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Teaching Long Division?

Long Division Rap (Mr. Duey Live)

Long Division Rap (Mr. Duey Cartoon )

Millionaire Long Division Game

Jeopardy-Style division game

Division Facts Review matching game (Match equations & answers)

Some Powerpoints and activities related to Math
"Dad Mom Sister Brother Rover" Long Division ppt (view online)

Division (2 digit by 1 digit) Smartboard lesson

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Digital Dialects

For audio clips of various foreign languages, try Digital Dialects ( ) and hear how other people in the world say things!


Viewing Smartboard files without the software!

If you have an interactive whiteboard, sometimes you want to preview a Smartboard lesson on a computer that might not have the Notebook10 software installed. Smarttech has created an "in browser viewer" that will let you do just that. Using the "Express" version, you can open a file using the URL or download the notebook file and open it in your Safari or Firefox window. While Express doesn't allow you to use all of the features of some of the more complex lessons, at least you can preview the content on the spot!

The webviewer for Notebook: Express
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Looking for French eBooks?

Looking for French eBooks?
Currently, while there are a number of titles available via some of the larger online booksellers, there are few "free" ebooks for kids.
(Vous cherchez des livres numériques?
En ce moment, bien qu'il y ait quelques titres disponibles chez certains des plus grandes libraries en ligne, il y a peu de livres gratuits à l'intention les jeunes.)

Here are a few interesting sites I've found:
(Voici quelques sites intéressants que j'ai trouvés:)

Tumblebooks has a few titles in French.
(Tumbletalkingbooks and choose "Language Learning")
(Bottom right of page.)

Bibliothèque nationale de France (salle de lecture)

Au Québec
Trois romans-jeunesse de Denis Boucher (ie. Jules Verne)

Numilog (peu pour enfants)

JeLis (livres à acheter)

Quad9 has some online kid resources in a magazine format

Mon mag à moi (revue de jeunes)

For some interesting reading about ebooks in French
Pour s'informer à ce sujet en général.

Where to find them/ Où les trouver.
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The National Science Digital Library

Explore, Share, Learn, Create.
"NSDL is the National Science Foundation's online library of resources and collections for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and research."

Resources include images, video, audio, animations, software, datasets, and text documents such as lesson plans and journal articles. (Some content requires a login to view complete versions, but most seem to be free.)

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EDSITEment - Humanities on the web - Chinese Zodiac

The Best of the Humanities on the Web
"EDSITEment offers a treasure trove for teachers, students, and parents searching for high-quality material on the Internet in the subject areas of literature and language arts, foreign languages, art and culture, and history and social studies."

Sample lesson:

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
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"OLOGY" - the Natural History Science site

The American Museum of Natural History - Science site for Kids
The side bar on the left side of the site provides introductory material to a number of areas from archeology  to genetics, from peleontology to zoology, and many other "ologies" besides.
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Visualize important demographic info

"View, chart, or download country time series data for 400+ indicators (indicators related to economy, energy, environment, health, infrastructure, population, society, and work)." Gapminder is a unique way to see data, and to observe it changing over time. You can compare countries, or select individual nations, and individual demographic parameters.

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Looking for Images for student projects?

As we try to make students aware of copyright and referencing of sources, the question of "image attribution" often gets lost in the shuffle. Using Google images is a great way to find compelling graphics, but they may not be available to be re-purposed for project work. Veezzle styles itself as "the ultimate free stock photo resource."

Their FAQ explains that "you have to read each website's license to know what your rights and your obligations are. Usually, they ask you to mention the photographer's name or website's URL."

Take a look.
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iPad apps that connect to a projector

Using an iPad in your classroom? Then you need to be able to project your work on the big screen. First, get a VGA adapter for your iPad, and then start collecting apps that allow VGA output. (Not all apps do this, but that is changing all the time.) See below for some good candidates.

Expedition (a browser)

Note Taker HD

Sundry Notes (it's free)

Whiteboard HD

Penultimate (Good for drawing, formulas, like an overhead)

6Tech Blog article

App Store

Trig iTouch/iPhone/iPad app

Pearson just posted their first Math App on iTunes for Trigonometry. The trig app is free for download.

Here is a direct link to the iTunes app store. 


Smartboard Lessons for Math 9

Pearson is creating Smart Lesson packages for previously released WNCP editions of "Math Makes Sense" (Grade 9)
The link below provides free access to a range of samples. (These can also be used with a projector and laptop, and loaded up using the webviewer for Notebook: Express)
Scroll down to "SMART Notebook lessons"
Video Demo of lesson layout

41st anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Anyone using The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle as part of your reading program?

Here is a Youtube video with 2 min. of Eric Carle talking about the  
40th anniversary (last year) and how book was created.
(There are also a number of other Eric Carle clips including a question and answer, and various narrations of the story.)

Links for info literacy

If you are looking to an engaging way to introduce the importance of Information Literacy and Critical Thinking to students, these links might help. Lynne Powell at Coyote Creek uses them to generate discussion around such issues as authority, trustworthiness and fact-checking.

Here are the links:
Tree octopus - the site looks plausible, but can we find info on this animal elsewhere?

House hippo - even "video evidence" can be misleading (stop at 0:45 and ask for impressions.)

Extinct tiger photo - does finding a picture online mean it's true?

Giant tomatoes - strange camera angles can create a false impression

Amazing Iceberg - photoshop changes everything

Shark attacks helicopter - where can you check for hoaxes?

Animal Diversity Web

Animal Diversity Web Is An Online Encyclopedia.
ADW is a large searchable encyclopedia of the natural history of animals. Every day, thousands of classroom students and informal visitors use it to answer animal questions.

Animal Diversity Web,

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