, listing about 1,800 windows with over 5,000 photographs from about 350 sites across Wales."


FedFlix - Films from the past

FedFlix  - US government films - (

"Joint Venture between the National Technical Information Service and Public.Resource.Org. Here we feature the best movies of the United States Government, from training films to history, from our national parks to the U.S. Fire Academy and the Postal Inspectors, all of these fine flix are available for reuse without any restrictions whatsoever."

These clips have archival, historical and cultural relevance. Note that they are a product of their times and may not reflect modern sensibilities or attitudes. Films can be viewed in the browser window or downloaded. Preview before using.


NYPL Digital Gallery

Collection scans, related resources and images from NYPL digitized collections.

NYPL Digital Gallery provides free and open access to over 700,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's vast collections, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints, photographs and more.

  • Arts & Literature
  • Cities & Buildings
  • Culture & Society
  • History & Geography
  • Industry & Technology
  • Nature & Science
  • Printing & Graphics

AwesomeStories - highlighting primary sources

Stories link to online primary-source materials
|Story Index|Radio Broadcasts|Newsletters|Lesson Plans| Narrations| SlideShows| Videos| Images| Audio Clips| Documents| Topics

"AwesomeStories is about primary sources. The stories exist as a way to place original materials in context and to hold those links together in an interesting, cohesive way (thereby encouraging people to look at them). It is a totally different kind of web site in that its purpose is to place primary sources at the forefront - not the opinions of a writer. Its objective is to take the site's users to places where those primary sources are located.  

This educational, curriculum-support teaching/learning tool is also designed to support state and national standards. Each story on the site links to online primary-source materials which are positioned in context (ie. as links within the story itself) to enhance reading comprehension, understanding and enjoyment."


Teachers' Domain: digital media resources

Media resources, support materials, and tools for classroom use

"Teachers' Domain is a free digital media service for educational use from public broadcasting and its partners. You'll find thousands of media resources, support materials, and tools for classroom lessons, individualized learning programs, and teacher professional learning communities." (You can "test drive" 7 clips without registering.)


iPad Apps and links

All things iPad

Apps recommended by LM-NET subscribers: (some free)


Interactive Booklike apps

Not quite a book, not quite an app.

Blowing Up the Book: a new crop of digital "books" comes loaded with videos, songs, animated shorts and pop-up graphics. Is this the future of publishing? Or maybe something else entirely. Read this article from WSJ, and watch the short video clip that demos some of these new app-books.


TL Virtual Cafe - Making sense of Digital Books

Diving into Digital Books: Adding eReaders to Your School Library

ELLUMINATE Archive - experience the webinar again!
"Implementing eReaders into your library program is about more than just jumping on the latest technological bandwagon or attempting to reinvent your library in order to stay relevant. It's about good practice. Join Buffy Hamilton and Jennifer LaGarde as they discuss how eReaders have helped them provide students with a) access to the most up to date titles, b) the unique ability to efficiently link works of fiction with nonfiction resources and, c) the opportunity to interact with texts in ways that are simply not possible with traditional, library owned, books – all in an environment that both appeals to and enhances their skills as 21st century learners."


How To Keep Up with "almost" everything

Is it "Info-overload" or "filter failure"? Webinar resources

"Buffy J. Hamilton media specialist/teacher-librarian at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia will share her practical and reality-based tips on how to keep up with, filter, track and manage all of the new tools and information that is flowing forth on a daily basis.

While this presentation might not help you keep up with EVERYTHING, it will help you manage to keep up with what matters..."

Slides (on slideshare--with embedded video)
LibGuide with links/resources


Creating Widgets for Instructional Purposes

Widget Workshop and Resources (The unquiet librarian)

Using embed codes to embed widgets (ie gadgets) from other sources to point kids to content from third party sites. (ie Youtube, Scribd, Slideshare, PageFlakes, etc.)

A collection of tutorials, links and slideshare presentations as well as a "Blackboard/Elluminate" session archive of her complete presentation.


Generate QR codes - instantly, from a list

Tammy's Tips - QR codes made easy

"Enter some text or a URL in a spreadsheet and a QR code will be automatically created - all with the help of a little formula that you'll learn about in this tip of the week."

Tammy's Tips are a great way to learn about tech tools you can integrate into your practice.


