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HyperPhysics - High School Resource

HyperPhysics - Concept maps and definitions

"HyperPhysics is an exploration environment for concepts in physics which employs concept maps and other linking strategies to facilitate smooth navigation. For the most part, it is laid out in small segments or "cards". The entire environment is interconnected with thousands of links, reminiscent of a neural network.

The side bar contains a link to the extensive Index, which itself is composed of active links. That sidebar also contains links to relevant concept maps."

Young Poets Week

April 10-16: Young Poets Week
Help students develop a passion for Canadian poetry by starting each class during Young Poets Week with a poem. By delving into the lives and places that have inspired our poets, student can enrich their appreciation and understanding of Canadian poetry and identity.

The NFB Canadian Poet a Day guide celebrates the work and lives of 6 great Canadian poets.

Teachers' Guide

Two of the films mentioned in the Guide are available online.

Fiction Series Roundup

School Library Journal has a created list of the latest popular novels in ongoing teen and tween fiction. The titles are listed, along with the name of the corresponding series. SLJ also indicates the reading/grade level for each set. (Grade 5 and up) See the list here.

Online Encyclopedia of Myth, religion and folklore

Encyclopedia Mythica
An internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion.

"The mythology section is divided to six geographical regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. Each region has many clearly defined subdivisions that will ease your search.
The Folklore section contains general folklore, Arthurian legends, and fascinating folktales from many lands.

In addition, we feature special interest areas to enhance and refine your research. A Bestiary, legendary heroes, an image gallery, and genealogical tables of various pantheons and prominent houses."

Evaluating Websites - Harvard College Library Site

Evaluating Web Sites - ABCD method

  • Authority
  • Bias
  • Currency
  • Documentation and Delivery
"The World Wide Web offers a wonderful variety of resources, many of which are not available elsewhere. Some sites are less worthy of your trust than others, though. Before you decide to consult a web site for your research, make sure it stands up to the test: evaluate its quality and legitimacy based on criteria such as Authority, Bias, Currency, and Documentation and delivery."


Emergency preparedness video clips

Making a Family Emergency Plan
By definition, emergencies happen when we don't expect them, and often when families are not together. If phones don’t work, or some neighbourhoods aren’t accessible, what will you do?

Preparing a family emergency kit in plain english
It's your responsibility to start gathering supplies and start thinking about what your family will need for at least 72 hours in an emergency.

72 Hours - Television Advertisement
Will you be ready to take care of your family for 72 hours in an emergency?

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Technology Posters - to embed, download or print

The "Daring Librarian" has put together a number of posters using ComicLife to explain a number of Web 2.0 web-based applications and resources

These posters are available in a variety of sizes and are great for printing and putting up in the staffroom or the library or computer lab.

Complete Set:

How to Use KeepVid to save Youtube videos

Customizing a Blogger page

Wikipedia at a glance

Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history is a free and open, not-for-profit, art history textbook. It uses multimedia to deliver unscripted conversations between art historians about the history of art.

Video samples
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Assessing PBL assignments -

"For K-12 teachers , the "Top Ten Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning Guide" is filled with many innovative tips and resources to help you expand and refine your assessment strategies for project-based learning.  One of the ways to propel our movement for positive change in education is to spread the word about strategies that work. "

This PDF guide is free to download after registering as a member of Edutopia, a community of educators.

Edutopia is committed to highlighting what works in education and providing educators with 21st-century strategies, tools, and resources to help students learn.

"Catching Readers Before They Fall" - Preview Book

Catching Readers Before They Fall  - Supporting Readers Who Struggle, K-4
by Pat Johnson and Katie Keier

Every teacher of reading plays a vital role in helping to catch those readers for whom learning to read does not come easily. If you have ever been at a loss for what to say and do when confronted with a child who struggles—this book is for you.

"Bringing a Vygotskian perspective to teaching and learning,
Pat and Katie have done a wonderful job of meshing theory and
practice to produce a book that is both important and practical.
I warmly recommend it to all teachers of reading."

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Interrogating Texts - 6 strategies

6 Reading Habits to Develop in Your First Year (at Harvard)
   * Previewing
   * Annotating
   * Outline, summarize, analyze
   * Look for repetitions and patterns
   * Contextualize
   * Compare and Contrast

"Critical reading—active engagement and interaction with texts—is essential to your academic success at Harvard, and to your intellectual growth. Research has shown that students who read deliberately retain more information and retain it longer. Your college reading assignments will probably be more substantial and more sophisticated than those you are used to from high school. The amount of reading will almost certainly be greater. College students rarely have the luxury of successive re-readings of material, either, given the pace of life in and out of the classroom."
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Another interesting book blog

Mackin Books now has a book blog.
"All of the books in our blog are ones we highly recommend. No negative reviews here–if a book is listed, we think highly of it. And even though all are good, some are EXTRA good, sort of like a yummy brownie—with frosting. These “Mackin picks” will be marked with a flower."

