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Combining PDF documents using Preview on your Mac

Combine, re-order and save.

Have you wondered if it was possible to merge PDF files together into one file without downloading third-party software? Well, turns out you can -- and it's really simple, too! You can use Preview, the PDF viewer app that's included with your Mac, to move pages from one PDF document to another. The Apple support page walks you through the steps, and the Tuts+ screencast (Youtube clip) gives a quick demo.


WWI - Apocalypse - 10 lives

Adventures unfold amidst real historical events
Available in French and English, it combines an animated graphic novel with authentic archival documents.

"Ten theme-based files allow teachers to present the First World War from a stimulating new angle. The students explore interactive animated stories and consult archival documents, then use this material in study activities and worksheets in which fiction meets fact. Follow 10 fictional but very believable characters whose adventures unfold amidst real historical events."



French over the Summer Break: Resources from CPF

Fun ways to keep up your French over the summer

"Every summer, students look forward to taking a break from schoolwork...but there are many ways for your child to keep up their French over the summer in fun, less structured ways! We have put together an extensive list of links, tips and ideas – check it out!"


Reviewing the latest Interactive eBooks

eBooks with extras!

This blog explores ebooks that offer more than flat PDF oe epub readability. There are some amazing stand-alone resources out there.
(Here's a sample post.)

"In my pursuit to discover and learn as much as possible about digital publishing and the interactive eBook, I search for engaging and innovative ways of presenting content. I look for interactivity which adds real value to the user, and creates experiences that simply aren't achievable in standard printed publications. For Example, a new navigational system or interaction which brings a story to life in a way never before possible."


Whichbook - A new way of choosing what book to read next

Personalize your book preferences!
This may not be the right solution for student RA, but it might help teachers find good summer reading! (There is a "Bookspace" feature for kids/students in development.)

"Everyone has their favourite writers who can be trusted to deliver the goods. But there are thousands of books out there. One of those might satisfy you even more but how can you tell? Whichbook enables you to search for a book that up to now may only have existed in your own mind! Move the sliders to express what you're looking for and see what comes up. Scroll down to see all the books which match your chosen sliders or click Find similar to see books which match the specific title most closely. If you don't fancy any of the books offered, change your choices and try again - there are millions of different individual permutations possible."


The "Padagogy Wheel"

The latest and most popular educational apps

"How do we show teachers that the pedagogy should drive the technology and not the other way around?  Take a look at this PDF poster (version 4.0 published Mar 2015) with links to 122 of the latest and most popular educational apps.   The poster also has app selection criteria according to Bloom's taxonomy.  And there are QR Codes linking to more online resources.


A series of 6 language "games" exploring French Canada

Découvre des accents et des faits du Canada français
"TA PAROLE EST EN JEU est le début d'une histoire dont on ne voit maintenant que le premier chapitre. Découvre dans ce chapitre une série de six jeux portant sur les mots, les expressions, les lieux de la francophonie, et découvre en même temps des gens, des accents et des faits historiques du Canada français..."


How can we encourage boys to read for pleasure?

Too many boys still seem disinterested...

"Too many boys still seem disinterested in reading, and far, far too many children simply never become readers at all. So we writers and illustrators and storytellers, and parents and teachers, and publishers and booksellers, must continue to play our part," said the celebrated writer for young adults Michael Morpurgo. So what do teachers think we need to do to ensure more boys enjoy literature? Here are some of the best ideas from our community: (read article)


Manga 101 | School Library Journal

"Learn things about Japanese culture!"

"Reading your first graphic novel means getting used to looking at words and pictures in tandem. You feel a story flow differently as your eyes and your brain work together. Reading manga—Japanese comics—for the first time is even trickier. You'll be taken out of your cultural comfort zone into a foreign setting, and you'll need to start acclimating to Japanese culture and expressions."


New for Fall 2015

Online Preview from Scholastic
Interested in seeing what's new in September? For Scholastic's recent Fall Online Preview, the publisher produced four videos featuring over 20 of its upcoming picture books, graphic novels, middle grade, and teen titles.



Transforming the Library Profession | American Libraries Magazine

Library professionals are the "genius bar"
"Today's library professionals are the "genius bar" for everyday users. From school libraries to public libraries, academic library spaces, and more, customers expect library professionals to support their information needs regardless of the format of that information. At a time when content is not reserved to a particular conduit, library professionals must become format-agnostic information experts, providing equitable access to physical material, internet-connected devices, and online content all while helping customers develop the skills needed to take advantage of the educational, economic, and social opportunities associated with technology."


Why do college students lack research skills?

Research? What research?
"[...] I want to address reasons college students [do] not get necessary research skills in middle and high school. These are based on my experiences as a middle school librarian in Texas and a middle/high school librarian in China. "


New Library Learning Commons at Boyd

It's a new look!
Hugh Boyd Secondary Library Learning Commons has a new look! TL Kerri Zaine and LT Sharon Moore have weeded, rearranged and revamped the space to create a welcoming, colourful and open workspace for all. The LLC seems larger and brighter, and is, more importantly, functional! The new space is being used all day, every day by students and staff.