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ALA Around the Globe - digital edition

2013 international digital edition of "American Libraries"
Explore "ALA Around the Globe", the 2013 international digital edition of American Libraries. This special issue presents initiatives, advocacy, issues, and services that affect libraries and ALA members all over the world. This issue includes an update on RDA, a look at the campaign to save Romania's libraries, digital librarianship in Costa Rica, and a report from a five-day ACRL program in Hong Kong on information literacy.


Poetry In Voice | A poetry recitation contest for high schools in Canada.

Let your English teachers know!

"Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie" is a national poetry recitation contest for high school students in Canada to raise awareness of the crucial role poetry plays in our cultural life.

"The goal of this competition is to promote the art of poetry in both the classroom and the community. It encourages students to learn about great poetry through exploration, memorization, and performance.

"The contest is bilingual and encourages both English- and French-speaking students to explore the rich literary history of Canada's two official languages. (Students are not required to recite in both languages.)

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A list of Pinterest Boards for library

Out of ideas? Here's a list of places to look!
Naomi Bates has put together a list of Pinterest Boards that are full of great display ideas and "marketing schemes" for teacher-librarians. From super easy to very ambitious, you're sure to find something to "wow" your kids and staff!



Periodic table of storytelling [chart]

Build-a-story, block by block
I love this graphic. (visit the link for the full chart.)  It could be fun for Senior English students to peruse while thinking about story elements, or even as a step before creating their own. (I'm not sure if all the boxes are appropriate, so take a close look before you share with students!)


How the Universe Works: Stephen Hawking’s Theory of Everything

A Brief History of Time in no time at all.

"Stephen Hawking is among the greatest scientific minds in human history. In this charming animation for The Guardian's MadeSimple series, UK-based animation studio Scriberia condenses Hawking's theories down to 150 seconds. Watch the video clip and be enlightened!


The Best Teaching Advice From An Experienced Teacher

Teach from the Heart

"Make your instruction more effective by teaching from the heart. Build relationships and make connections with students. Share your passion for learning with your students."


81 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading - PDF

The Strength and Evidence for FVR - Krashen

"The most important question one can ask about any reading activitiy is whether it helps create a lifelong reader (Calkins, 2004). Results from SSR are encouraging!"

Stephen Krashen makes a series of statements about FVR that are are supported by research evidence. (Those that are supported only in anecdotal reports are marked with an asterisk *.) This list begins with research on free voluntary reading done in a school setting, aka Sustained Silent Reading (SSR). In SSR, time is set aside for recreational reading; students read whatever they like (within reason), and are not tested on what they read.


Ecokids - resources for teachers

Environmental Resources in French and English - K-8

•     Curriculum-linked English and French lesson plans
•     Teacher-reviewed ESL and FSL lessons
•     Quick, fun and hands-on, ready-to-use activities
•     Class kits that include an eco-calendar, stickers and bookmarks
•     Literacy section featuring an eco-booklist and teaching tools
•     Teacher's Discussion Forum
•     And much more!


Passages Canada - teaching resources

"Each story is unique. Share yours."
"A storytelling initiative of Historica Canada, Passages Canada volunteers share their personal accounts of cultural identity and heritage on-line in our multimedia Story Archive and in person with schools and community groups.

  • Stream "beCOMING Canada" videos

  • Learning Tools for "beCOMING Canada" videos
Download our free learning tools for activities and discussion questions centered on the beCOMING Canada videos.

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===================== Discover Canadian Books, Book Reviews, Book Lists & more

Discover Canadian books
"49th Shelf is about making it easier to discover Canadian books. Canadian books in all genres, from bestselling authors to new talent, from publishers large and small, from all regions of the country."

All kinds of great features such as: "New Books and Featured Reading Lists". Each week 49th Shelf highlights new releases. Browse by genre, and see what Canadian authors have to offer.