Create a poster from an image file

PDF poster printer web site
"Upload an image from your computer and choose how many sheets wide you would like your poster to be, once printed. When you're happy with your selection, you can download the PDF file containing your newly created images and print each one massively blown up, resulting in a
huge pixel poster to stick on your wall."


Ultimate Teen reading list - 300 titles to consider

Ultimate Teen reading list
300 titles that appeal to Teen Readers.
(Not every book will suit every school setting - preview before assigning title for classwork.)

Webinar with Yong Zhao

Catching Up or Leading the Way - Webinar with Yong Zhao

SIGAdmin offers a webinar with Youg Zhao, currently Presidential Chair and Associate Dean for Global Education, College of Education at the University of Oregon, where he also serves as the director of the Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE). He is a fellow of the International Academy for Education.

His book.
Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization, 2009, Alexandria, VA, ASCD. (Table of Contents) (Video clip)

SIGAdmin Webinar recording

NHK World Service (Japan) English language coverage

Live Television From Japan (In English)

NHK (Japan’s sole public broadcaster) is providing a feed of their English language coverage from their NHK World Service. You can access it several places including:

1. On the NHK World Web Site:

2. Via a FREE iPhone/iPad/iTouch App

3. Via UStream

Also, you can find links to English language coverage from other Japanese news organizations
on this page.
Scroll to the "Selected English Language Media Direct from Japan" section.

New Learners Of The 21st Century - PBS

Digital Media - New Learners Of The 21st Century -
PBS Streaming Video (52min55)
Featuring the foremost thought leaders, innovators and practitioners in the field, Digital Media is a startling preview of a 21st Century education revolution.
(Short ad at the beginning.)
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Tsunami Resources

Tsunami Resources

CNN Student News/ - Good clear explanations

The NY Times Learning Network

Map of the Damage From the Japanese Earthquake
How Shifting Plates Caused the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
Scholastic News – Earthquake/tsunami in Japan
Text only version

How a Reactor Shuts Down and What Happens in a Meltdown

“Nature Wages War” articles
Dulcinea has created a series of articles titled "Nature Wages War," to provide teachers with resources for teaching about earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and other natural calamities; it includes manylinks to government agency sites that have models of these events.

The Boy Problem - "5 Ways to Get Boys to Read."

"5 Ways to Get Boys to Read."
Nationwide, more boys than girls seem to be struggling with reading. Here are five tips from teachers, librarians, authors and literacy strategists to encourage boys to read.

Some "tsunami" resources - Middle School

Tsunami Folktale - Japan

The Burning Rice Fields (older Japanese folktale)
View the PDF, or download and listen to an mp3

A newer version called Tsunami by Kimiko Kajikawa (illustrated by Ed Young.)
PDF lesson plan


West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
HTML Children's book to explain tsunamis (view online)

Tsunamis and Floods (Follet eBook) in Destiny

Book Lists for Boys

Books For Boys - Suggestions by Michael Sullivan
Lists for differnt grade levels, by genres.

Michael Sullivan - Connecting Boys with Books

Connecting boys with books: what libraries can do, Volume 1
by Michael Sullivan
"Librarian and educator Michael Sullivan provides the tools that librarians, school library media specialists, and educators need to overcome cultural and developmental challenges, stereotyping, and lack of role models that essentially program boys out of the library. Attracting boys to library programs in the "tween" years will maintain their interest in books and reading over a lifetime, creating good health habits from a young age.

Sullivan's practical and proven programming builds on the unique developmental needs and interests of boys in this middle stage. From playing chess to swathing the walls in butcher paper to give boys a physical space to respond to books, Sullivan's practical ideas and developmentally astute insights show librarian and teacher colleagues how to make vitally needed connections with this underserved population."
ebook, Michael Sullivan, Boys,

SLMkids Website

School Library Media Kids (

Website that includes book reviews, search engines, games, etc.
(Created by Andy Fine. He has a master's degree in teaching and is a licensed reading specialist and library media specialist.)

Main site.
Author Websites

"Math Work Stations" K-2 resource

Independent Learning You Can Count On, K-2

In Math Work Stations best-selling author Debbie Diller guides K-2 teachers in organizing math materials & spaces, fostering independent learning, differentiating instruction, and more. 300+ full-color photos. Click here to preview the entire book online! If you've ever questioned how to make math stations work, you'll find this photo-filled, idea-packed resource invaluable. This book extends Debbie Diller's best-selling work on literacy work stations and classroom design to the field of mathematics.
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Before and After images of Sendai, Japan

Australian News Site (ABC) compares before and after images.

Use these images to appreciate the effects of the tsunami on areas in Northern Japan. Each image has a "scroll bar" that can be dragged across the picture from right to left to see the devastation caused by the wave.


The nuclear crisis in Japan - explained

An animated version of what is going on in Japan with the nuclear reactor.  

Motivate Reluctant Readers - Preview book online

Engaging Adolescents in Reading
John T. Guthrie
Corwin Press, 2008 - Education - 185 pages
"With contributions from content teachers, this insightful book discusses instructional approaches, student activities, and textbooks that can motivate reluctant learners to become active readers."