Mobile "homepage"

SImplified Pages for Mobile access

Using iPods, iPhones or other mobile devices in the class? This site will trim down the sites you select and serve them up in a minimalist form for easier loading and viewing. It is also great for minimal browsers like the ones included with the Kindle or Kobo Touch. Bookmark it on your device for easy consulting!


Nature and wildlife information

eNature - Bringing Nature to Life
Bird calls from a variety of species.

"The site's core content of wildlife information about almost 6,000 individual species is the same data set used to create the printed Audubon Field Guides. All the data has been carefully reviewed and vetted by leading biologists, zoologists and other natural history specialists."
(Going to the main page lets the user search for field guides to a range of animals. The site has advertising on it. A bookmarklet like "adblock" can make the site less distracting for the class if the content is being projected.)


View Pure - Youtube without the extras

Just the video please!

This page allows you to search Youtube content and view clips without seeing the "extras" (ie Related Videos, comments, etc.)



Classroom 2.0 Live - Video Podcasts

Learn about Web 2.0 resources for education
(Archived in iTunesU)

"Classroom 2.0 LIVE is an opportunity to learn about Web 2.0 resources for education, and to collaborate with other educators in Elluminate in real-time events, complete with audio, chat, desktop sharing, and sometimes even video. You are invited to join us for our live, weekly Saturday shows at 12:00pm EST with co-hosts Peggy George, Kim Caise and Lorna Costantini! Video and audio recordings of each show are posted here following each show."


Volcanoes 101

View a series of video clips on Volcanoes

A series of 18 clips on volcanoes, ranging from 30 seconds to 4 minutes in length. Videos can also be embedded on teacher or student webpages to making it easy to use in instruction. (NG has many other video series on a wide range of topics.)


National Geographic - Visions of Earth

Breathtaking Visions of Earth

Each month, National Geographic magazine features breathtaking photographs in Visions of Earth. Browse through visions of the world as seen through a photographer's eye. View the series by year from 2006 to the present. Great as a writing prompt or to jumpstart discussions about culture, the environment, or human activities. (Note: preview pictures before using - there are some "scantily" clad images.)


Peace and War in the 20th Century - archive

McMaster University - Peace and War - Archival materials

"We present here a wealth of archival materials for students, researchers, and all who seek a better understanding of the past in order to comprehend and guide the decisions of the future. Our site includes almost 3000 records, organized around some 50 case studies. As well as a timeline to provide chronological context, some of the case studies include audio or video, and we have transcribed many of the original materials for easier reading.
We invite you to explore Peace and War in the 20th Century."


Blender 3D Fundamentals

An introductory series for Blender

"3D Buzz is releasing an introductory series titled Blender Fundamentals. We're offering this series for free download as our way of saying thank you to the wonderful community we have here at 3D Buzz.  Here is a sequential breakdown of each of the video drop forum posts, with easy-access download links. "


British Library Digital Resources

Examine rare treasured works at the British Library
Examine every page of rare historic works; compare different editions side-by-side; choose standard or magnified view; read supporting material by our curators and other experts.

For example:
  •         Shakespeare in Quarto
  •         Caxton's Chaucer
  •         Gutenberg Bible
  •         Magna Carta
  •         Renaissance Festival Books

The 100th day of school

Ohio Resource Centre - 100 day activities and links

K-2 ideas
3-5 ideas

"The 100th day of school is a day to let your imagination go wild! Celebrate the day with collections of 100 objects, counting activities, and lessons that dig into the physical meaning of large numbers and how they are represented. You can also explore the theme in art projects and in social studies and science lessons as well as making the wonderful literature connections suggested on either of the 2 links above."


How far away is the Moon? Scale and the solar system

A lot farther than most people would think!

Watch the short video.
"So how far away would a tennis ball Moon have to be from the basketball Earth to be to scale? On average the moon is 380,000 km (235,000 miles) from the Earth, a distance of about 110 times its own diameter. A tennis ball would then have to be 110 x 6.7 cm = 7.37 meters (about 24 feet) from the basketball. That's a lot farther than most people would think!"


Using Edmodo

20 ideas for using Edmodo

7 Ways to Use Edmodo

Edmodo FAQ

Webinar on how to use Edmodo at FETC
(Overview of how to use it for classroom use as well - there is a free app for iPhone/iPod and Android devices.)

A Back Channel for Learning
Edmodo, the secure social networking tool designed for education, is the official social media application of FETC 2012. (Florida Educational Technology Conference.)  
Find out how attendees can get the most out of using Edmodo for their conference-going experience.on the most important elements of any sustainability effort.