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World Book reference - feature review

A collection of powerful research tools

"World Book reference databases are a collection of powerful research tools that include encyclopedic, multimedia, e-book, and primary source content. They are designed for diverse ages, reading levels, and styles, and offer teacher resources, standards, correlations, and useful classroom research tools.

Review the features of each level of World Book using the links below:
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Nancie Atwell - The Reading Zone

Nancie Atwell - Scholastic Author TalkAbout video interviews

In this "TalkAbout" video clip series Nancie Atwell, answers questions about reading comprehension, and shares advice on creating successful reading and writing workshops as well how to create passionate readers.

                 The Reading Zone (4:26). What core conditions are necessary for students to enter, and stay inside, the reading zone?

                 Comprehension (5:27). How do you know whether your students are understanding what they're reading?

                 Student Choice (4:19). Why is allowing students to choose their own books and topics fundamental to their success as readers and writers?

                 Reading & Writing Workshops (4:48). What is the best preparation for teachers who wish to teach reading and writing workshop-style?

                 ª Advice and Encouragement for New Teachers (3:30). Nancie shares advice based on her 30 years of teaching experience.

                 Creating Passionate Readers (4:27). Nancie tells about the childhood experience that helped her become a fluent, avid reader.


Jeff Wilhelm & Inquiry Based Learning

        Jeff Wilhelm & Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry-Based Instruction: (video clip) (4:19) Are teachers using inquiry in classrooms now, or do they even know about it?

Using Inquiry in Language Arts.(video clip) (3:13). How does inquiry and the use of questions promote reading and understanding in language arts?

"Engaging readers & writers with inquiry" [LINK to record at DRC]

PDF sample.


The role of children's literature in the classroom

Video interviews with Carol Fuhler and Maria Walther

These two authors discuss the importance of using quality literature in the classroom. Video clips address the following:
  • The role of children's literature
  • Quality literature in curriculum
  • How children's books help writers
  • Recognizing a good book
  • Managing a busy teaching day
  • Advice to new teachers

Get the Most out of your Smartboard

Whiteboards for Dummies |

This article addresses some of the challenges in implementing Smartboards in the classroom. There are also some links to a useful blog and a Notebook repository.

"At their best, interactive whiteboards can get students out of their seats to lead their own learning. But, like all technology, the boards are only as good as the people using them. And the people using them are only as good as their training. There are ways to ensure that you're giving your staff the tools they need to make the most out of your district's investment."

12 Days of Christmas [LINK] (courtesy Mr Smart Trainer)


Joahua Foer "How I learned a language in 22 hours"

A web app that can help anyone memorise anything

Joshua Foer learns basic Lingala in a few weeks, using the Memrise application. (In fact the website challenges you to learn to read a Chinese menu!)

"Memrise encourages you to create a mnemonic, which it calls a "mem", for every word you want to learn. A mem could be a rhyme, an image, a video or just a note about the word's etymology, or something striking about its pronunciation. In the case of languages such as French and Chinese, where there are thousands of people learning it at any one time, you can browse through a catalogue of mems created by other members of the Memrise community. This is especially fun for Chinese, where users have uploaded videos of various logographic characters morphing into cartoons of the words they represent.


Global English: a language of controversy? iTunes course

Global English: a language of controversy?

Check out this course on iTunes U:

Cover Art

Global English: a language of controversy?

The Open University



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iTunes U
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A course on iTunes U: Global English.

'Britain and America,' wrote George Bernard Shaw, 'are two countries divided by a common language.' That witty comment summarises the problems and complexities of English. It has ended up as a world language, the widely used language of commerce and the internet.
"The idea of English as a global language is controversial, particularly for people in non-English-speaking countries. This learning pathway examines that controversial nature as well as its cultural and economic importance. Using text, video and audio it explores what English means to those who use it and what it means to learn English, both as a mother tongue and an additional language.


What's your choice for Checkup's Christmas list of good reading? CBC

Cross Country Checkup's book show - December 9, 2012
Listen to the show and read a replay of the live text chat.

"The book show: Help compile Checkup's annual Christmas list of good reading. Share your discoveries, whether fiction, non-fiction, classics, modern, poetry ...even reference. And tell us why they grabbed your attention.  With host Rex Murphy.