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Seven Considerations When Developing Adolescent Literacy

"It's a challenge, but it is not impossible"
Beth Morrow (a middle school ESL/reading teacher for Columbus City Schools in Columbus) shares her suggestions for building robust adolecent literacy in Middle School and Junior High.


Physical Activity May Boost Reading Skills

Children might do better in school if they're more physically active
"The study authors, from the University of Eastern Finland, report a link between higher levels of physical activity at recess and better reading skills, and a connection between participation in organized sports and higher math test scores."


Giller prize Long List

Scotiabank 2014 Giller Prize Longlist
Looking for some adult reads? Here is a new batch of great titles and authors to pick up and peruse: (BTW, there are excerpts on the Giller site.)

 WAITING FOR THE MAN by Arjun Basu, THE BETRAYERS by David Bezmozgis, AMERICAN INNOVATIONS by Rivka Galchen, TELL by Frances Itani, WATCH HOW WE WALK by Jennifer Lovegrove, US CONDUCTORS by Sean Michaels, MOVING FORWARDS SIDEWAYS LIKE A CRAB by Shani Mootoo, THE GIRL WHO WAS SATURDAY NIGHT by Heather O'Neill, PARADISE AND ELSEWHERE by Kathy Page, MY OCTOBER by Claire Holden Rothman, ALL MY PUNY SORROWS by Miriam Toews, THE EVER AFTER OF ASHWIN RAO by Padma Viswanathan.


Celebrating Canadian Library Month - October

Posters and Bookmarks to download
The Canadian Library Association's Library Tool Box provides downloadables in English and French to promote celebrations and activities during Canadian Library Month.


Science sites for Intermediate students

Articles on current science topics
BBC -  Science and Environment Page Canadian science news site

SCience News for Students

NASA - updated several times a week

Smithsonian Tween Page
Science-y articles for intermediate students

Time for Kids - Science archive


eBooks: Apple iOS 8 User Guides in iBooks Format

iOS 8 is coming!
Do you want to learn more about the ins and outs of iOS 8? Apple has just released free guides in iBook format to take you by the hand. See the links below.
Good for iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad 2. 159 pp

For all you iPhone models. 182 pp