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StoryToolz : Resources for Authors

A website with authorcentric tools
Some of the tools you'll find here: Story Idea Generator, Word counters, Readability checker, Title generator, Random conflict creator, Cliché Buster. Try them yourself, or with your students!

In December 2007, Chuck Heintzelman created a website that contained authorcentric tools. Initially, it was a members only site. In June 2012, Chuck revived StoryToolz, made it 100% free, cleaned up the design to be more iPad friendly, and started added utilities.



Think you know Canada? Play the game!

Challenge your knowledge of Canadian history and politics
Put your knowledge to the test with CPAC Quiz Canada, a free mobile app that pits you against your friends in an all-Canadian trivia challenge.

  • Two difficulty levels: Novice and Advanced
  • Fast-paced interface and interactive game play
  • Answer quickly to earn more points
  • Play three lightning rounds of five questions each
  • Post high scores and challenge friends over email or Facebook


Arctic Adventure for Students + teacher resources

The 100th anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition this year.
The Royal Canadian Mint has created a website to mark the occasion.
(older browsers may need to be updated.)

There is also a teacher area for educational materials and activities.


Pinterest Boards for Elementary Science

Lots of curated resources!
Search Pinterest for your subject and grade. The resources are amazing. What makes Pinterest so valuable is that it is a curated collection of sites chosen by a person rather than a search engine. (Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire. Subscribers "pin" interesting sites they've found and organize them on "boards". If you don't have an account, this is something you might want to look into.)


Diary of Math Teacher in Finland: the education model to know

Teaching in Finland?

"So, if you want to peek inside Finland's world class education model, there are 3 videos on this BBC Wales site that will give you what you want. This Diary of a math teacher in Finland gives you a peek. There's also two other great videos "Let teachers teach, say Finns" and "Finland Classroom Success Secrets." You can embed these that I can find, so you'll need to share the links and watch them on the site."


Author and Illustrator Peter Brown On His Process

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild
"Brown, recipient of a Caldecott Honor, in this Vimeo clip describes his creative process and the artistic influences that shaped his picture book, Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, which is among School Library Journal's best picture books of 2013. (Follow this link for other winners )"