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Educational Leadership: "Teaching with Mobile Tech" May 2015

Transform learning in classrooms

"Mobile devices offer teachers with limited access to hardware an opportunity to transform learning in their classrooms. As the author points out, "The moment students enter the room (with mobile devices in hand), my low-tech classroom is instantly transformed into a buzzing technology hub." ... Throughout this issue, authors provide dozens of strategies, resources, and insights that will help you make your classrooms and schools learning hubs."

Many of this issue's articles are available in full-text from the ASCD website. Locked articles will be available (shortly) on the EBSCO site (LINK here) Here's an audio overview.


Rijeka City Library prepares children and youth for a high-tech future

Public library 3D printing programme stimulates youth creativity
"By providing free access to sophisticated technology, in a creative library environment where children can also look at books for inspiration, we wish encourage children and youth to become creative 'makers'....We are stimulating their curiosity and imagination, and teaching them skills that will be useful for future employment in an era where digital technology increasingly drives production."


"I'm Your Neighbor", "New Arrival" Children's Books

A recommended book list for those who seek to build bridges.
"I'm Your Neighbor is a project which promotes the use of children's literature featuring "new arrival" cultures and groups to engage the entire community in a discussion of commonalities and differences.  The project features a recommended list of books and an evolving list of engagement projects for educators, librarians, and community organizations who seek to build bridges."



Upcoming BCTLA Webinar (May 27th)

Indigenous Resources:
Supporting Aboriginal Education Through Your Collection
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
4:00 - 5:00 p.m. PST
Presenters: Maria McAllister (North Van), Monica Berra (Prince George), and Leona Prince (Prince George).  

Maria will begin our session by talking about her journey as she undertook the process of reworking the Aboriginal content in her Elementary library. Monica (District VP) and Leona (District Aboriginal Resource teacher) will wrap up by discussing about how their district is supporting teachers and the acquisition of Aboriginal resources.


Digital Citizenship Pledge Poster for Elementary School Classrooms

"We, the digital citizens..."

Here's a succint mini-poster that encourages students to be good digital citizens. (Explore other downloadables on the site.)


"Character Appeal" Makes Its Debut on NoveList

Looking for a suitably complex character?
NoveList has added "character appeal" to help you find the books your students are asking for. Follow the link for more details. (For home access, you will need your school ID and PW - see your TL)

"For some readers, likeable characters are essential, and if you can add relatable to that, even better! Other readers require more depth, and for a suitably complex character may be willing to engage with a protagonist who is flawed, or even in some cases unlikeable. Some readers may be looking for quirky characters, rather than brooding, introspective ones, and books with large casts of characters may draw some readers in, while warning others away...."