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Fall 2014 YAACING magazine

Sppok-tacular Read suggestions from YAACING
YAACS (Young Adults and Children's Services) is a section of the British Columbia Library Association. Their purpose is to promote the exchange of ideas among library personnel who work with Children and Young Adults. The latest issue of their magazine (YAACing) is now available.  Read it on issuu, or [Link]download the PDF.


Grades 5-6 Reading Lists for Gifted students

Some titles for advanced readers
CTY has created reading lists organized around various themes: Adventure, Mythology/Folk Tales, Fiction, Mystery, Biography, Music, Art, Poetry, History, etc.
Other grade lists can be found here:

"Center for Talented Youth's mission is to be a national voice that supports and encourages academic talent and achievement; to help in locating and nurturing talent from all neighborhoods and nations; and to engage in, and communicate, meaningful research to advance the understanding of teaching the world's most capable young people."


3rd Grade Descriptive Writing Lesson Plan: Monster Match

Draw -> Write

"Angela Montgomery, a language arts teacher in Covington, La., has her students use art to improve their descriptive writing. In "Monster Match," students draw monsters and write a description of it to share."


Magazine on Issuu - Le français dans le monde

Pédagogie pour le prof de français
The European teacher magazine FDLM (webpage) is for FSL (and Immersion) teachers. Each print issue covers a range of themes and offers suggestions and resources for Core French teachers. (Both the website and magazine are written in French.) Even if you don't subscribe to the complete magazine, you can still read the first 14 pages or so of each issue via the issuu site and pick up some useful tips and resources.


Génération française 9 - musique française et francophone

Faire connaître les artistes français et francophones
Follow this link to PDF lyrics and activities for 17 songs from a range of artists. The songs can all be found on Youtube or Vimeo, and paired with the supporting PDFs make introducing new francophone music easy and fun. (Here's a link to other collections - Gén8, Gén7, etc. -  that work the same way: )

Group: Granville  Song: "Jersey"

Group: Moziimo  Song: Je voudrais être un fleuve

"La collection « Génération française » propose depuis 1992 des compilations diffusées mondialement avec un double objectif : d'une part, faire connaître les artistes français et francophones d'aujourd'hui et d'autre part, inviter les professeurs de français à faire entrer la chanson et la musique dans leurs classes. Les dix-sept titres de l'album « Génération Française 9 » témoignent de la diversité de la production actuelle dans le domaine de la chanson et constituent une nouvelle collection de matériel pour la classe attractif et, nous l'espérons, motivant pour professeurs et élèves."


Five Steps to Responsibly Search for Images for Digital Projects

Finding that perfect jpeg!
Naomi Bates has posted a link to a great "step by step" poster she created for finding CC images. She also reminds kids to cite the source once they've found the perfect jpeg!



Geometric Paper Masks That You Can Print and fold

Striking (and inexpensive) masks to print and colour
"Wintercroft's broad collection of skull and animal masks is good for Halloween, carnivals, or any other occasion that calls for masks. When you purchase a mask, you gain access to a .pdf file download that will let your print out and make the mask yourself. All you will need is cardboard or card stock and the tools to cut out and decorate your new disguise!"



Blank on Blank and PBS Animated Interviews

New life breathed into recorded interviews

"Blank on Blank is a nonprofit content studio dedicated to uncovering, preserving and reimagining the American interview. They curate and transform journalists' undiscovered interviews into the Blank on Blank podcast and segments heard nationwide on public and satellite radio. Executive Producer David Gerlach transforms these vintage interviews into video shorts with animator-director Patrick Smith and audio producer Amy Drozdowska."


A different way to visualize rhythm - John Varney | TED-Ed

An animated musical journey around the world

"In standard notation, rhythm is indicated on a musical bar line. But there are other ways to visualize rhythm that can be more intuitive. John Varney describes the 'wheel method' of tracing rhythm and uses it to take us on a musical journey around the world."


How do germs spread (and why do they make us sick)?

An animation that explains varying modes of transmission
"Germs are found on almost every surface we come in contact with, which makes it incredibly common for our bodies to be exposed to them. But why are some of these germs relatively harmless, while others can be fatal? Yannay Khaikan and Nicole Mideo explore this question by examining germs' varying modes of transmission."


Best Class Ever = Poetry + Performance + Technology

Poetry Competition for Secondary Students
"We provide the poems, the rules, and $75,000 in prizes. You just have to sign up. Your students will choose poems from our website, learn them by heart, and recite them for an audience.   You'll have a powerful unit that you can start next week and use year on year.  Everything you need is on our website. What are you waiting for?"


Scary Help posters for databases

Scare Up Some Interest in Your Online Resources!
Infobase has just recently released some printable 11" x 17" PDFs so TLs can draw attention to their databases. Even if you don't use Infobase, the message still works!        
"Your students need not fear their midterm research projects and reports with Infobase online resources close at hand. Our new, print­able posters are a great way to promote our online reference "treats" and remind students and patrons how you can help. Links to our spooktacular, high-resolution 11" x 17" PDFs are listed below and ready to print—enjoy!"

Available Posters:


Check out this Kahoot! - 'Hallowe'en Safety'

Like a gameshow - but educational!

10 questions every kid should be able to answer before "trick or treating". (Thanks Lynne at KatzieLLC for this quiz.)  Kahoot! is a new take on quizzing. Just like the poll game kids play before a movie in the theatre, students can use iPads, iPhones, iPods, laptops, in fact any web enabled device, to play. Simply launch the quiz on a computer connected to a projector, and have kids go to and enter the PIN provided.

You can get a free account at to create your own. Only the teacher needs an account. Kids play without signing in. (The game asks kids for a "nickname" - use a number or initials. If you get an inappropriate monicker, click on it to boot them from the session.)