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AMS Math Blog

Want to read more about math?
        This blog from the American Mathematical Society (AMS) exudes a love of math. Readers can view the archives by month, (back to April 2013), or browse by category: ie. Applied Math, Biomath, K-12 Math, History of Mathematics, and much more. (Entries often point to many interesting mathematical resources online.)


Scholastic Teacher Magazine website

Educational material for your class.
The Scholastic's  "Teacher" magazine for K-8 educators has a great website that offers many of the features of the print magazine. Readers can browse the site for teaching ideas, inspiring stories, and classroom motivation. There are also links to many other Resources & Tools such as lesson plans, videos, tools, etc. (Check out the archive as well.)



AASL Toolkits for TLs

AASL Toolkits
These toolkits are downloadable PDFs with links to documents,  strategies, practical tips and tools, posters, key messages, inspirational stories, and much more to help school librarians promote their programs and advocate for their work.

Educate future principals and teachers about the significant role that quality library programs can play in student learning.  

Learn how TLs transform teaching and learning through their library programs. 

Build or update plans for stakeholder support and true advocacy.

Implement AASL's learning standards (Standards for the 21st Century Learner) and program guidelines (Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs). 

Designed to assist the school librarian who has encountered an immediate threat to their position and/or program.  

Help school librarians build parent support for their programs.

Resources to support the school librarian's role in reading.