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"Content that might be of interest to Teacher-Librarians..."


Mathigon Course Library

"mathematics is not a spectators sport"


Step by step lessons for high school and college topics:

​"​Mathematics is an essential part of our culture, just like Mozart and Shakespeare – it enables science and innovation, and describe​s​ profound truths about our universe.

Yet, the real power of mathematics is not what you lean, but how you learn: logical thinking, problem solving, reasoning and proof. It is often said that "mathematics is not a spectators sport" – you have t​o ​actively do mathematics to really understand what it is about.



Changing the Conversation About Librarians

Future Ready Teacher Librarians

Mark Ray is changing the conversation from "shh..." to "How can I help your with technology?" Mark has helped to overhaul libraries in Vancouver Public Schools in Washington state.

Mark Ray is Chief Digital Officer for Vancouver (Washington) Public Schools. Named a National School Boards Association "20 to Watch" in 2015, he has helped develop and lead 1:1 device programs, professional development, digital learning and redefining teacher librarian practices. For 20 years, we was a teacher librarian and instructional technology facilitator and was the 2012 Washington State Teacher of the Year.

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TFO Vidéos dans l’App Store

​Some good videos for the FSL/FI classroom​

​TFO is offering an app that will allow selected content to be accessed by teachers and students. There is a great range of material available for students from K-12. (Not all TFO content is accessible via the app, but it is worth taking a look.)